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The Plain. Cafe

The Plain - EntranceMy wish came true! The Craig Road Tanjong Pagar area finally has a cafe! Only a few months ago, I was at Craig Road and lamenting the lack of a nice laid-back cafe in a place as nice as this. And Voila! Someone has heeded the call and set up a cafe there!

The Plain (named after Duxton Plain Park) is a Melbourne-styled cafe. The owner is 33 year old Vincent Teng. After coming back home to Singapore after living in Melbourne for the last 10 years, he felt the lack of a Melbourne-styled cafe here and decided to start his own. I have no idea what a Melbourne-styled cafe is, or for that matter, an Australian-styled cafe either. My Physio who studied in Aussie also lamented the same fact. I have been to Australia a number of times but I wasn’t particularly bowled over by their cafes. The cafes I visited in Australia looked pretty normal. But who am I to judge if the “experts” who have lived in Australia longer can detect the difference.

Anyway, the aptly named The Plain is pretty spartan looking with grey concrete flooring and Ikea looking tables. Despite the spartan look, it’s still a pretty nice place to chill out and to read the magazines they provide, especially on a nice rainy day like today. I had a vague idea it was located in Craig road, and we drove up and down the road twice and even got out of the car to scout around before we finally spotted it. The doors are tinted and when closed and viewed from the opposite side of the road, looks like a sombre office! Doesn’t help that they share a shop-front with Chan and Goh advocates and solicitors! The words “The Plain” is almost hardly visible from anywhere else except when directly in front of the place! When coming here, remember the number 50, then you will find it eventually!

The Plain - Interior

The Plain - Interior (2)

The Plain serves breakfast type food like:-

plain toasts $3.50/$5 – sourdough with choice of jam lady jam: fig & earl grey / organic blueberry

darling’s eggs $7.50/$10.50 – poached eggs with ham, cheese & roma tomatoes on sourdough toast

humpty dumpty & vegemite soldiers $5 – dippy eggs with vegemite on

ciabattas $8 – 3 kinds – salami / antipasto / pastrami

and a few other items, which you can check out at The Plain’s website.

We were there for coffee so we didn’t get the chance to try any. All the other patrons in the cafe were indulging in these treats and in fact, there was a steady stream of customers from the time we stepped in at about 2pm.

The Plain - Flat White (2)

The Plain - Flat White

I have to say the coffee we had was very good. We ordered 2 flat-whites and they were mighty strong with a deep aroma without being too bitter. I don’t really know how to describe coffee but suffice to say that I will be back for more coffee and to try out their breakfast.

The Plain - Facade

Spot the cafe? That’s the Pinnacle@Duxton flats behind. Did you know the flats are standing on a site on Duxton Plain that is historically significant? The previous two existing blocks were the first public housing built in the Tanjong Pagar area in 1963 / 64, as part of the second urban renewal pilot project in the Central Area.

The Plain - Neighbour

Old Tanjong Pagar vs New Tanjong Pagar… how long will such sights last?

The Plain

50 Craig Road, Duxton Plain Park Singapore 089688

Tel: 6225 4387

Open daily: 7.30am – 7.30pm
Closed the second & last Wednesday of the month

BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill

I couldn’t resist going back to the Tanjong Pagar area again this week.  I really love exploring this place! After dinner at Otto Ristorante, we went back to Craig’s Place to have a cuppa at BROTH.

Broth (6)The al-fresco seats were all taken up but it was still half empty inside.

Broth (5)

We ordered a Flat White and a Cafe Latte. The coffee was strong. We had to ask for a second packet of sugar each.

 Broth (4)Broth (3)

Broth (2)

I still can’t get over the fact that this is a restaurant because it looks so much like some New York style cafe! BROTH is only open during Lunch and Dinner hours and not opened on Sundays at all. What a waste! They have a selection of expresso coffees as well as flavoured coffees and it would have been great in the day time.

Also see my review on Craig’s Place/Tanjong Pagar.


BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill

21 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089604

Tel: 6323-3353     Email:


Craig’s Place at Tanjong Pagar

I can’t believe that such a quaint little place has existed in Singapore for so long without me knowing about it! This goes to show that Singapore has many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered!

Craig's Place (2)Craig’s place looks a little like Emerald Hill road behind Orchard Road, minus the mindboggling crowds. The little pathway flanked by the 3 storey shop houses is paved with cobble stones, adding to its quaintness. There are 2 well-known restaurants (both happen to be Australian themed) on either side of Craig’s Place. One is Uluru and the other is BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill. These sprout into life at night when the dinner crowds descend. Otherwise, Craig’s place seems to be pretty dead in the daytime.

What Craig’s Place lacks is a good cafe for people to enjoy during the day time. Craig’s Place seems wastefully underutilized in the day time! I can just imagine sitting outside on a deck chair sipping a glass of ice-latte, book in hand under the shady trees with birds chirping in the background. Alas, that is a dream for now until some enterprising person opens a cafe here. Be sure to send me an invite!

Craig's Place

Btw, Craig’s Place is just off Craig Road, Duxton Road and Tanjong Pagar Road. These roads are flanked with shop houses containing lots of restaurants and pubs, but unfortunately very few cafes. Craig’s Place specifically, has no cafe that I know of.

BROTH - Bar Restaurant on The Hill

BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill. We went past it at night when it was open. The decor and lighting looked exactly like the type of place I would love to dine at. Ambience and atmosphere rank highly on my scoreboard, especially if you have to pay restaurant prices. Good food is a must, but good food alone just won’t cut it. BROTH is only open during Lunch and Dinner hours and not opened on Sundays at all. What a waste! This would have been a nice place to enjoy a cuppa in the day time!

The Toucan Irish PubThe Toucan Irish Pub is just off Craig’s Place. Looks like they have a 1 dine’s free for every 2 paying customers promotion going on.

Down and Out Birdie

Down and Out PigeonSpotted this pigeon while we were exploring Craig’s Place. The poor birdie looks spent. What a rough week it must have had. It probably didn’t manage to escape the drizzle this morning. It didn’t even try to fly away when I moved nearer, and only managed to hobble a few steps in the time we spent taking pictures of Craig’s Place.

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