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The Chop House at VivoCity


If you’ve ever been to the Wooloomooloo Steakhouse in Raffles City, you may be delighted to know that the same people have opened up another F&B outlet in the form of gastro-bar The Chop House. I can just imagine bosses who aren’t brave enough to fire their non-performing employees, bringing them to The Chop House and saying there’s more than 1 thing going Chop this evening. Ok, bad joke. Oh well, I tried.

This is a much more casual joint as compared to Wooloomooloo. While I loved the experience of dining in the dim, quite atas Wooloomooloo, The Chop House has a more open, see through vibe to it. Dining here won’t cause your wallet to be chopped into two either.

The Chop House - (4)-tile

The most interesting feature here, apart from the food is that The Chop House offers Singapore’s first SelfTap Beer system. A total of 5 taps are located in and around the restaurant, where customers are able to pull pints at their leisure. The great thing about this is that if you just want to drink a few sips of beer, you can go ahead to dispense yourself that amount, and be charged by the millilitre instead of pint! And if you want your beer super cold, but you are a tortoise like me and your beer always gets warm, you can simply pour a small portion, and refill again later so the beer is always icy cold! All you have to do is purchase a stored value card from the cashier for $5, top up the card with a value of your choice and tap the card against the SelfTap reader to tap away your very own beer!

The Chop House - Berkshire Pork Chop $32 (1)

Berkshire Pork Chop $32

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Backstage Cafe, another hidden gem!

Whenever I discover a cafe located in the East, I feel pressured to blog about it immediately for the benefit for all of us poor souls living in the Eastern side of Singapore. Really, there have been more than 60 cafes sprouting out in Singapore just this year alone, yet precious few located in the East. I can name you the “cafe regions” off the back of my hand : Robertson Quay, Duxton Hill, Everton, Dempsey, Jalan Besar, Tiong Bahru, and Holland Village / 1 Rochester. Apart from Jalan Besar, which is next to Lavender and may arguably be considered to be in the East based on the MRT line, everything else is Central or West! Ok I guess the people living in the North are suffering as well, but then you people have Grub at Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park!!

Backstage Cafe (3)

Ok to cut to the chase, BackStage Cafe is the new kid on the block, located in the industrial estate area of Kallang. Industrial estate may give you this feeling that you have to wear hard boots and hard hats to get here, but relax, the building that it is in is an office block. The great thing is that if you come on Saturday (they are closed on Sundays), the entire area is a dead town, so you are assured of peace, solitude and ample parking! I visited on Hari Raya but as you can see from the picture, it’s not a jammed packed claustrophobic place. Oh gosh, whenever I think of 40 Hands and Chye Seng Huat Hardware, I feel a headache coming on. Backstage Cafe is probably the most spacious cafe I can think of, although I recall Toby’s Estate in Robertson Quay has super high ceilings as well.

Backstage Cafe -Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict $15 (1)

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict $15

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River Palace Chinese Restaurant at Riverview Hotel

Haven’t posted about dining at a Chinese Restaurant in a long time, so I thought this would be a good time to post about River Palace Chinese Restaurant, lest you readers out there think that I only eat potato!

I haven’t dined in a posh looking Chinese restaurant for a while so it was quite nice to be invited by Riverview Hotel to sample their new Chinese menu last month.

River Palace Chinese Restaurant (3)

I like the decor of the place. It looks suitably Chinese, without being too Cheena, if you know what I mean.

River Palace Chinese Restaurant - Pan Fried Pork Chop in Mongolia Style (2)

Pan Fried Pork Chop in Mongolia Style $18

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Bobby’s Taproom Grill & Ribs

Jun 2, 2010 @ 23:40

I think I have been binging a lot lately. I keep posting food picture after food picture. I hope people don’t start thinking of me as a glutton, although I suppose I have to be grateful I am able to eat well.

People tend to be creatures of convenience and familiarity, and I am no different. When it comes to choosing where to eat, the Partner and I tend to gravitate towards tried and tested places. It’s really inevitable that this is so. When you are hungry, you are irritable. The last thing you want is to have your meal botched up by an untested restaurant. And even if they cook the meal well, the very fact that it could differ from your usual preferences is enough impetus for one to go back to the same restaurants over and over again.

Now that I have a food blog, I feel the desire to try something new each week. Yet the afore mentioned fears are as strong as ever. Today, I am glad to say that good triumphed over evil. The risks paid off.

We were in the mood for Western food, but we had no idea where to go. Didn’t feel like Coffee Club, didn’t feel Aerins, what else is there in the City Hall area? We felt like steak from Hog’s Breath, but we’ve been there many times already. So finally we decided upon Bobby’s Taproom Grill & ribs at Chijmes. If Bobby’s sounds familiar, it is because it was previously known as Bobby Rubino.

They have a lot of meat dishes on offer such as Tenderloin Beef Steak, South Down Lamb Chops, Lamb Shank Char-Grilled King Prawns. They also have a few pasta and pizza dishes. Even the appetisers sounded very substantial, for example the Quesadillas and the $16.50 Nachos with the works.

Everything sounded so good but we finally decided upon the Signature Baby Back Pork Ribs and Grilled Pork Chop.

Bobby's Signature Baby Back Pork Ribs

Bobby’s signature baby back pork ribs with their signature bbq sauce was so so delicious. The meat was so tender, it flaked right off the bone, exactly how they had described it in the menu. I finished all the ribs on my own even though I am seldom able to do that. I only wish they had more of their special sweet bbq sauce. I would love to have slurped it down on the side! The fries were also exactly how I liked them, stiff and crunchy. The veggies on the side were also very nice. Lightly boiled and still firm, instead of the limp and mangy kind that some restaurants serve. Conclusion: Best ribs I have tasted in a long long while.

Bobby's Grilled Pork ChopThe Partner liked his pork chops too, although they were a tad overdone. The accompanying sauce was wonderfully flavoursome though, not some silly sauce poured out from generic bottles.

We had a good time at Bobby’s today and I think we agree we’d like to return again to try the other dishes as well as some of the desserts.

Bobby’s has TV screens on the sports channels so World Cup fans have yet another place to hang out come World Cup fever!

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