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BreadSociety – You can get hot meals here too!

You may be familiar with Bread Society as a bakery selling pretty breads and pastries, but did you know that you can also get hot meals at BreadSociety? The latest BreadSociety branch at the newly renovated Suntec City presents a refreshing cafe and boulangerie concept that allows customers to dine in and enjoy the European-inspired freshly baked treats  as well as a menu selection of all-day brunch specials, soups, sandwiches and desserts. I’m not sure about you but for me, the idea of eating a few buns to fill me up as a meal doesn’t cut it. I am a traditionalist and if it’s not a main meal type of dish, I just feel unsatisfied.

I was invited to sample some of their cafe menu dishes. There were some hits and misses but I would definitely recommend the Katsu Sandwich if you’re looking for a filling lunch/dinner option.

Bread Society - Katsu Sandwich $13.80 (Tonkatsu pork loin, shredded cabbage, tonkatsu sauce between dark rye multi-grain toast)

Bread Society – Katsu Sandwich $13.80 (Tonkatsu pork loin, shredded cabbage, tonkatsu sauce between dark rye multi-grain toast)

Everyone agreed that the Katsu sandwich was indeed worth trying out. I love how the whole sandwich tastes so well put together. The lovely tonkatsu sauce with a light mayonnaise base went perfectly with the tonkatsu pork loin, helped along with the nicely crisp thinly shredded  cabbage. I could finish a whole sandwich by myself! There aren’t all that many katsu sandwiches available in Singapore. The only other time I’ve tried some was at Ginza Bairin at JCube. I think I like BreadSociety’s Katsu sandwich even more than the Ginza Bairin one! The meat more or less tastes the same, but it’s the special tonkatsu mayonnaise sauce and the better tasting bread that makes Bread Society’s version a winner. Smile

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Curry Favor at Stamford House

Curry Favor is no more at Stamford House. Watch Curry Favor’s Facebook space for updates on their next location.

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures I took during the various lunches I had there. Eating there during lunch is more affordable than during dinner because they have/had this set lunch menu for about $12.90 or $13.90. You get the full main course, which at $12.90-$13.90 is already cheaper than the ala-carte price. In addition, you get a soup/salad, drink and dessert. On their last day, they served us ice-cream instead of the usual 2 slices of watermelon.

I’ve always liked the food at Curry Favor, although I found it expensive to dine there at night. According to their Facebook, Curry Favor is the 1st restaurant in Singapore specializing in Japanese Curry. Their curries are carefully created by their Japanese Chef in a process that spans more than five hours daily. I wonder if there are any other Japanese places specialising in this type of food?

Stuffed Mushrooms

Curry Favor - Fish and Chicken Fry

Chicken Katsu and Fish Fry Combo

Curry Favor - Stewed Curry

Chicken Stewed Curry – The curry from the stewed curry dishes is more flavourful than the fried items curry dishes. So you have to decide between whether you want a more flavourful curry and less meat, or more meat and a more “normal” curry. The “normal” curry is still nice nonetheless, just that the stewed curry has extra kick.

Curry Favor Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Curry Favor - Seating Area

Curry Favor at Stamford House…..goodbye!

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