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C Cafe at Joo Chiat – New minimalist cafe at Joo Chiat with good coffee

Was itching to visit Joo Chiat as I haven’t been in the longest time. Joo Chiat boasts a number of cafes including

  • Homeground Coffee Roasters
  • Choice Cut Goods + Coffee
  • Sinpopo Brand
  • Ninethirty

and the one that opened a couple of months ago, C Cafe. Sinpopo Brand and Ninethirty are both concepts by Awfully Chocolate, and have both been there for nearly a decade. Kudos to Awfully Chocolate for lasting so long in a fickle F&B industry.

C Cafe (2)

I had high hopes for C Cafe, given that it was almost full on a Tuesday morning at 9.30am. Seriously, don’t people need to work? Although a couple were deep in thought typing or scribbling away, most of the patrons were there to dine with friends or family.  We managed to snag one of the last seats at the minimalist white themed C Cafe.

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Black Earth Restaurant & Wine revisited

Having had a good time at Black Earth 2 months back, we decided to revisit again to try out more of their menu selections. I really wanted to try their Pan-Seared Lamb Rack, which the Partner ordered previously and enjoyed tremendously.

Alas, there was no Lamb Rack to be had since the next shipment was stuck somewhere overseas. So once again, I decided to order from the Seafood Creamed Pasta from the ala-carte menu, while the Partner tried the Sirloin Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce from the set-menu.

It was our lucky day when the waitress offered us some wine to sample. I thought it would be just a small amount, but it turned out to be 1 full glass of red wine and white wine! The red wine was nice, and went well with the sirloin steak that the Partner ordered. I didn’t like the white wine although the Partner thought it was okay. But anyway, what do I know about wine. I just drink and enjoy. None of that sniffing and swirling thing for me thank you.

Black Earth - Seafood Cream Penne

At Black Earth, they allow you to choose your desired pasta type (penne, fettuccine), sauce (cream, tomato, basil) and meat (seafood, chicken etc). So I chose creamed fettucine with seafood. It was a bit hilarious when I realised only half-way through the dish that I’d been served penne pasta instead of fettuccine! While I generally prefer cream sauce, most places overdose on the cream, which results in you feeling sickly full halfway through the meal. This pasta here on the contrary had a very light touch to the cream. As you can see from the picture, you can barely notice any cream, except for the whitish sheen if you scrutinise closely.

Black Earth - Sirloin Steak

The Partner liked the Sirloin Steak very much. As with the Lamb Rack he ordered previously, the sauce was really flavourful and just brightened the dish tremendously. There was also another hilarious episode with the Sirloin Steak. The Partner had originally ordered it to be cooked medium rare. However, he was served a Well-Done steak. The waitress remembered our order correctly, so she removed the steak and went to the kitchen to check. Less than 1 minute later, the Partner was served a new piece of steak.

Wow, were we served someone else’s steak by mistake? How could the new steak have taken only 1 minute to cook? But the even more amazing part was that we were the last customers there, having arrived pretty late for lunch. Who was the mysterious steak supposed to be served to? Anyway, it was an acceptable doneness for the Partner, so that was that.

Or so we thought, until when 5 minutes later, a 3rd steak was served to us! The Chef, clearly a perfectionist, must have felt that the 2nd steak was medium rather than medium rare, and so prepared a 3rd one. That is so weird! But we were heartened by the efforts of the chef so the 2nd steak was returned and the 3rd one received.

Black Earth - Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice-cream to end off an interesting meal.


Click here to read the review of my 1st visit to Black Earth Restaurant.

Black Earth Restaurant & Wine

367 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427612

11.30 – 2.30 lunch

6.00 – 10.00 dinner

Closed on Mondays

Tel: 6346-4558

Black Earth - Red Wine

Black Earth Restaurant and Wine

The elusive Black Earth Restaurant. It is true what other bloggers say, this place doesn’t have a big sign board at all, and you could very easily walk past or drive past it without noticing its existence.

Black Earth front door

It’s easy enough to come here. It’s along Joo Chiat road, and if you’re taking the bus, the bus stop is just a few shops away. And if you’re driving, there is a car park right beside it, since Black Earth Cafe takes up the corner unit. While Joo Chiat is famous for the variety of local food available here, Joo Chiat is not really known for its western restaurants, mainly because people don’t really know that there are western restaurants here. But I see in the last year or so, several new western eateries have sprung up, such as Black Earth, Obolo and Everything with Fries. It is quite nice to walk down Joo Chiat street, marvelling at the old architecture and savouring the old and new.

Back to Black Earth Restaurant. I really like it’s black and white decor. Makes the place look so European. Black Earth Cafe serves mainly western dishes. They had a set lunch going on, even for a Weekend. For between $12.90 to $18.90, you get a soup of the day, a main course of your choice, and dessert of the day. There were 4 choices for the main course:-

  • Poached chicken roulade served with assorted vegetables and mango sauce – $12.90
  • Poached Snapper fillet served with assorted vegetables and dill lime sauce – $15.90
  • Sirloin Steak with Salsa served with Assorted Vegetables and Honey Mustard Sauce – $17.90
  • Pan-seared Lamb Rack with Salsa served with assorted vegetables and mint vinaigrette sauce– $18.90

The set lunch is really worth it because ordering the same dish from the normal menu can be even more expensive. For example, the poached chicken usually costs $14.90.

The partner tried the Pan-seared Lamb Rack, while I tore my eyes away from the set menu and chose Chicken Chop instead. For some reason, I had a craving for not just chicken, but specifically chicken chop.

Black Earth Cafe (3)

Black Earth Seating

Interior of the Black Earth Cafe with French music playing in the background. The place looks posh but the prices are very affordable.

Black Earth Snacks Menu
Their snacks menu offers some pretty interesting food over the mundane. The bacon wrapped with pork sausages, smoked salmon roulade and breaded scallop sounds good. Maybe next time.

Black Earth Garlic Bread slices

4 generous slices of garlic bread to accompany the soup! It was lovely to be able to indulge in 2 slices each.

Black Earth Tomato Soup with fresh diced tomatoes

Tomato soup. This is the first place we have tried that includes bits of fresh tomatoes in the soup. A simple yet delicious touch.

Black Earth Chicken Chop

The Chicken Chop on an asparagus, capsicum, pickle and sliced potato bed. They certainly aren’t stingy with the sauce. I wonder if they are French inspired. The chicken was very flavourful but just a tad too tough. The vegetables were done very nicely and al dente.

Black Earth Lamb Chop

The lamb chop was also served on a the asparagus, capsicum, pickle and sliced potato bed. It was fantastic, only wish there were more pieces! We really loved the mint sauce and the generous amount given. Non-mint lovers may want to ask for less of it.

Black Earth strawberry ice cream

Dessert of strawberry ice cream laced with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles plus a slice of cake. Visually, it looked a bit kiddish. The whipped cream also came from a can instead of being freshly prepared by the chef. Well I suppose this is better than 2 slices of watermelon?

Black Earth ice water and coca cola

Coke to quench the midday heat

Black Earth alfresco 2nd floor

Black Earth Cafe also has a 2nd floor for alfresco dining.

Black Earth alfresco dining 2nd floor

Obviously there is nobody in the afternoon, but come evening, it would be a lovely place to sit back and sip an alcoholic drink, watching the world go by.

Black Earth 2nd floor private room

It seems they have auction events on selected days. You can book this 2nd floor room for $150 an hour or guarantee $1500 worth of food and drink. This would be an interesting place to have a wedding solemnisation or a private birthday party?

Black Earth alfresco seating along 1st floor corridor

More al-fresco seating along the walkway downstairs. I can just imagine sitting here with a cold drink watching the world go by.

Black Earth Restaurant & Wine

367 Joo Chiat Road

Singapore 427612

11.30 – 2.30 lunch

6.00 – 10.00 dinner

Closed on Mondays

Tel: 6346-4558

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