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Thai Thai

It seems that most people who go to Mandarin Gallery in Orchard road mainly do so to dine at  these 3 restaurants: Jones the Grocer, Ippudo Ramen and Wild Honey Cafe. I was there on Monday at 2pm and guess what? There was a 45 minute queue at Wild Honey Cafe and a 20 minute queue at Ippudo Ramen. There was no queue at Jones the Grocer but nearly every table was occupied. Don’t people have to work? Yeah I know it’s December and just after Christmas, but stilll!

We were originally going to go to the Wild Honey Cafe but 45 minutes was too ridiculous so we forced ourselves to join the Ippudo queue. But a few paces down was this atas looking restaurant called Thai Thai. The waitress was standing there calling out to everyone who would walk by. There was a set lunch going on for $18 where you can get an appetiser, noodle mains and a drink. We though hey why not since that’s about the price we were going to spend at Ippudo anyway and of course we didn’t have to queue at all.

We jumped out of the Ippudo queue and entered the serenity that was Thai Thai. Instantly, I felt as if I’d just been plucked out of the noise from the unwashed masses to be planted in a peaceful and pretty palace. Okay maybe palace is an exaggeration but it was just great to be able to plop ourselves onto the seats with cushions all around and attentive waitresses at my service.

We both ordered the $18 noodle set. I took the Phad Thai while the Partner opted for the Laksa with green curry. There were also other choices such as beef kuay teow etc.

Thai Thai Prawn WontonsAppetisers of prawn fritters with sweet chilli sauce – The fritters were crispy and tasty, however the chilli sauce seemed diluted and was more sweet than spicy.

Thai Thai - Laksa Noodles with Green CurryThai Thai Green CurryThai Thai - Laksa Noodles with Green Curry (2)

Laksa with Green Curry – As you can see, the presentation was quite unique. The partner said the dish was very tasty. The chicken was tender while the curry was fragrant and had just the right amount of spice. The laksa noodles were springy and paired very well with the curry. Only grouse is that while there were lots of ingredients in the curry, it would have been nice if there had been just a little more curry to slurp at the end.

Thai Thai - Phad ThaiThai Thai - Phad Thai (2)

Phad Thai – If I may say so I think Thai Express’ Phad Thai is better! The noodles seems a tad too soggy, there was not enough egg and whatever egg there was was clumped on the left side of the noodles. The peanuts that came in a tiny glass container looked like there was some peanut rationing going on. It didn’t taste bad, it just didn’t taste good.

Thai Thai (9) Thai Thai

Nice seating area makes us want to return again to give Thai Thai another chance. Ordering via the Ala Carte menu isn’t cheap though. Be prepared to pay about $15 or more per dish ordered.

Thai Thai

Daily noon-10pm

#04-08 Mandarin Gallery 333 Orchard Road

Tel: 6737 9107

Ippudo Ramen

The Partner wanted to have ramen for his birthday lunch some weeks back and suggested Ippudo at Mandarin Hotel. So we went there again, our 2nd time. This time round, there wasn’t much of a queue even though we arrived smack during lunch time. We had almost decided not to go because the last time we went at 11.45am and managed to get the last free table before it became full.

Ippudo is one of those ramen places that specialise only in ramen. So if you don’t like ramen, or don’t like their style of ramen, you are pretty much in for a not so enjoyable time. The menu is just 1 laminated piece of paper. The noodles are basically the same, the difference is in the soup broth. I forget the name of the one we prefer but it is the $15 one halfway down the menu. The soup is really delicious and flavourful and the noodles are so bouncy you want to just keep chewing and chewing them. There isn’t much meat in the soup, only about 1 slice of pork? On the whole, I don’t know how Ippudo and other ramen stores can charge so much for a bowl of broth with noodles in them. Would you pay $15 for soup? I suppose you just have to pay that to get your ramen fix because most other places are also charging about the same. The best deal out there that I know of is at Tom Ton, where their black pig ramen is $13 and you get about 5 strips of pork.

We also asked for the complementary garlic and they gave us a dish of nearly 10 cloves of raw garlic plus a garlic press! After the initial shock (I suppose this is the norm in Japan?), we dutifully squished the garlic into our broths. One or 2 cloves is enough for the average person, but being greedy, I squished half the garlic into my spoon and slurped it down with the broth that was in the spoon. It was a big mistake. It travelled down and I could feel it burning in my stomach! It was quite painful but yet pleasurably tasty, if that is possible. The simple garlic really gives an extra kick to the soup so you must ask for it if you’re there!

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