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Genting Outdoor Theme Park

This is going to be a series of posts from the Resorts World Genting trip I partook in last week, courtesy of the Resorts World people.

First up, pictures of the Genting Outdoor Theme Park. For the record, I have not been to Singapore’s Universal Studios. However, I have been to the Universal Studios in both California as well as Orlando. If there’s one thing about theme parks, it’s that you usually have to do a lot of lining up. If the queues are long, they might even snake out into the open, beyond the shelter of the ride’s waiting area.

Genting’s Outdoor Theme Park obviously isn’t as awesome as that of Universal Studios and Disneyland. But most people aren’t expecting that anyway. It’s just a nice little Theme Park, good for tourists looking for a short getaway. It does have the thriller roller coasters to satiate the dare devils, as well as placid family rides for the kiddos. For me, I just loved being outdoors in the cool, crisp mountain air. It’s been a while since I’ve stepped into a theme park, the last being in 2007, Gold Coast Australia’s Movie World and Dream World.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park (6)

Always study the Theme Park map first so that you know how to maximise your time. Don’t want to spend half the day on something average, only to find out that you’ve missed the star attraction.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park (2)

Water rides seem to make up more than 1/3 of the rides at Genting.

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Oasia Hotel at Novena

After our sumptuous dinner at Oasia’s Function room, courtesy of Kitchen Language, we got to have a sneak peek at the various rooms in the hotel. Oasia Hotel is one of the hotels owned by Far East Hospitality, which is a subsidiary of Far East Organization.

Oasia Hotel Club Lounge Swimming Pool (2)

Starting with the Club Lounge pool. No need to crowd at the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. Oasia Hotel also boasts one of Singapore’s pools with a view. I believe this pool even won an award from Trip Advisor.

Oasia Hotel Club Lounge

The Club Lounge itself. Of course only open to those on the Club Suite level.

Oasia Hotel Club Lounge (3)

This is the view of the “normal guests” pool from the Club Lounge. Actually doesn’t look too bad right? There is another pool towards the left, but that’s the pool for the condo opposite Oasia Hotel, so don’t be mistaken.

Check out the pictures of Oasia Hotel Rooms

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