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Chock Full of Beans Revisited

It’s been a while since I had brunch with my parents. Several weekends were burned just preparing for the photo-shoot and trip to New Zealand. And then of course I was away for the trip itself, so that was another 2 weekends.

My parents don’t quite fancy Western food, but brunch is something they don’t mind. My father will order Eggs Benedict 99% of the time while my mother’s eyes will hover all over the menu trying to find a healthy dish even though she secretly wants some meat. My mother is the healthiest in my family and eschews fatty food and meat if she can. But I mean what’s the fun in going for brunch if she’s going to order Eggs Benedict too? The eggs are poached, so she has deemed it healthy enough. The following is a typical scenario.

Daughter : Order this big breakfast

Mother : But it has fried sausages in it.

Daughter : Just order it. Or you want the Bircher Muesli instead?

Mother : Okay are you really sure I should order the big breakfast?

Daugher : Yes.

And later the plate will be clean. You see, it’s fine if I’m the bad guy.

I might have mentioned before that I really don’t like going back to the same place twice when there are so many new eateries to explore. This rule goes out the window when it comes to where to eat in the East. Is it just me or do Easties think that there is a severe shortage of cool cafes in the East of Singapore? I cracked my brain real hard and I only managed to summon up Chock Full of Beans, a small little cafe in Changi Village. My parents were game for it as we had a good dinner there the last time. I caved in for a lack of better suggestions, and also because it was brunch we were going to try out this time round.

Chock Full of Beans - Scrambled Eggs with mushrooms, swiss cheese and smoked salmon

Scrambled Eggs with 3 Fillings (I chose smoked salmon, mushrooms and Swiss Cheese) $12

The menu actually lists Omelette with 3 fillings, but I asked to have scrambled eggs instead, which Chock Full of Beans kindly obliged.

Chock Full of Beans - Grilled Tomatoes

Oh before I describe the eggs, let me first give a shout out to these lovely grilled tomatoes. They were just beautiful. Grilled perfectly such that they retained their juiciness, I love how the sweet taste of the tomatoes went so well with the smoky flavour of the bit of cracked black pepper.

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Highlander Coffee

Before there was Papa Palheta, 40Hands, Loysel’s Toy and Chock Full of Beans, there was Highlander Coffee. Started by brothers Phil and Cedric Ho in early 2004, Highlander not only sells coffee, they roast and sell their coffee beans and they even have a coffee academy to teach the finer points of coffee appreciation to coffee addicts out there.

I’ve been going to Highlander for a number of years, but somehow I’ve never managed to blog about it. This time round, I was at Highlander again 4 days ago, and I’m glad to report back that they are still at the top of their league. Actually I’d just had a flat white at 40 Hands during lunch, and I thought it was very good. Then I had another flat white at Highlander at around 5pm and there was just no mistake about it, Highlander was the clear winner. The coffee was so smooth it practically slid down my throat. Yet it was strong and with a good aroma. I think this is as good as it goes in Singapore. It was so good, we ordered a second cup.

I don’t know about you but I get this feeling that Highlander’s become a hidden gem now that there are so many new boys in the market. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that new is always better! Oh btw, Kampong Bahru looks like it’s set to be the next in place, with a number of new cafe/cake shop types opening. Remember you heard it here.

Highlander - Flat White Flat White

Highlander - Coffee Preparation Area They sell coffee beans at $12/250gm. Pretty good price I would say for freshly ground beans.

Highlander -Seating Area

Highlander Coffee

49 Kampong Bahru Road Singapore 169362

Operation Hours
Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 6.00pm
Closed on Sun and Public Holidays

Contact Numbers
Office/Showroom/Coffee Academy Tel: +65 6226 1686
Coffee Bar Tel: +65 6223 7102

Chock Full of Beans

New cafes have been opening by the dozen that I can hardly keep up with the sampling. It’s no longer surprising to hear of yet another new kid on the block. The good thing is that these “New Generation Cafes” are being opened by people who are really passionate about what they do. And when there is passion, there is quality and value. I would not hesitate to visit any of these New Generation Cafes as more likely than not, I’m going to be enjoying the freshly brewed single-origin coffees and food made with wholesome ingredients.

Interesting though, that most of these cafes choose to either open in the Central part of Singapore (ie Shenton Way, Robertson Quay, Dempsey) or the once old now renewed Tiong Bahru area. What’s wrong with the East, people? There’s still lots of space in Siglap, Katong, Simpang Bedok and Eastwood!

Well, one cafe called Chock Full of Beans has started operations in Changi Village. I consider Changi Village to be in the East, so hooray for that, although technically speaking, Changi Village is so far east that it would be equidistant for me to drive to Bugis instead. Anyway, I thought I should show my support for Eastie cafes so I dragged the Parents and Partner along to give it a try 2 days before Chinese New Year.

Chock Full of Beans - Mango and Bacon Pizza

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