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Crab In Da Bag makes a Big Splash!

Crab in Da Bag (32)

Have you heard of Crab in da Bag? It’s the latest thing to hit Big Splash! Be careful how you pronounce it, make sure you pronounce Crab with a “b” sound at the back, lest offend those around you! When I first heard that Crab in da Bag was going to open in Big Splash, I was pretty excited. High time for some refreshing concept to grace this prominent spot here at East Coast Park.

I think a lot of people have the same thoughts as me because it was packed to the gills on the day that I visited. Actually, I visited last Friday for dinner. Thank god I managed to snag the second last table at Crab in da Bag because the rest of the tables were either occupied or reserved, and this was 6pm! By 7pm, the place was totally full, with a queue starting to form. And this is hardly one month after they’ve opened!

Crab in Da Bag (30)

This is how the place looks like inside. Photo taken at 6pm, before the place got filled. The interesting thing about Crab in da Bag is that everything is served out of a bag. There are no utensils here (unless you order rice), you eat with your hands and you leave the shells and all on the table! Not to worry, the staff will lay wax paper on the table so things are still freshly clean until you start forming your own mountain of shells.

Crab in Da Bag (29)

Check out the menu here. You can order ala carte stuff like prawns, crabs, lobsters, yabbies etc. Or you can go for the WOW dish, known as the Caboodle Boil. It costs $299 and comes with 4 mini lobsters, 2 Sri Lankan crabs, 500gm King Crab Legs etc. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser. And because it’s served from a bucket, EVERYONE in the restaurant will know you’ve ordered that. Even if they didn’t, I’m sure your table will be distracting everyone else with your “wahhhhhs” when the loot is poured out onto the table.

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Old Town White Coffee

As I mentioned in an earlier post several months back, there is indeed a dearth of cheap and good places in the East Coast Park area to have a cuppa and a snack when hunger pangs strikes at night. I mean there is only so many times you can go to McDonalds, and the East Coast Park McDonalds happens to be particularly dirty thanks to the sand and mud brought in by the beach goers.

On the previous occasion, we’d originally agreed to go to Old Town White Coffee, but we made the mistake of veering into Starbucks, where we encountered the $5 coffee, and the nondescript muffin. This time round, Old Town White Coffee it was.

Old Town White Coffee is famous for its White Coffee (obviously…..) but they also have Old Town White Tea for teetotallers. The Old Town flavour is distinctly different from that of Yakun and Killeney Kopitiam. The coffee we ordered was really strong and intense. In all aspects, it probably was a good cup of coffee, but I think I happen to prefer the more Singaporean type of coffee, if there is such a thing.

The Old Town White Tea on the other hand, was really terrible to me. No amount of sugar I added could mask the nastiness of the taste. Maybe it is an acquired taste, of which I think I will never acquire. The manager was kind enough to offer to change the tea to another freshly made cup of coffee at no extra charge.

Old Town White TeaOld Town White Coffee 

One’s Tea and one’s coffee but the colour seems to be the same huh.

 Old Town White Coffee - Butter Sugar Thick Toast

We substituted the Kaya Butter Thick Toast for Butter Sugar Thick Toast, which also cost the same $2.50. Thought it was rather expensive even though the bread is larger than other coffee joints. I’m 99% sure the yellow spread wasn’t butter though, which is quite bad because I have a policy not to eat margarine. I still stand by my opinion that ToastBox serves the best butter sugar toast.

 Old Town White Coffee - Menu

Old Town White Coffee is like the Killeney Kopitiam chain, where you are able to get local meal delights such as Old Town Rendang Chicken Rice $8.50,  Hainanese Chicken Chop with Flavoured Rice $8.80 and Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun $6.20. They also seem to have a large selection of non traditional drinks like soda floats.

Old Town White Coffee Cafe at Big Splash

Old Town White Coffee outlet at Big Splash Singapore

Old Town White Coffee

Blk B, Unit #01-04/05 Big Splash, 902 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449874

Tel:+65 6344 4404

Mon – Thur & Sun : 8am –11 pm, Fri – Sat : 8am – 12am

Also available at Bukit Timah, Cineleisure, Far East Plaza, Jurong Point, Suntec City and Toa Payoh

Starbucks – Not so cheap after all

Despite common perception, I think that there aren’t many places to have a coffee and relax late at night. We were driving around the Katong / Marine Parade area and we just couldn’t think of anywhere unique to go. I know there are numerous Hong Kong Cafes around, but we’d just been to one last week, and going to a different chain would just be the same. Besides, we wanted cake, coffee and chocolate, lots of it.

In the end, we decided to drive to Old Town Coffee at East Coast Park Big Splash. At least the prices are fairly reasonable compared to cafes, and if the food and drink does not satisfy, well we can console ourselves that we haven’t spent too much. Wish Yakun or Toastbox would consider opening 24hours because I rather prefer those than Old Town.

As we parked, we spotted Starbucks. I’ve never been a fan of Starbucks because their coffee is really lousy, but recently, a lot of their outlets have been spruced up and the decor is really inviting. So we ditched Old Town and hopped over to Starbucks to give it another chance. We got a nice quiet seat outside and ordered 2 cups of hot chocolate plus 1 chocolate chip muffin. I wonder who or what gave me the idea that Starbucks is cheap. It is EXPENSIVE for a cheap coffee chain!

IMG_0239 - Copy

$3.20 Chocolate chip muffin. Despite the abundantly studded chocolate chips, the muffin did not taste chocolatey at all. On the contrary, the muffin was gluggy and tasted somewhat of banana. Not the fragrant banana cake type mind you. Wonder if the Starbucks people had too much banana muffin batter and didn’t know what to do with it.  What a waste of money and calories. The Chocolate Chip Muffin at The Coffee bean is much better, moist, light and literally oozing with chocolate.

IMG_0243 - Copy

$6 Hot Chocolate – Can’t get much more expensive than this for just a plain cup of hot chocolate. It was thick and tasty, so at least it satisfied my chocolate craving when the muffin didn’t. However, the hot chocolate had a powdery texture which I didn’t like. I used to think that things at Starbucks are cheaper than the other coffee chains. I was wrong. Once again, The Coffee Bean has a much larger and better tasting hot chocolate served in a better looking glass for the similar price.

But really, I think if you want a quick and cheap chocolate drink, just go to Toastbox and order the $1.70 milo. Thick, Chocolatey and satisfying, although I must forewarn you. The “condensed milk” they use at Toastbox isn’t milk. It is a non-dairy sweetener made from palm oil. Betcha didn’t know that, did you? And I wouldn’t be surprised if many other places did that to save costs.

Apr 24, 2010 @ 17:20

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