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Changi Jurassic Mile – What to see, how to get here

The much awaited Jurassic Mile has finally opened on 11 October 2020. If you didn’t already know, this Jurassic Mile is part of the Changi Airport Connector, a walking/cycling path which connects to East Coast Park as well as Changi Beach Park via the Park Connector Network (PCN). If you have been following my Instagram (follow me please!), the Jurassic Mile was already ready back in July, and a couple of months ago I walked from T2 all the way to Jurassic Mile just after T4, only to find it was cordoned off. And now it is finally open!

What can you see here?

Changi Jurassic Mile (2)

Jurassic Mile is Singapore’s newest and largest permanent outdoor display of life-sized dinosaurs. More than 20 different pre-historic creatures from nine different species stretch over 1-kilometre cycling and jogging path. A number are behind fences but there are some that are also not fenced off, and some that tower dramatically over you. Familiar favourites include Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and even T-Rex eggs with baby.

The best part is, Jurassic Mile is completely free! Genius, the people who thought of this!

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Hub & Spoke Cafe outside Changi Airport Terminal 2

Super delighted to find that a cafe has opened in the far East! Cafes have been sprouting all over Singapore, but precious few in the far Eastern side of Singapore, ie Bedok, Simei, Tampines and Pasir Ris. Here’s a short list though.

If you’re looking for the Jurassic Mile article, click on that link.

Hub & Spoke Cafe (8)

Hub and Spoke Cafe has recently opened at Changi Airport. It’s address is officially at Terminal Two, but really it is situated in the outside space between Changi Airport Terminal Two and Jet Quay. It is directly opposite the open-air South Car Park (now known as Hub & Spoke Carpark). If you are coming via the MRT though, you will have to walk through the entire T2, past the entire T2 Carpark and get out into the open. Follow the red bike path, as they say.

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Sengkang Floating Wetland

The best time to enjoy Singapore’s parks, nature reserves and the great outdoors is during the November December period when the weather is cooler. Cloudy and windy days are the days I love best. Cooler weather always makes me feel so energised!

For the last few years, Singapore has been on a drive to create more parks and natural spaces for people to enjoy. I really love the fact that in a few years time, the whole of Singapore will be interconnected via the Park Connector Network (PCN) such that it will be possible to cycle around the entire Singapore! Won’t that be just awesome!? Anyway we don’t have to wait for that to be finished. There are so many parks all over Singapore, the number is sometimes quite amazing. And I can’t wait for when the Gardens by the Bay will be finished too. Really looking forward to that.

Here are some pictures I took when I visited Sengkang Floating Wetland (also known as the Sengkang Riverside Park) 2 months ago. Every time you drive along the Tampines Expressway (TPE) from Tampines to Seletar/Yishun, there will be these 2 rivers along the way. For the last 10 years, I’ve always wondered how on earth to get access to those rivers, because it was just shrubs and forest on both sides. The whole place looked like a picture outside of Singapore. Now, with the Sengkang Floating Wetland, plus a jogging path built right next to the Sungei Punggol (Punggol River), you really have to go there to experience it.

Sengkang Floating wetland (10)Sengkang Floating wetland (4) Sengkang Floating wetland (5) Sengkang Floating wetland (7)  Sengkang Floating wetland (2)

Sengkang Floating wetland (3)

Sengkang Floating wetland (11)

Sengkang Floating wetland (12)

You can park your car along that bridge there!

Sengkang Floating wetland (13)

Sengkang Floating wetland (9) Sengkang Floating wetland (8)

Sengkang Floating wetland (16) 




Sengkang Floating wetland (15)


Sengkang Floating wetland (14)

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