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Free Copenhagen City Tour!

Today, we enjoyed a wonderful free 3 hour walking tour of Copenhagen City. Yes, free, can you believe it?! Luckily the Partner happened to be googling for things to do in Copenhagen and chanced upon it. The tour starts at 11am from the Copenhagen Town Hall and happens every day! Check out this website for details. It’s totally worth it if you don’t have a clue what to do in Copenhagen, and even if you do, it’s a good introduction to the city anyway. Our Irish guide was really funny and peppered the tour with lots information on the history of the various landmarks.

I felt really lucky to have chanced upon this tour, especially considering the close shave we had this morning. We almost didn’t make it to the Town Hall. We were a little late in leaving the hotel, as usual. But all would have been fine if we’d just been able to buy our Copenhagen Cards at our nearest Metro Station. (We were told at the airport that we could do so at every station and the Copenhagen Cards allow us to free access to over 65 museums as well as free travel on all public transportation).

But see, in Copenhagen, there are no manned information counters at the metro stations. There are ticketing machines, but those aren’t very helpful if you’re not sure what you want. There was this DKK400+ ticket (S$100), which looked like it might be for the Copenhagen Card, but it wasn’t named so and I wasn’t going to blow S$100 on something I wasn’t a 100% sure. We could have also bought the single ticket first, and make it to the Town Hall in time but that would have been wasteful since the Copenhagen Cards would have covered all our travels. The investment analyst in me said HELL NO, NO WAY.

Guess what we did? With the seconds ticking away, we decided to take the train to the main train station where an information counter must surely exist. And, we did this without a ticket! There are no gantries you see, so this is possible. Don’t do it wilfully of course, you can be fined DKK 750 (nearly S$200). Well for us, technically speaking we would have had tickets if we’d managed to buy the darn cards at the 1st station! Thankfully, we didn’t meet any dreaded inspectors and and have to waste time explaining. The gamble paid off, we got our tickets and arrived at the Town Hall 10 minutes late, just in time to see the tour group turn the corner! A few seconds later and we would have missed them!

Check out a few of the photos I took while on the 3 hour walking city tour.

Canals (3)

Nyhavn (4)

Nyhavn (2)

Nyhavn (1)

Nyhavn (5)

This place is known as Nyhavn, and is just behind my hotel!

Magasin du Nord

A huge shopping centre called Magasin du Nord. I love it. Visited it twice already, although I didn’t buy anything. The supermarket in the basement is just like Jasons of Singapore, only bigger and with more exotic types of goods!

New Opera House

The new Opera house. A gift from Denmark’s richest person, A P Moller. I don’t know about you but I do think that this is one helluva ugly Opera house. It is extremely state of the art though.

Absalon The Warrior Bishop

Amalienborg Palace (2)

Crown Prince's Palace


Oldest street in Copenhagen

Marble Church

Dome of the Marble Church

The churches are works of art in their own right. Going into one is like stepping into a piece of art itself. Can’t begin to describe the awesomeness and grandeur.Copenhagen Central Station

The Copenhagen Central Station, where I did eventually manage to buy my Copenhagen Cards.

SoHo7 Cafe and Bistro

Once upon a time, I used to work in a lovely part of Singapore. Not only was it a convenient location, the place was steeped in history. The oldest church in Singapore was situated just next to my office, not to mention that there are several museums in the vicinity as well. Those were good times.

A few years ago, the building next to us, 36/37 Armenian Street, was acquired for refurbishment. Although we (or I at least) was sad to have to see the character of the old building change (hey there used to be people living in the upper quarters and we could see their laundry from our boardroom!), the consolation was that the building would be turned into something hip and happening, with cool cafes to cater to the Peranakan museum tourists. Alas, we never got to experience these cool cafes because we vacated the premises before the refurbishment was complete.

Anyway, the first cafe SoHo7 Cafe & Bistro is now open and I paid it a visit last week. Driving to Hill Street, it felt like being back home again, even if it came with a twinge of sadness. Standing along the street I could see that our old furniture was still there. The movers were just beginning to attack at it after we’ve left for nearly half a year.

Ok enough of the reminiscing and on to SoHo7 proper. It’s a tiny little cafe that occupies the corner unit of 36 Armenian Street. I think it can probably fit 30 people inside. There are a few high tables outside. Not a bad idea to sit outside on a cool day, sipping a cuppa while watching the cars whiz pass. It really is a peaceful hideaway just off the main road and 5 minutes from City Hall MRT.

Soho7 Cafe and Bistro

SoHo7’s focus is on breakfast dishes as well as burgers and sandwiches. The breakfast dishes are served daily from 8am until “the moon shines”.

Soho7 - Soho Best Ever BurgerSoho7 - Soho Best Ever Burger (3)

SoHo7’s Best Ever Burger (with egg, bacon n swiss cheese) $9.70 – Very decent price for a burger this size. It’s chock full of ingredients and made to order. SoHo7 has this special sauce which really enhances the burger. The meat was also very juicy but a little fattening in my opinion. Interesting the way the stick a knife in the burger but that’s required due to the sheer amount of ingredients! Don’t wait too long to eat the burger because it will get slightly soggy with the amount of juices from the patty and the sauce. I did feel a bit sinful after eating this burger but if you’re lost for choice as there are quite a number of burger selections, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Soho7 - Chicken Bacon Swiss Cheese n Avocado Burger (3)

Soho7 - Chicken Bacon Swiss Cheese n Avocado Burger (2)

Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Swiss Cheese n Avocado Sandwich $8.70 – All the ingredients complemented each other. Not a single ingredient overpowered the rest. The lettuce was crisp, the bread was nice and fresh. The chicken was tender and tasty. Seriously, this sandwich costs like only a few dollars more than a burger from a fast food restaurant. I’d definitely go for this, knowing all the ingredients are fresh and the food is made with love.

Soho7 - Cappucino (3)

Soho7 - Cappucino

Cafe Latte $4 – Good coffee for a decent price.

Soho7 - Iced Chocolate

Iced Chocolate $4.50 – Actually this is quite chocolatey, which is how I like it. But I didn’t like it that it is served in a cheap looking plastic cup.

Soho7 - Macchiato

House Blend Coffee  – Nice flavour, medium body.

Soho7 - Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes (2)Soho7 - Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes with peanut frosting $2 !! – Unbelievably good. The chocolate flavour was intense and there seemed to be a tinge of something different in it. Can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems denser than usual for cupcakes but I really don’t mind because what I want is flavour! You have to try this cupcake if you’re at SoHo7. Kudos to whoever who supplies these goodies to them.

Soho7 (13)

Soho7 (12)

Beware the evil arm…


PS: Ventilation here ain’t that great. Don’t wear your best shirt here!

SoHo7 Cafe & Bistro

36 Armenian Street #01-08, Singapore, Singapore 179934

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am-8:30 pm

Sat: 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Sun: 9:00 am-6:30 pm

There is a open-air car park diagonal to 36/37 Armenian Street.

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