Catalunya Weekend Brunch with Passion – 5 reasons why you need to check it out!

June 15, 2015

Catalunya’s Weekend Brunch Buffet is like no other that I’ve ever experience! It’s rowdy, it’s fun, it’s sensational, it’s fantastic! If you think you’ve seen one buffet and you’ve seen them all, Catalunya’s Weekend Brunch Buffet will change your mind!

Let me tell you five facts about Catalunya’s Weekend Brunch Buffet that sets it apart from the others, culminating in the show stopper….

Catalunya Weekend Brunch with Passion (1)

1. It’s a Spanish inspired buffet

Are there any other Spanish buffets out there? There certainly are a number of Italian ones, as well as International ones, but none that are Spanish focussed.

2. Appetisers Galore

The array of appetisers is mind boggling. The Chacuterie section comprises numerous types of smoked meats such as the much sought after Iberico hams. There is even a whole bowl of steak tartare, which is one of my favourite things. The fish section comprises things like smoked salmon, hamachi with ponzu sauce, sardines and even anchovies. Yes I did say this is a Spanish buffet. And at last count, I saw 7 different types of salads.

I for one normally spend the bulk of my time at the appetiser section when I go for buffets as I love all the raw or smoked meats. They’re not things you can get easily when you dine ala-carte, at least not in this variety. So this buffet is really heaven sent!

3. Buffet line has no mains???

After you have surveyed the buffet line, you will find there are no mains laid out! That’s because the mains will be served to each table around 1.30 pm. What a fantastic idea to do away with the perennial problem of how to make the mains still taste moist, tender and fresh when it’s been sitting under the warmer forever.

Catalunya - Suckling Pig Segovian Style (1)

The suckling pig is surely the highlight of the mains, and really the best that I’ve ever eaten. So tender you don’t even need a knife, and the crackling, oh my, wafer thin and glistening with oil!

4. Fabulous Views

At Fullerton Pavilion, it’s as if you’re dining on water. And you get to enjoy the views of the iconic Marina Bay Sands. Need I say more?

5. It’s a rowdy and passionate affair

For this, no amount of words can do justice. You have to watch the video near the end of this article to see for yourselves!

Scroll down to check out the photos!

Catalunya Restaurant Interior

Amazing views of Marina Bay. We were there last weekend while the Sea Games Traditional Boating race was going on, hence the boats in the background.

~~ Made to Order Brunch Dishes ~~

Catalunya - Scrambled Eggs on potato with Mushrooms (estrellados)

Estrellados : These scrambled eggs on bed of potato with choice of ham, chorizo or mushrooms were fantastic. Fluffy and tasty! You can get them fried simply, but I highly recommend scrambled!

Catalunya - Spanish Omelette deconstructed

The Other Spanish Omelette : Yes this doesn’t strike you as an omelette, but once again, amazing flavours from the potato foam, egg yolk and caramelised onions. You’re supposed to mix them all together and enjoy. If I didn’t have to leave space for all the other items, I surely would have finished the entire glass.

Catalunya - Bikini Sandwich (Iberico ham, cheese and truffle) (1)

Bikini Sandwich, comprising Iberico ham, cheese and truffle. You don’t always need a sky high sandwich to wow the crowds.

Catalunya - Vegetarian (Zucchini, Cheese and Pesto)

Vegetarian version comprising zucchini, cheese and pesto

~~  Charcuterie ~~

Catalunya - Buffet Spread

Cold cuts, smoked meats galore!

Catalunya - Iberico Spanish Ham (2)

Iberico Spanish Ham

Catalunya - Iberico Spanish Ham (1)

Catalunya - Steak Tartare (2)

Steak Tartare, one of the loves of my life. One patty size of this could cost you $30 or more in other establishments.

~~ Fish ~~

Catalunya - Hamachi with Ponzu Sauce (2)

Hamachi aka amberjack in Ponzu Sauce. I’m salivating as I’m writing this!

Catalunya - Escalivada (1)

Escalivada — Not quite sure what this is as I didn’t try it, but I believe the highlight is the grilled veggies.

Catalunya - Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon, self explanatory

Catalunya - Anchovies (1)

Anchovies, yes. It’s a Spanish buffet!

Catalunya - Sardinse

Sardines too

Catalunya - Fish and Meat

Catalunya - Vegetable

Catalunya - Bread Basket (2)

Well so what do you do with all those smoked meats and fish? You’re supposed to enjoy them tapas style with the fresh breads provided!

~~ Salads ~~

Catalunya Salad Bar

Catalunya Salad Bar

Oh lord, the Spanish do love their salads don’t they. There was a total of 7 different types of salads on offer ranging from the ever popular Caprese to prawn salad, chicken salad, potato salad and grapefruit fennel salad. There’s an imposter in this picture above, can you guess which?

~~ Hot Main Courses ~~

There will be 3 main courses of the day that will be served directly to the table at around 1.30 pm, which means you better not be late or going to the toilet at that hour! The suckling pig Segovian style and Paella are mainstays, whereas the catch of the day will be dependent on what fish is freshest that day.

Salt Baked Fish

Here’s the Salt-Baked Catch of the day flambéed with finesse at the table.

Catalunya - Seafood Paella (2)

And the seafood paella

Catalunya - Seafood Paella

Close up shot of the clams and prawns. One of the best paella I have eaten, it has a very intense flavour, with an almost alcoholic undertone.

Catalunya - Suckling Pig Segovian Style (2)

And last but not least, the amazing Segovian Style suckling pig that you’d be an idiot to miss! Look at the wafer thin skin and the cracks on it! This is the stuff of dreams.

Teaser alert : You have to watch right to the end where they do something special!

Catalunya Suckling Pig

~~ Desserts ~~

Catalunya - Dessert Station (2)

Catalunya - Cakes (1)

Normally I would have taken a ton of dessert photos, but truth be told, I was so concussed with the earlier courses that I could hardly move. Still, I managed to try the lemon curd tart and the chocolate tart which both tasted very good. I particularly liked the buttery and thin tart bases. In my opinion, a good tart always starts with a good tart shell. Love the copper coloured French press, looks so classy!

Catalunya -Chocolate and Banana Cake

Close up shot of the decadent chocolate cake for good measure.

Catalunya Weekend Brunch with Passion (5)

I have to hide behind my husband because I’m close to bursting.

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Catalunya Singapore

The Fullerton Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327

T: +65 6534 0886

$98++ per person including fruit juice, additional $48++ for free flow alcohol, coffee and tea
$40++ for kids between 4 and 9 years old
Free of charge for children below 4 years old

Catalunya Weekend Brunch with Passion is available on Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm

On the last weekend of each month, Catalunya will host our Weekend Bingo Brunch where two customers will get to return for Brunch with compliments.

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