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September 9, 2013

The weather has been crazy this past week! It’s not even November or December yet we have been having torrential thunderstorms nearly every day. It may be very inconvenient, especially if the deluge is during the morning or evening commute hours. My colleague was forced to literally hang up his shoes, to dry! But one thing good that comes out of all this rain, is the cool weather we’ve been enjoying! I don’t even have to sleep with the fan on, let alone the air-conditioner! If the temperature in Singapore remains in the 25 degree range everyday, life would be so wonderful!

I’ve been making full use of this weather by visiting our National Parks. Yesterday I visited Pasir Ris Park. If you’ve never been there, you really ought to go. It’s such a tranquil and beautiful park. Similar to East Coast Park, it is flanked by a body of water, the Johor Straits I believe, but totally unlike East Coast Park, you can walk or run and jump about without bumping into a thousand other people there. There are huge rain trees with ferns growing on the trunks. Pasir Ris Park reminds me a little of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, kinda like a mini Botanic Gardens of the East. More pictures of Pasir Ris park next week, but first, let me show you where to eat at the Botanic Gardens without bursting your wallet.

Did you know that apart from some restaurants and cafes, there is a food court at the Singapore Botanic Gardens? Nope, it’s not the one underground, that closed down quite some years ago. I’m talking about the food court called Food Canopy at Evans Road.


”Right Here” marks the spot of Food Canopy

I don’t think many people know about Food Canopy because it’s off the beaten track and you won’t see it if you’re just driving along. You have to walk right out of the gates of the Botanic Gardens actually, but there should be signs so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re driving along Evans Road, you’ll have to turn in at the carpark gantry next to the CCAB swimming pools.

Food here is pretty decent, and prices are affordable too. Apart from familiar favourites like the Prata Stall and Mixed Rice, there is even a Western Stall where you can get rib-eye steak and brunch items on the weekends! Do check Food Canopy out when you’re next at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Food Canopy (8)

The food court is very airy and one of the prettiest food courts in Singapore if I may say so. It has a green roof, and lots of plants and flowers surrounding the foodcourt. It’s really befitting of a food court at the Botanic Gardens. There is a return your own tray policy here, which people do abide by. It’s interesting to note that if most people are abiding by the return your own tray policy, you’d feel awkward and embarrassed if you don’t

Food Canopy (7)

Nothing much to describe about the usual drinks stall, but they do have some interesting items like soya bean curd, various types of ”herbal drinks” like the Luohan guo, chrysanthemum, and even fresh coconuts sometimes. The Tai Kong Bao aka Space Bun is a good buy too, sizable and quite cheap. Make sure to ask for the ”fridge butter” for 20 cents more, or else they’d just give you the margarine (even if you say butter).

Food Canopy (2)

The Indian stall is quite popular amongst the morning joggers. Guess Prata always sounds good for breakfast after a hard workout. The prata is actually quite good. My favourite is the Mushroom Cheese Prata. It’s even better than the Mr Prata along Evans Road nearby. This is also the only Muslim Stall at Food Canopy. Can’t exactly say that the food sold here is healthy, so it’s a wonder how our Muslim friends have to tolerate it if this is the only option available.

Food Canopy (3)

The minced meat Thai basil rice for $5 is quite good. But the dish that catches most people’s eye here at the Thai food stall is the vegetable steam boat. I think it costs only $5, and you get a whole tray of vegetables as if you’d just gone shopping at the supermarket!

** Correction**

The Thai stall has closed down and in its place is a zi char stall, where the owner was formerly head chef of Guan Hin Teochew Restaurant where he worked for 30 years! He’s also appeared on TV twice! Check out my full review of Di Wei Teochew Restaurant stall here!

Food Canopy (6)

2 veg and 1 meat costs about $3.50, which I think is quite a respectable price for a location near town.

Food Canopy (4)

To be frank, the roasted delights stall is not something to shout about, but still worth a try. They even have fried chicken cutlet rice.

Food Canopy

And last but not least, the Two Cooks and a Pan, which serves Western and Japanese favourites. Their chocolate lava cake is really to die for, but really a tad small. Guess one can’t complain if it costs only $4.50. They serve brunch on the weekends, like buttermilk pancakes and big breakfasts. https://www.facebook.com/TwoCooksAndAPan

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Food Canopy

1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259607

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