Parkland Green at East Coast Park (Now Open!)

November 26, 2014

With 8 F&B establishments, 2 sports retail stores and a laser tag arena, Parkland Green has finally opened at East Coast Park. If you find the location or name familiar, this is because this place used to be occupied by the former Parkland Golf Driving Range / Singa Inn.

As an Eastie, I have been watching the development grow with great interest, and now that it’s finally open, I couldn’t be more overjoyed. I have to say, Parkland Green is probably one of the few places in Singapore, where you can dine al-fresco (under cool shade) while enjoying the sea views and sea breeze, while your children play in front of you in the open lawns. I was there just last weekend, and it was heart-warming to see little kids running around blowing bubbles on the lawn.

Parkland Green

Here are some pictures of the development and the outlets. Will progressively update this page with more photos and information so do stay tuned! 11 outlets in total, pictures start from the outlet nearest the sea, to the last outlet next to the underpass leading to near Marine Parade NTUC.

~~ SandBank ~~

SandBank (1)

See the stairs on the right of the photo, that’s leading into the huge plunge pool they have right in their restaurant! The pool is not ready just yet (as of 25 Nov 2014), but I can’t wait to see it when it is filled with water and people!

~~ Atmosphere ~~


Spy the big TV screen there? Good place to watch the EPL matches. I was told the TV screen was deliberately placed there so every seat, including the seats in the air-conditioned area has a view of the screen.

~~ Full Pint MicroBrewery (Not opened yet) ~~

~~ Patro Sports Bar and Restaurant ~~

Patro Sports Bar & Restaurant montage

~~ Starbucks ~~

Starbucks (2)

This is the crazy crowd on the weekend, but on weekdays the Starbucks is a lovely quiet place to chill out and read a book.

~~ Hvper Sport (Sports Retail Store) ~~

Hvper Sport

Probably the only place in Singapore where you can buy a frisbee or a ball, walk 5 steps out of the shop and start playing! I saw their skate scooters flying off the shelves when I was there and children already zooming around outside. Wonder what’s that no hands thingy the boy is standing on. Looks like a cool thing to have.

~~ Pro-Cycle (Bike Retail Store) ~~

Pro Cycle (2)

~~ St. Marc Cafe ~~

St Marc Cafe

~~ Tag Team (Indoor Laser Tag Arena) ~~

Tag Team

Suitable for children as young as 4 years of age.

~~ Pick Me Up Cafe ~~

Pick Me Up Cafe montage

Jammed packed on the weekends during lunch hours because they serve WAFFLES. Need I say more?

~~ Cheers and Killiney ~~

Cheers and Killiney

And last but not least, Cheers and Killiney. Yes, there’s a Killiney kopitiam hidden inside the Cheers, do not miss it! This is the outlet that is nearest to the Marine Parade Underpass that will lead you to near the Marine Parade NTUC.

Parkland Green at Night

Looks nice at night too!

Parkland Green kids playing

Now who said that Singaporeans only love shopping on the weekends? Leaving you with the heart warming sight of the little girls running after the bubbles. Such a sweet sight.

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Parkland Green

920 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449875

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