Savour 2012

March 30, 2012

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store at this year’s Savour 2012 held at the F1 Pit Stop. I got a chance to visit Savour courtesy of Bosch, and I’ll blog about that in the following post. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures! I believe tickets have to be bought on site now that the event has started.

Go early and remember to wear comfortable footwear because there will be a lot of walking! Bring an umbrella too! I had to walk in a poncho under the torrential rain today as I happened to be stuck in a standalone individual tent! Come hungry! Lots to sample!

Savour 2012 (2) Iberico Ham! Free tastings! The guy looks quite happy to take charge of that leg of ham.

Savour 2012 (3) I wish I could wheel one of these back home.

Savour 2012 (6)

All these fresh produce are from MarketPlace 360.

Savour 2012 (7)  Scones and the Rodda Clotted Cream

Savour 2012 (8)

Savour 2012 (10)

How to be a better home Barista workshop

Savour 2012 (11)   How to take better food photography workshop

Savour 2012 (12)

How to place your light filters and camera in order to capture the best picture

Savour 2012 (13)

Savour 2012 (14) View of the Singapore River and Marina Bay Golf Course

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