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The Big Sheila

I love it whenever a new restaurant opens near my place! This time round, it’s The Big Sheila. It took over the space that used to be occupied by Big Ben. Big Ben used to specialise in selling pies and we went once before, with the intention of returning again, but alas it is no longer there. The Big Sheila is a gourmet western home-style food store located at 15 Swan Lake Avenue, Siglap, Singapore.

Swan Lake is in the Opera Estate area, which I think holds much promise for becoming a little laid back enclave for cafes and restaurants! I really hope that happens, and if it does, remember that you read it here first! The interesting thing about it is that their food is also available for takeaways if you pre-order via The Big Sheila’s website.

The Big Sheila - (1)

The Big Sheila is opened by Fleur Glover, an expat from Australia. If you didn’t know, Sheila is a slang for woman. I would think that that would be a nasty nickname for any woman, but yep, The Big Sheila is Fleur Glover’s nickname! Don’t be surprised though when you enter that you see many Ang Mohs dining here with their kids in tow. I was the only Chinese when I had my lunch here. And I thought this only happened in Bukit Timah.

The Big Sheila - (19)

All their cakes were laid out next to the entrance. I really couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures even before I ordered my food!

The Big Sheila - Creamy baked cheese cake with tim tam base and milk chocolate top $13 per slice (1)

Creamy baked cheese cake with tim tam base and milk chocolate top $13 per slice

Is this not such a luscious looking cheese cake? If not for the fact that it seems a little pricey, I really would have wanted to order one to go with lunch.

The Big Sheila - The Banker Cake (Whisky soaked prounes, turned in a rich dark chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse top)

The Banker Cake (Whisky soaked prunes, turned in a rich dark chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse top)

I think Fleur Glover sure got it right when she placed these cakes next to the entrance. Grab your customers attention and after that, it’s too late to step out!

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Will be getting married at 4 Seasons Hotel. On the day that we signed the contract, we were treated to a lovely meal at One-Ninety Restaurant. We were too busy discussing the contract details hence I didn’t even realise that I hadn’t noted down the menu prices. Heck, I’ve also forgotten exactly what we ate, given that this all happened more than half a year ago. Still, I don’t want to waste the nice pictures I’ve taken so this shall be a pictorial review!

OneNinety - Chocolate Cake

4 Seasons Signature chocolate cake! Costs about $10 and is decadent like hell! A normal human would not be able to finish this piece so it’s best to share. Love the intense and heavy chocolate fudge on top, with a thick and crispy granola base. I don’t even think there’s any sponge cake in this chocolate on a plate!

OneNinety - Chocolate Gelato

This chocolate ice cream $15 is another good choice to order if you’re hankering after something chocolaty and sweet. The ice cream is deeply chocolaty, aided by generous amounts of chocolate fudge and crispy cocopop bits. You know what, for my wedding day, AFTER the wedding, I’m going to order myself this chocolate ice cream and just relaxxxxx after the excitement of the day.

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Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

I hadn’t been to a steakhouse in a while so I was really pleased to receive an invitation from Wooloomooloo/Sixth Sense Communications to come sample the latest steakhouse in town named after the Australian town of Woolloomooloo in Sydney.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, an independent group of celebrated premium steakhouses from Hong Kong, comprises of 300sq ft of wining and dining space. Premium steaks, Australian-inspired offerings, as well as an outstanding range of wines and cocktails can be found at Wooloomooloo. The restaurant touts itself to be comparable to other steakhouses like Mortons and Cut.

Wooloomooloo - (15)Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Lounge Bali Suar Wood Table   view 2

The restaurant is really stylish and you can’t help feeling like you’re in for a treat the minute you step into the restaurant. Apart from the elegant furnishings and leather upholstered seats, the restaurant is also decorated with neat wood piles – a design synonymous with all Wooloomooloo restaurants.

BTW, the restaurant and bar offer a fantastic view of the F1 race track. Unfortunately, Wooloomooloo is completely booked for this year’s F1 races. Better luck next year. Or you could try catching the fireworks here too.

Wooloomooloo - (7)

Wooloomooloo - (11)

Wooloomooloo - (28)

Our dining area for the evening was in a semi-private area. Quite like the semi-private area as it makes you feel like nobody can see you, even though they can if they choose to walk past. Private rooms tend to be very cramped and dark, which may be claustrophobic to some. The downside is that you can still hear the noise coming from the patrons in the restaurant.


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Baking Industry Training Centre – Part 2

How time flies! I’ve already completed my cake module and I’m on to the bread making module of my baking course. Now that I am able to look back at the entire cake baking module, I find it incredulous that I am now able to bake cakes the likes of what you see at BreadTalk and Benganwan Solo. Serious!

Baking Industry Training Centre - Bavarian cakes with various designs Do these cakes not look at home in a cake shop?

Quite a number of the cakes that were taught, I thought were a bit outdated. For example, do you know what a Bavarian Cake is? I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of it, let alone seen it at any of our bakeries. It’s more than a hundred years old! Also, Birthday Cakes with lots of piped cream and cream rosettes are pretty old fashioned if you ask me. Baking Industry Training Centre (BITC) teaches lots of recipes for cakes that you would still be able to find at your local bakery, but the more modern cakes would be those that you find at say Canele for example. Still, there’s no denying that I’ve obtained the skills and the confidence to go create whatever I desire, and that I think is the most important thing.

Baking Industry Training Centre - Mango and Strawberry Bavarian Cake This is a Bavarian Cake. So are the ones in the picture above.

Fortunately, I managed to learn how to make my most favourite cake of all time in the class. The Sacher Torte! I have been lusting after this cake for the longest time, ever since I learnt of its existence in German class a number of years ago. I don’t think you can find the Sacher Torte in Singapore! One of my favourite chefs taught us how to do it and speaking of him, I have to label him a Cake Whiz. He slices cakes at the speed of lightning, it’s just amazing to even watch it. Literally everyone in the class was speechless just watching him churn out those slices like a human cake slicing machine. And I’m not talking about slicing a cake vertically mind you, I’m talking about horizontal. It may sound easy but just you try and see. It’s too bad we only had half a lesson with Mr Cake Whiz. Wish we could have more.

Baking Industry Training Centre - Sacher Torte My beloved Sachertorte. It was heart breaking to have to give it all away as without preservatives, the cakes spoil within 3 days.

Baking Industry Training Centre - (12)Another picture of the Sachertorte. I took it home so that I could take a picture in natural lighting. The metal table benches in class do not make for nice photos.

I was a nervous wreck during the practical exam on the last day! Couldn’t sleep until 4am, which obviously made things much worse! I don’t know why I got so nervous about the exam. It’s not like I think I would fail, cuz it takes quite some effort to fail! I suppose it’s the thought of finding out you mis-measured something and having to redo all over again. If you’ve taken Chemistry practical exams, you’d know the feeling. And I suppose I just want to score better than my 2 best pals in the class! HEH!

Baking Industry Training Centre - My exam cakes (Bavarian and Birthday Cake)

Look at the atrocious handwriting I produced for my exam cake! It’s an embarrassment! Why did the piping bag have to clog up only during the exam?! Cake on the right was another Bavarian I produced for the exam. While it looks pleasant, I feel that Maraschino cherries on cakes are so dated!

Anyway, I’m on to the Bread module now and today was the 3rd day of class. I just have one statement to make so far : BREAD IS BORING, CAKE IS SEXIER!

Ok lah, it’s early days yet and I’ll probably get more interested when we get down to doing the sweet breads and continental breads. But for the whole of this week, we are just making plain white bread, using different methods! Yesterday it was plain bread using a rapid dough system. Today it was plain bread using the bulk fermentation system. And tomorrow, it will be plain bread using the sponge and dough method! EEEEK! And for the entire day’s effort, I am rewarded with 3 lovely PLAIN LOAVES OF BREAD, that cost what, $6 if I were to buy Gardenia or Sunshine? At this moment, it’s a far cry from the delicious and pretty cakes I made each day. A day’s worth of effort would have gotten me at least one $30 cake!

The effort required is lesser than in cake class though, and the difficulty is lower. I find myself sitting around quite a bit and the chef even told my partner and I to slow down! A far cry from the rush rush rush of cake class. For a home baker, this week’s worth of lessons (and money spent on paying for these lessons!!) is pretty useless. One would never be able to have a roller machine in one’s house so assuming you don’t have spare $ to spend on frivolous lessons, what is the use of learning about it? As I mentioned in my previous post, Baking Industry Training Centre trains bakers for commercial kitchens, hence you just have to go through this part of the lesson if you want BITC’s cert!

All that being said, I don’t regret taking up the bread baking class as bread is a staple, and how can I say that I know how to bake, if I can’t even bake a simple loaf of bread?

Baking Industry Training Centre - Plain loaves of bread

Bread is SO NOT SEXY. Enuff said.

Read about my 1st few days at BITC Cake Class.

Baking Industry Training Centre Pte Ltd (BITC)
201 Keppel Road, Level 11 Annexe Block
Singapore 099419

Telephone:+65 6276 6337

Fax:+65 6276 6608

Operation Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday 8:30am – 12:30pm

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

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