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Best Chee Cheong Fun from Fan Play Savouries

…I have ever eaten to date that doesn’t come from a restaurant! There is this little secret hidden gem called Fan Play Savouries. It occupies one of the stalls right inside Carrefour Supermarket at Suntec City, near the vegetable section. I tell you, it’s worth the long walk through the mall to find this hidden gem. This is the best chee cheong fun I have eaten in a very long time too.

**Fan Play Savouries has moved from Suntec City Carrefour and Tanjong Pagar! Address at the bottom are their new addresses.

Fan Play Savouries sells Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun. I am told, Ipoh is famous for its Chee Cheong Fun and noodles because of the special qualities in the water that is readily available there. Apparently, even if the rest of your Chee Cheong Fun recipe ingredients are the same,as long as the water is different, the final product will exhibit a taste and texture that is quite different! The Chee Cheong Fun is sourced from one of the top Chee Cheong Fun manufacturers in Ipoh. During the research phase, the Boss of Fan Play made numerous trips down to the various manufacturers in Ipoh before finally deciding on the best one.

I have to agree that Fan Play’s Chee Cheong Fun is so silky smooth and soft, it just slides and glides so easily down the throat. The texture is simply amazing. And the interesting thing is, it doesn’t look like Chee Cheong Fun. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought that it was Kuay Teow I was eating. Strictly speaking, Kuay Teow is broader and thicker, but who cares? A rose by any other name smells as sweet!

Fan Play Savouries - Sar Kok Liew (Stuffed Yam Bean)

Sar Kok Liew (Stuffed Yam Bean) – $0.50 per piece

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Baci Italian Cafe

Along with other people living in the Marine Parade area, we thronged the new 112 Katong mall on the first day of the New Year. I am happy that a new mall has opened up in this area. Previously, I used to like going to the East Coast Park area to have lunch at the C Nai Hong Kong Cafe, but they changed their menu about a year ago, and I was unable to find my favourite Abalone Ee Foo noodle soup. It was really delicious. The whole East Coast Park McDonalds area is getting even more run down due to the impending closure, and one of the restaurants Mango Tree has already relocated to the new 112 Katong mall, but I digress.

Baci Italian Cafe (1)

Love the lamps, but if you are tall you may just knock into them. There is also al-fresco seating, sheltered by the upper floors of 112 Katong mall which extends over. Don’t like the uncomfortable and unergonomic wooden chairs.

During my 1st visit back in early December 2011, I walked past Baci Italian Cafe. The place looked really promising as the decor looked quite inviting. I researched on the place and it seems that Baci Italian Cafe originated from Malaysia.

I decided to give it a try that day. The menu is pretty limited actually. They have a few sandwiches, a few pizzas, 2 pastas and 4 mains to choose from. I opted for the Pan Roasted Fish while the Partner opted for the Honey Glazed Pork Loin. Guess he was still in the Christmas mood although he’d beheaded our Christmas tree way before the 12th day of Christmas. (I’m still very upset by that, and the stump is still around to remind me of it’s former glory!)

Baci Italian Cafe - Pan Roasted Fish

Pan Roasted Fish $13.50 – Fish fillet seasoned with herbs and then pan roasted, topped with lemon caper sauce. The fish was pretty tasty. I think it’s dory, or at least it tasted like dory, which is a fish that I like. Although the fish was a little over cooked on the sides and therefore slightly hard, on the whole, it wasn’t very dry and I enjoyed it. The accompanying roast potatoes were forgettable, and so small in portion. Even I can make better roast potatoes. So was the lettuce salad. For $13.50, I did think the dish to be over priced for the amount of food served. And dory is quite a cheap fish.

Baci Italian Cafe - Honey Glazed Pork Loin

Honey Glazed Pork Loin $16.50 – Pork loin marinated in a honey cider dressing then pan seared and topped with glazed apples $16.50. The pork too was slightly overdone and tough to chew. The honey glazed dressing was quite nice and went well with the porky flavours. Glazed apples was a nice touch but too soft. Would have liked them to provide a bit of a crunch.

We were contemplating having coffee here but the latte costs $5.50. We saw the next table struggling to stir their latte with a spoon barely taller than the latte glass, so it was easy to decide not to have coffee. Baci Italian Cafe has fresh blended juice for $8.50, for those who need a healthy boost, or you could get mojitos and bottled beers here as well.

Baci Italian Cafe (4)

Baci Italian Cafe (5)

I don’t find anything particularly Italian about Baci Italian Cafe. If the word “Italian” hadn’t been in the name, I would totally not have guessed it to be Italian. I mean there are only 2 pastas on offer, granted one of them is a choose your own pasta/topping/sauce type. There are more pizzas on offer, but still much lesser than the more conventional Italian restaurants.

Pricing is also a little expensive for a simple, small portioned meal at a heartland mall. Don’t be surprised if you see half a sandwich appearing on your table. That’s what you ordered. Given that there are quite a number of restaurants at 112 Katong, I think I’ll be giving this place a miss for the time being.

You can find out more about Baci Italian Cafe (Singapore) and their menu at

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Baci Italian Cafe
01-07, 112 KATONG
No. 112, East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Tel: +65 6636-0376

Buses to 112 Katong Mall:
East Coast Road: No. 10, 10E, 12, 14, 14E, 32, 40
Joo Chiat Road: No. 16

Hosted on the Patio – Revisited

People Montage

Actually, this is not the 2nd time I’ve been to Hosted, but rather at least around 10 times, thanks to the fact that there are very few restaurants around my office area. The last time I posted, it was for a colleague’s farewell party. This time round, it was to celebrate another colleague’s birthday.

We took up an entire row of tables, amounting to about 15 people. I was amazed to find that the entire Hosted was packed to the gills, with another 2 big groups of people also celebrating and event of some sort. I guess when people start asking what’s good to eat around Mapletree Business City, Hosted’s name starts coming into mind, which is good for them as for the last half of a year, the place has never been more than half full.

They used to have a set lunch menu where you could choose a mains from the main menu and add $5 for a soup, dessert and drink. Not anymore. Now, for $20, you get to have a soup, choice of one of 2 mains and a dessert. If you like the main course offered in the set menu, this is definitely better value for money than ordering from the main menu. Since there are only 2 main courses to choose from, it’s a good idea to call in advance to see what they are serving that day.Hosted - Tomato Soup (3) Hosted - Tomato Soup

Soup of the Day – Tomato soup. Initially, it seems the soup is slightly sour. But it actually grows on you such that in the end, I finished the entire bowl of soup. It tastes so healthy too, with detectable bits of pureed tomato.

Hosted - Dory Fish with Mash

Pan-fried dory fish with potato mash and diced veggies – Absolutely loved the fish. Tasty, tender and cooked just right. Every mouthful bursting with flavour. The potato mash was also very delicious, wish there was more of it! The diced tomatoes on the side added a nice zing to the whole dish. If there’s any grouse, it would be that the fish was too oily. After finishing the whole dish, I noticed a pool of oil at the side of my plate!

Hosted - Aglio Olio

Aglio Olio Pasta with chicken – Didn’t try this but heard that it was pretty good but not as good as the fish.

Hosted -Lemon Curd Dessert Crumble

Lemon Curd Dessert Crumble – Interesting dessert. The crumble is nice. Beneath it was the lemon curd. In general I don’t like custardy textures mixing around with hard textures. Ignoring that, I thought the lemon curd taste was pretty good. Well I finished the whole bowl. I’d prefer a chocolate cake any day though.

Hosted - Bacon Sandwich

Ok this was what someone had some months ago. It looks like all bacon but I believe there was some meat hiding somewhere in there…

Hosted - Capellini Vongole

Capellini Vongole $20 – It was just so so. With Vongole, I am always looking forward to a flavourful tasting broth, but this one was pretty bland. This was also taken some months ago and I don’t know if they have since improved their cooking.

Hosted - Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

Hosted - Fries

Yummy Fries that came with the burger! They sure aren’t stingy with the fries. I love fries that look like these. Crispy exterior with a fluffy interior. Never mind if they are not fluffy inside, they must definitely be crispy outside! I just hate soggy fries!

Read about my previous visit to Hosted on the Patio!

Hosted on the Patio

Mon – Thu:     11:30am – 2:30pm  |  6:00pm – 11:00pm
Fri – Sat:         11:30am – 2:30pm  |  5:30pm – 12:00am
Sun:                Closed

Happy Hour:   6:00pm – 8.00pm (Mon – Thu)

991B Alexandra Road #01-10
Singapore 119970

Tel: (+65) 6276 7337
Fax: (+65) 6276 7336


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