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Koi Bubble Tea is available at Jewel Changi Airport for walk-in takeaways!

Currently, shops selling predominantly beverages are not supposed to be open due to the Circuit Breaker / Lockdown in Singapore. This means that most bubble tea shops are closed, unless they are located in a hawker centre/coffee shop or located within an outlet that also happens to sell food. So I was most surprised to see a queue at the Signature KOI shop at Jewel Changi Airport after visiting Fairprice Finest.

Signature KOI at Jewel Changi Airport (1)

I went closer to check it out and it’s true, you can buy KOI bubble tea for takeaway yourself, no need to rely on delivery! That because this is Signature KOI, it means that they also sell other food such as cakes, macarons and pastries. Lucky me too, because it seems they only restarted operations today! If you follow me on my Instagram, you would have seen my instastories about it!

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Chun Shui Tang Tea House 春水堂 (Taiwan – Taipei)

After our coffee roasting workshop at Coffee Area in the morning, and a lovely lunch at the Carton King Creativity Park, as part of our 5D4N Whirlwind Sponsored trip to Taiwan, it was time to move on to our 2nd hands on event at Chun Shui Tang. Many of us are familiar with GongCha, Koi and ShareTea as bubble tea shops hailing from good old Taiwan. However, I don’t think many of us will have heard about Chun Shui Tang. They are also a Pearl Tea shop, with 30 years of history.

Chun Shui Tang claims to have been the first to invent the Taiwanese Pearl Milk Tea. I’m not so sure if this is true, because one taxi driver we met told us that this is a drink with decades of history. The story has it that because the villagers were poor, they used to add tapioca balls to baby’s milk to help fill up the babies. One day, there was a bit of left over tapioca balls so it was put inside some milk tea which happened to be around. No prizes for guessing what happened next.

Whatever be the truth, it doesn’t detract from the fact that Chun Shui Tang has THE BEST TAIWANESE BUBBLE TEA I have ever had to date! I haven’t tried all that many bubble teas, but compared to Koi and GongCha in Singapore, it’s just WAY BETTER! SERIOUS! I tried both the red bubble tea without milk and the milk bubble tea. Both were fantastic! The tea taste really comes through, especially for the without milk version. For the milk bubble tea, the milk has a lightness to it and the tea taste is also strong. I don’t feel like I’m chugging down a milk drink flavoured with tea. I feel like I am really having tea, with milk!

What’s even more amazing is that I assembled the 2 drinks myself. Considering the fact that I could have put in a little too much of tea, or too much of milk powder, it just goes to show how good the base ingredients were. At least that seems to be the case.

Chun Shui Tang (33)

Before I jump into the pictures of the bubble tea making process, let me first showcase a few photos of Chun Shui Tang teahouse. Love the place to bits! The Taichung people believe that a great day is a day spent having afternoon tea. Nothing epitomises that philosophy better than a pretty and inviting tea house, housed in the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The national museum is located in Taichung, and not Taipei, presumably because the Taichung people are more attuned to the arts?

Chun Shui Tang (26)

Chun Shui Tang (21)

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Whirlwind 5D4N trip to Taiwan

If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you would probably have realised that I was missing in action last week in the Blogosphere and was instead very active on Twitter and Instagram!

To cut the long story short, I was invited by the Isee Taiwan Foundation to visit Taiwan and blog all about it. Actually, when I first received the email from the Isee Taiwan Foundation, my first reaction was….”Is this a spam??” The entire email was in Chinese, and TRADITIONAL CHINESE for that matter! Reading simplified Chinese characters is already a monumentous task for me, what more TRADITIONAL CHINESE. I asked a few of my friends to help me translate, and more than one told me to be careful.

In the end, it all turned out to be totally fine. The 5 Day 4 Night Taiwan trip was very well planned to the extent that even a tour guide was hired to accompany us to almost all the places that we had to visit! We visited numerous restaurants and eateries ranging from skewered innards to intricately presented Ma La Hot Pot to atas Zha Jiang Mian. In Taichung, we also tried our hand at roasting our own coffee beans all the way to brewing them; and making our very own Taiwanese Bubble Tea. We got to speak with numerous proprietors who shared with us their vision in setting up their own businesses. We even traversed from Taipei to Yilan, braved a 4 Wheel drive up a steep hill to visit the Bulao Buluo Aborigine Tribe.

It was definitely a trip to be remembered and for the 1st few days upon returning to Singapore, I actually kinda missed Taiwan a little! For some reason, I had this huge urge to try GongCha or Koi again, just to consume something of Taiwanese origins! Prior to this, I had never stepped foot in Taiwan, and I made an effort not to read up on Taiwan either, so as to be able to be totally surprised when there.

And indeed, if there’s one thing that amazed me the most there, it’s that there are SO MANY cafes and eateries all over the place, down back alleys and in almost every corner that you turn to! And for this, I hope to return again soon with more time to spare to sample more of the cafes around Taipei and Taichung!

Watch this space for more updates on what I did in Taiwan!

Gong Cha at Marina Bay Sands

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Gong Cha and I just don’t understand why there would be long queues for this bubble tea drink. I just don’t get the funny creamy thing at the top of the drink. Not only does it look icky, it tastes icky too. I once asked the staff what the white thing was, and was admonished with a “CREAM LOR!” plus an “are you an imbecile” look.

I much rather go for Koi. It tastes more natural. Anyway the guys in my office go gaga over Gong Cha, so this post is dedicated to them. (And I thought only girls went gaga over bubble tea…)

Gong Cha at Marina Bay Sands

During my staycation at Marina Bay Sands over the weekend, I discovered to my surprise that there is a Gong Cha there! When I say that I’m surprised, it’s because MBS is littered with high end boutiques. And here comes a Gong Cha, where you need only part with a few bucks to make a purchase!

Gong Cha at Marina Bay Sands (2)

I don’t think people know that Gong Cha has opened at Marina Bay Sands. It’s located at the less populated wing and quite near the end too. See, there are no signature queues here.

7-Eleven at Marina Bay Sands

In fact, it was pretty funny to see a 7-Eleven next to Gong Cha as well. It seems to reinforce the idea that this is the “not so high-end” side of MBS, although this 7-Eleven does look more high end by 7-Eleven standards. I’m waiting for a McDonalds or KFC to open at MBS, do you think that would happen?

I would love for Marina Bay Sands to have a proper supermarket. There is a Cold Storage Speciality near the Rasapura Food court, but it does not sell meat and vegetables. There is definitely a huge need for that, because after having blown a few thousands on the new bag or at the tables, you might just find yourself not being able to afford room service!

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