BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill

October 3, 2010

I couldn’t resist going back to the Tanjong Pagar area again this week.  I really love exploring this place! After dinner at Otto Ristorante, we went back to Craig’s Place to have a cuppa at BROTH.

Broth (6)The al-fresco seats were all taken up but it was still half empty inside.

Broth (5)

We ordered a Flat White and a Cafe Latte. The coffee was strong. We had to ask for a second packet of sugar each.

 Broth (4)Broth (3)

Broth (2)

I still can’t get over the fact that this is a restaurant because it looks so much like some New York style cafe! BROTH is only open during Lunch and Dinner hours and not opened on Sundays at all. What a waste! They have a selection of expresso coffees as well as flavoured coffees and it would have been great in the day time.

Also see my review on Craig’s Place/Tanjong Pagar.


BROTH — Bar Restaurant on The Hill

21 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089604

Tel: 6323-3353     Email:


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