Gift twice with Cadbury chocolates!

December 13, 2013

It’s going to be Christmas soon! Have you started buying your Christmas presents yet? I know I haven’t so I’m really going to need some tips for last minute Christmas shopping! Chocolates are definitely something I buy every year as Christmas presents. I know, some people think that they are boring and not creative, but I like to think that giving a small bag of chocolates to each and every one of your colleagues is a meaningful thought to do, rather than to not buy anything at all. And trust me, a jar of chocolates in multi-coloured wrappers will add a festive mood to any room!

Cadbury Chocolates

If you’re going to be buying chocolates, you can consider Cadbury chocolates because Cadbury will be launching its ”Joy of Giving” campaign from 1 November to 31 December, donating S$1 for every S$15 purchase of Cadbury products. All proceeds (up to S$30,000) collected from this campaign will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) — Cadbury’s community partner.

The Joy of Giving by Cadbury_1
As part of the ”Joy of Giving” campaign, the popular Cadbury Joyrider will be making its appearance to the public again from 21 November, 2013, beginning at the heart of Singapore’s business district — Raffles Place. The public will be able to hop on the Cadbury Joyrider Bus for free, which will bring everyone on a fun-filled journey into a mythical and joyful land of Cadbury — known as Joyville.

Cadbury Joyville (4)

Riders aboard will get a rare glimpse of the Joyville workers as they bubble into the real world, sharing joy and magic, with fun-filled activities and Cadbury treats for everyone. In the spirit of giving, Cadbury Joyrider admits riders for free so wait no further and check out the location, routes and pick-up points on the Cadbury Facebook Page!

Cadbury Joyville (6)

You must check out the Cadbury Joyrider because there will be lots of free chocolates on board! Whether young or old, nobody can really resist the allure of chocolates. Check out the smiling faces on my parents!

Cadbury Joyville (8)

See! So many chocolates! From Time Out to Crunchie and lots more. Which is your favourite?

Cadbury Joyville (1)

Find out where to catch this Cadbury chocolate churning bus at the Cadbury Facebook Page! Smile Smile Smile

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