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Canopy Garden Dining opens at HortPark – Lush greenery and pet-friendly!

If you love dining in Singapore’s parks and gardens, or love being in lush green spaces, you will love the recently opened Canopy Garden Dining at HortPark. This is Canopy’s 2nd outlet in Singapore, the 1st one being at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Canopy Garden Dining (8)

The restaurant features both an indoor air-conditioned space with greenery draped on the ceilings and pillars. There is also a large, bright and green-themed al-fresco area if you prefer to dine outdoors. Dogs are allowed at the al-fresco area.

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Baby’s day out at HortPark!

I hope you guys had great fun during the glorious long weekend! The Partner decided to take a few days leave as well so it was an even more glorious weekend for us. We had originally planned to take Baby to some of the indoor playgrounds or playgroups, but because it rained so much, we thought it’d be a better idea to make full use of the unusually cool weather in Singapore to enjoy the great outdoors! Pat on the back for being flexible with our schedule! Smile

We were in the Alexandra area to visit Playeum at Gillman Barracks. So with the change of plans, we headed straight for HortPark, it being the nearest one to us, and also because it has mini horticultural gardens. HortPark is quite different from other parks! If you haven’t been there, you should go!

Baby Edward having fun at Hort Park (2)

There are so many different aspects to HortPark, so not only was it great for Baby to explore all the different elements, we managed to get great photos too! I’ve taken a gazillion photos of Baby using my iPhone, and the iPhone is really useful to capture a fleeting moment, but nothing beats the DSLR if you want that all important bokeh….. I kinda feel regretful that I’ve taken so many photos of food using my DSLR, and not spent the same effort when it comes to photographing Baby. I shall have to be more mindful about that and I can’t wait for the next cloudy or drizzly day to head to our parks again!

Baby Edward having fun at Hort Park (7)

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Vineyard @ HortPark – Part 2

As I was saying, my friend and I had a lovely time dining at Vineyard. I called a few days earlier to make reservations and was told that the indoor seating was fully taken! We had to sit at the Patio, but I have no regrets about that since that gave us the opportunity to enjoy the sunset as well as be out in the open. There weren’t any fans or anything, but since it was night, it wasn’t hot at all.

Unfortunately, the dumb thing about sitting outside is that while I got some really good fotos of the sunset, it was pitch dark by the time my mains arrived! Pictures tagged with 365days2play are mine, the rest of the photos are courtesy of Vineyard.

Vineyard @ HortPark (8)

Make sure you come before it’s dark so that you can walk around for a bit and take photos!

See pictures of sunset at HortPark

Vineyard @ HortPark (6)Vineyard @ HortPark (6)Vineyard @ HortPark (4)

I love these rocking chairs! Different view, different seating! The tables are a little low for the rocking chairs, but that’s the price to pay if you want to sit outside. The kids at the next table sure loved it. Speaking of kids, Vineyard does have a kids play area behind the restaurant.

Vineyard @ HortPark (5)

Snap snap snap, just can’t resist when you’re in such nice surroundings.

Vineyard @ HortPark - Mushroom Soup

Forest Mushroom Soup $10 – It has a very strong smell, almost pungent even. Luckily taste wise, the soup was pretty good and full of mushroom flavour.

Vineyard @ HortPark - Prawn cakes

Lemongrass Prawncakes with Green Papaya Salad $12 – 4 prawncakes. They looked really delicious when served, and I love the crispy exterior. However, I felt the prawn cakes were kind of lacking in prawn flavour. Felt as if the prawn cakes had more flour filler than prawn.

Vineyard @ HortPark (7)

The interior of Vineyard, a totally different vibe as compared to sitting out at the Patio

~~ Photos below are from Vineyard ~~

Oven Roasted Game Hen, Roasted Potatos, Rosemary Gravy

Oven Roasted Cornish Game Hen, Roasted Potatoes, Rosemary Gravy $26 – You get 2 pieces of meat (1 thigh and one breast meat). Game hen is obviously tougher than the usual type of chicken, but has more flavour. I am very fussy with chicken and I don’t eat breast meat, so I only enjoyed half the meal. The thigh was delicious and bursting with flavour, wish it wasn’t so small! My friend helped me to polish off the breast meat.

From the picture above, you can see 2 bones sticking out, which is why the staff also mistakenly told me that 2 thighs were served, when in fact it is only 1.

Pizza Group Shot

Wild Picked mushrooms with australian aged brie & Smoked Bacon $20 – We ordered this pizza, believe that’s the one right at the back of the photo. Surprisingly, we loved the pizza! Having tried really good Italian pizzas in Singapore, I’ve come to conclude that one can only get good pizza at a good Italian restaurant. I’m glad to report, Vineyard’s pizza is pretty good too! Loved the floppy and moist texture of the pizza. Loved the toppings and the smoked bacon! Definitely a must order!

Chef's Selection of Cheese Board, Crackers, Balsamic Reduction, Dried Fruits-tile Pizza Group Shot-horz New Zealand Fresh Mussels in Bianco Broth, Basil Coulis-horz Oven Roasted Wild Snapper with Seasonal Vegetables, Lemon Caper Noisette-horz Brunch Shot-tile

Those pancakes look decadent!!

Hazelnut Crunch Bar, Kiwi Coulis, Fresh Berries-horz Vineyard_Drinks_football

There’s a little play area for the kids at the back of the restaurant


Looks posh, but Vineyard doesn’t impose a dress code.

More information on Vineyard

Vineyard is inspired and has been designed around the location and aims to suit many different customer groups, catering to parkgoers, execs and the more typical diners via a varied menu of Thai, Italian and French specialties.

As a wine bar, Vineyard carries about 100 labels of wine that are priced very affordably (ranging from $40-99) To encourage wine drinking at our venue, especially along the beautiful al fresco patio, they have comfortable low chairs and rocking chairs for lounging and also bar snacks menu for lighter bites.

The restaurant also caters to families and children by demarcating a Children’s Play Corner during the day with Mini Archery, Drawing and Mini Bowling.

On going promotions :-

1) Set Lunch @ $22++

    Valid on Weekdays (Mon – Fri excl. Eve of PH & PH)

2) Family Set Meals @ $40++

    Choice of a 3 course set meal from a special menu

3) One child per paying adult dines free when ordering from the Kid’s Menu

See pictures of sunset at HortPark

Vineyard at HortPark

ADDRESS : 33 Hyderabad Road HortPark Singapore (119578)
TEL : + 65 6479 7977

Sunset at HortPark

After a gruelling Saturday back in the office, I rewarded myself with a dinner at the newly opened Vineyard restaurant that is located within HortPark. I’ve been to HortPark several times in the last few years. It is like a mini botanic gardens. I don’t really know how they make money, and it seems that the plant shop has since closed down. Nevertheless, it’s still a nice place to go to especially in the evenings.

While waiting for our meal to be served, we got to enjoy a wonderful sunset directly from our seats. I can imagine how much more breathtaking it must look if we were up on top of a hill. Isn’t it amazing that the sky can display such colour and vividness in a span of only 5 minutes? You have to get the timing just right, miss the sweet spot and the show’s over.

HortPark Sunset (5)

HortPark Sunset (6)

HortPark Sunset (3)

HortPark Sunset (4)

Vineyard @ HortPark (2)

Al fresco seating area. Definitely worth sitting outside for. It wasn’t that hot either with the night breeze.

I love Hort Park

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HortPark 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road

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