Oasia Hotel at Novena

September 2, 2012

After our sumptuous dinner at Oasia’s Function room, courtesy of Kitchen Language, we got to have a sneak peek at the various rooms in the hotel. Oasia Hotel is one of the hotels owned by Far East Hospitality, which is a subsidiary of Far East Organization.

Oasia Hotel Club Lounge Swimming Pool (2)

Starting with the Club Lounge pool. No need to crowd at the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. Oasia Hotel also boasts one of Singapore’s pools with a view. I believe this pool even won an award from Trip Advisor.

Oasia Hotel Club Lounge

The Club Lounge itself. Of course only open to those on the Club Suite level.

Oasia Hotel Club Lounge (3)

This is the view of the ”normal guests” pool from the Club Lounge. Actually doesn’t look too bad right? There is another pool towards the left, but that’s the pool for the condo opposite Oasia Hotel, so don’t be mistaken.

Check out the pictures of Oasia Hotel Rooms

Oasia Hotel - Club Room (15)

The Oasia Club Suite Room, features a very woody feel to it.

Oasia Hotel - Club Suite (2)

And of course, the Oasia Club Suite room boasts an adjoining living room. I kinda like having an adjoining room, makes it feel more like a home don’t you think?

Oasia Hotel - Club Suite (6)

View of the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital from the Oasia Club Suite room. We were told that a lot of patients from overseas or families of patients choose to stay at Oasia for proximity reasons.

Oasia Hotel -Club Room (1)

Oasia Club Room

Oasia Hotel -Club Room (2)

Only the Oasia Club Room levels and above come with bathtubs. I know a lot of guests don’t utilise the bathtubs, but I like to have one anyway. It feels more budget hotel if there is no bathtub. And for the record, I do actually love to have a soak in the bathtub!

Oasia Hotel - Deluxe Corner Bed Room (2)

All the rest of the photos are of Oasia’s deluxe rooms. However, not all deluxe rooms are made the same way, even though the price is the same. This is the Oasia Deluxe CORNER room, which means that it is slightly larger than the ordinary ones. More windows and more bay areas to sit and read a book or something.

Oasia Hotel - Deluxe Corner Bed Room (1)

See I told you no bathtub.

Oasia Hotel -Deluxe King Bed Room (2)

The Oasia Deluxe King Bed room. I really like the wooden panelling on the wall! And the different rooms all have different type of carpeting.

Oasia Hotel -Deluxe King Bed Room (1)

The bathrooms are still very well-appointed even if there is no bath tub. For the Deluxe King room, the shower and the toilet cubicle are separated, so 2 people can do their thing at the same time.Oasia Hotel -Deluxe King Bed Room (3)

I like detachable handheld shower heads.

Oasia Hotel - Deluxe Twin Bed Room (1)

And last but not least, the Oasia Twin Bed Room. It still looks good and very cosy. And I love the bay area seating, which is a feature for every room! Nice to have it in vibrant colours, plus the cute pillow.

Oasia Hotel - Deluxe Twin Bed Room (3)

And the room is still big enough to have a work area, with a number of fruits provided. AND a Nespresso machine. 2 complementary capsules of coffee a day.

Oasia Hotel Gym and Sauna (2)

Oasia Hotel Gym

Oasia Hotel Gym and Sauna

Melvin from A Winsome Life demonstrating the clothed way of using the sauna….

Check out Oasia Hotel’s Media Launch party where we overdosed on the wonderful food available!

Oasia Hotel Singapore

8 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307470

+65 6664 0333


Map directions to Oasia Hotel

To book a hotel room http://www.stayfareast.com


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