Solutions to the Most Common Plumbing Problems

January 9, 2018

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Plumbing problems have a bothersome habit of taking you by surprise and showing up at the most inadequate of times. Whether it’s a leaking faucet, a clogged drain or another problem, it is useful to know that there are solutions to the most common plumbing problems. Of course, there are cases in which these are only temporary fixes that will need to be addressed by a plumber.

Solutions for leaky faucets

Having a leaky faucet that constantly drips, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, can really be mind-numbingly irritating. Apart from the constant drip, the water waste can become significant if the problem is left unattended. A common solution for fixing the drip is to replace the rubber washer used to seal the valve seat. This is a component that wears out with time and needs to be replaced from time to time. Fixing a leaky faucet will depend on the type of faucet you have in your kitchen or bathroom. For example, the compression faucet is the one that uses a rubber washer, while the ball type faucet has different components that may break down and cause the constant leak.

Slow draining

Sinks or tubs that are draining slower than usual indicate that there is an accumulation of debris in the pop-up piece present in most types of sinks or tubs. A simple solution suffices here: remove the pop-up and clear the debris. In the kitchen, these can be food leftovers and in the bathtub, these can be strands of hair.

Fixing clogged drains

If you’ve gotten around to clearing any debris that might have made your sink or tub to drain much slower than normal and still find that the issue was not addressed, then you may need to fix a clogged drain. Using a plunger is a simple way of fixing this problem, as is the use of a drain cleaner. You will find that there are plenty of options for this, both with more natural ingredients and with chemicals. Just remember not to choose such a strong drain cleaner that it damages your pipes.

Solving the running toilet problem

Leaking or running toilets are common plumbing problems that can be caused by several factors. You will want to investigate the cause of the leak and fix it because a running toilet can cause significant water waste. A common cause is a broken toilet flapper which can be easily replaced by using a home repair kit. You will need to buy a flapper that has a proper design. Other possible fixes for running toilets can include replacing the toilet fill valve or replacing the leaky flush valve.

The blocked garbage disposer

Some homeowners in Singapore use a garbage disposal to get rid of some of the food waste. It can become jammed when it fails to grind, it makes unusual or overly noisy sounds or stops before it is turned off. Unjamming it will require using a wrench that fits the hole on the bottom of the disposal. If it does not work at all, you can try to reset it.

Dealing with low water pressure

Low water pressure, whether it is in the shower or in the kitchen, is a frustrating plumbing problem. In case of low water pressure in the shower, a common cause can be a blocked shower head. Cleaning or replacing it is the suitable option here. Another, less attractive cause may be that there is a leak in the pipes. Damaged and leaking pipes are a different plumbing problem altogether and calling an experienced plumber in Singapore may be the most suitable solution in this case.

If you are having several issues with your house plumbing, you can calculate the plumbing costs by using a special online calculator. This can help you have a proper cost estimate and prioritize the plumbing replacement or repair work needed in your home.

Solving some of the plumbing issues in your home by yourself, with the help of these plumbing solving tips, can be a good option in some cases. However, you should always remember that extensive plumbing work is better left in the hands of a professional, to ensure a durable and adequate solution to your problem.

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