Zafferano–An Italian Brunch affair!

September 27, 2015

One of my favourite restaurants Zafferano has recently come up with their new Italian Saturday set brunch and it is a brunch to behold. You might just have to hold your stomach too as you leave the restaurant because the set brunch is chock a block full of food!

There are a total of 4 courses, but it’s not one dish per course. Being generous as Italians are, they have have numerous mini dishes within each course. You could almost think of this brunch as being a 10 course brunch (more in fact), with a buffet dessert just in case there is a shred of doubt that you’re not next to bursting. And the interesting thing about this ”The Italian Table” brunch it’s that it’s not an egg-based brunch. I was wondering when the eggs would feature, but I realise that egg-based brunches are more an Aussie/UK/US thing. The dishes in this brunch are what the Italians would normally have for brunch.

Check out the pictures below and read about my favourite dishes from the Zafferano brunch.

~~~ Starters ~~~

Zafferano Brunch - Live seasonal oysters (2)

Live seasonal oysters — Self explanatory

Zafferano Brunch - Marinated fjord trout, avruga caviar, orange

Marinated fjord trout, avruga caviar, orange

While I am not a fan of fish, I do love sashimi, smoked or marinated cuts. Trout was finely sliced and had a delicate flavour. Disappeared in a jiffy.

Zafferano Brunch - Italy burrata

Freshly imported Italian burrata and tomatoes

My absolute favourite from the cold dish selection, and if I am not wrong, probably the favourite of all who attended the tasting that day! Amazingly pillowy soft and creamy, I could eat this for the entire meal and be satisfied. If you’ve never tried burrata before, you must! It’s mozzarella cheese combined with cream into a magical concoction. The best ones taste fresh, and are soft and creamy.

Zafferano Brunch - Vongole (Stewed clams and mussels, rosemary croutons)

Vongole (Stewed clams and mussels, rosemary croutons). Prosciutto (24 month ”Pio Tosini” ham, pistachio ”mortadella”, Iberico ”salami” in the background on the right.

The Vongole was the other stunning dish of the day in my opinion. The mussels and clams were cooked just right so they were really soft and tender. I’ve had one too many rubbery mussels from mussel speciality restaurants to know it takes some skill to get it right. And the broth, oh my, the broth. So rich in flavour I wanted to chuck all the shells out and spoon up big scoops of it. If only there was more broth! And the crispy baguette, just the perfect combination.

Zafferano Brunch - Deep fried calamari, prawns and anchovies

 Deep fried calamari, prawns and anchovies

Thought this was average, but ended up snacking on it throughout the meal.

Zafferano Brunch - Baby lobster flambe with brandy, cocktail mayo sauce

Baby lobster flambe with brandy, cocktail mayo sauce

~~~ Pasta ~~~

Zafferano Brunch - Mains of Lasagna, ravioli,  gnocchi and ravioli

All the pasta options will be served at the table in small tasting portions. After tasting all, you get to decide which one you want more of.

Pasta choices :

  • Lasagna in mince beef ragout, bechamel sauce
  • Homemade veal ravioli with porcini mushroom sauce, truffle emulsion
  • Hand-crafted potato gnocchi, fresh seafood, white wine sauce
  • Superfine risotto Acquerello with Iranian saffron

My favourite has got to be the risotto. I’m not usually a fan of risotto but this version was fantastic. It seems to be just cream and rice as far as I can see, but what an intense flavour!

Zafferano Brunch - Lasagna in mince beef ragout, bechamel sauce

Another look at the Lasagna

Zafferano Brunch - Risotto Acquerello with Iranian saffron

Another look at the delicious risotto, flavoured with saffron and god knows what other secret ingredients.

~~~ Mains ~~~

The mains were nice, but after a stunning start to the brunch, these felt just average. The pork was not as tender as described on the menu, which is a pity because I have been to Zafferano previously and eaten their slow cooked pork, which was melt in the mouth. I also had the most tender beef short rib there. So it’s a pity the brunch mains didn’t shine.

Zafferano Brunch - Slow cooked pork belly (front) and oven-baked seabass with tomatoes, olives, capers and fresh herbs (back)

Slow cooked pork belly with potatoes and berry sauce (front) and oven-baked seabass with tomatoes, olives, capers and fresh herbs (back)

Zafferano Brunch - Roasted whole French spring chicken with bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms

Roasted whole French spring chicken with bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms

~~~ Dessert Buffet ~~~

Zafferano Brunch - Dessert Bar (2)

Zafferano Brunch - Dessert Bar (3)

One of my favourite desserts of the day. Delightful to crunch into the mini ice cream cones to get to the flavoured cream.

Zafferano Brunch - Chocolate Cake (1)

Zafferano Brunch - Dessert Bar

The panna cotta was also fantastic. My only grouse is the dish was so shallow, so it was really hard to get at the cream at the bottom.

Congratulations if you’ve managed to make it all the way to desserts!

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Zafferano’s Italian Saturday brunch The Italian Table’ is served from 11.30am till 2.30pm, and priced at SGD88++ per person inclusive of free-flow of soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea, SGD108++ per person with free-flow Prosecco and SGD138++ with free-flow of champagne. Available on the first and last Saturday of each month.

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