Top 7 Cheapest Flower Bouquets in Singapore

February 11, 2019

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Having to find the cheapest yet most presentable looking flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day in Singapore is not the easiest thing to do. It is only natural for men to want to have their significant other be the centre of attention in their office during Valentine’s Day. But.. how can one do so without splurging on something so extravagant like a 99 rose bouquet? Well, you are in luck! We have done our homework to present to you the 7 cheapest florists in Singapore who not only provide splendid designs, but reliable delivery too. These bouquets are all under 40 SGD inclusive of delivery fee. A decent looking bouquet of flowers at 40 SGD with free delivery for Valentine’s Day is an outright steal! Even Carousell may have difficulty offering you something like that!

1. FARM Florist

FARM Florist has the best deal when it comes to having the cheapest bouquet in Singapore. Although the price of 35 SGD (with free same day delivery) might not be the lowest rate on this list, they offer something else that no other florist in Singapore would dare to offer. For every delivery that arrives to the recipient for more than an hour late, they provide a full refund of the order. More often than not, products with low profit margins are usually met with less reliable operations. This promise is most certainly a guarantee for any customer. Apart from providing reliable (and free) flower delivery in Singapore, FARM Florist does boast a flower catalogue that has a wide range of stunning designs.


Telephone: +65 9384 4885

2. Sophflorals

From the first listing in this article, you can see by now that we are not only recommending to you florists that offer cheap pricing, but at the same time, those who provide customers with insane value. Sophflorals is an Instagram based florist that provides customised bouquets from as low as 30 SGD. They deliver island-wide at just 10 SGD per location, and they are known to offer self-collection at multiple locations. Customised bouquets are usually extremely expensive due to the potential wastage of different types of flowers and fillers that are sold in bulk. Thankfully for Singaporeans, Sophflorals have found a way to make it work!

Instagram : @sophflorals

3. Urban Meadow Flowers

Another florist with bouquets at 35 SGS inclusive of free delivery. We are certainly getting spoilt for choice now! Urban Meadow is also an Instagram based florist in Singapore. They are able to achieve such a competitive rate because they specialise in curating freestyle bouquets that may come in different designs each day. Customers are able to choose the size of the bouquets to best suit the occasion of giving. While some may find the fact that they cannot choose a specific design as a disadvantage to this business, but at the end of the day, recipients do not always like the flowers chosen by the giver anyway….so perhaps some flexibility may result in a  pleasant surprise, who knows!

Instagram : @urbanmeadowflowers

4. The Enchanted Tree

Operating under the same concept as Urban Meadow Flowers, The Enchanted Tree calls their version of the freestyle bouquet the Daily Pick’. The only difference is that these guys do it at just 30 SGD with free delivery! If this is not what a steal, then we don’t know what is! To further convince yourself, their website and Instagram account showcases past curations of their Daily Picks. A simple Google search of their company name can also enlighten you better with their positive reviews!


Telephone: +65 6588 2088

5. Far East Flora

Far East Flora is arguably the biggest flower company in Singapore. Being one of the biggest names in the florist industry, you are definitely going to be able to find people that have had either positive or negative experiences with them. Regardless the opinion, one thing we can be sure about is that their operations are rock solid. If you need flowers for a bulk or corporate requirement, you can’t possibly go wrong with them. They have wholesome looking flower bouquets that are as cheap as 31 SGD and they only charge 7.49 SGD for delivery.


Telephone: +65 6251 2323

6. The Bloom Box

The Bloom Box has defied the industry norms of bouquet making. Instead of your conventional hand-wrapped bouquet, Bloom Box have their flowers tastefully packaged in a hand-carry box. This easily differentiable design is not only unique, but practical too! If you don’t have a vase, leaving the hand bouquet lying on your table may sometimes ruffle the flowers up. Having a hand carry box allows you to carry it around and place it on any table very easily. Furthermore, with a price tag of just 35 SGD with free delivery, this new innovation is most certainly worth a shot!


Contact: +65 9270 8473

7. Petite Fleur Singapore

Petite Fleurs have a range of mini bouquets that come in a large variety of colours at just 22 SGD. Such bouquets are a perfect gesture for any occasion and they do not burn a huge hole in your wallet! Making someone’s day does not have to be difficult with options like these.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with FARM Florist.

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