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Brasserie Les Saveurs Restaurant Week Lunch 2014

Because I love St Regis Hotel so much, I decided to dine at TWO St Regis restaurants for Restaurant Week. Yes, TWO in the span of one week, or shall I say 5 days? But of course, this can only happen without robbing the bank, during Restaurant Week. If you haven’t heard of Restaurant Week, you should watch out for the next one in March 2015! And make sure you arm yourself with that American Express Platinum Credit Card to snag the early bird seats.

I must say I forgot to peruse the menu in my haste to secure my reservation for Brasserie Les Saveurs and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a buffet rather than the usual 3 course set meal. For $40++ for a lunch buffet at St Regis Hotel, is that a steal or what? It even comes with coffee or tea, something which most other Restaurant Week restaurants do not serve. The drink itself may be nothing to shout about, but I’ve always felt it necessary to end a nice meal with a hot cuppa, just to slow things down, enjoy the ambience and round off any remaining conversation.

Brasserie Les Saveurs Restaurant Week Lunch (4)

This was what greeted us at the front entrance, the strategically placed dessert buffet counter. A strategic move, and well played if I may say so.

Brasserie Les Saveurs Restaurant Week Lunch (8)

Brasserie Les Saveurs Restaurant Week Lunch (9)

Whenever I go for buffets, I find myself going for multiple rounds at the cold cuts and salad sections rather than the main courses. Love all those tasty smoked meats and the refreshing zesty prawn or sashimi salads.

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Yan Ting Restaurant St Regis 宴庭

My office is located just outside the Orchard area, which makes it sound like it’s in an excellent location. It is indeed but 5 minutes for those blessed with cars, but without one, it takes 1/2 hour to get to Orchard! So when my parents were in town and available to pick me for lunch, I had to select a restaurant befitting of the occasion. It wasn’t a difficult choice, given that it was Restaurant Week. Took the opportunity to check out Yan Ting, which is in one of my favourite hotels, the St Regis Singapore.

Yan Ting owes its inspiration to the Ming Dynasty, when authentic Chinese culinary art flourished. The words 宴 (Yan) 庭 (Ting) translates as an Imperial courtyard for a lavish banquet, where royalty and influential diners meet for a feast befitting their importance and stature.

Yan Ting St Regis (3)

I think Chinese restaurants can sometimes have decors that are a bit garish, if you know what I mean. I love Yanting’s elegant and refined look using pastel colours, with black rimmed chairs to accentuate the place. Can’t help but keep an eye on what makes for a pleasing look, now that I’m redecorating my house.

Yan Ting St Regis - Trio of Appetisers

Trio of Appetisers – Steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with black truffles, crispy beancurd roulette with shrimps and seaweed, steamed crystal shrimp dumpling with bamboo pith

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Zafferano Restaurant [Restaurant Week Oct 2014]

It’s Restaurant Week again this week, have you made your bookings yet? After skipping the last round, I came back with a vengeance and I’ll be going for a total of 3 Restaurant Week meals this round! Restaurant Week is a really good opportunity to savour set lunches or set dinners in many illustrious restaurants around Singapore, at a relatively affordable price! Thanks to the American Express Platinum Credit Card, I managed to snag all my reservations during the priority booking round.

Today, the BFF and I visited Zafferano at the top of Ocean Financial Centre. I’ve been to Zafferano only once, roughly about 1 year ago for dinner, so it was great to have the opportunity to revisit during the day time to see the restaurant in its full glory.

Zafferano - Complementary Bread

Even though Zafferano is at the top of the Ocean Financial Centre on the 43rd floor, as you can see from the picture above, there is lush greenery all around the restaurant, which kinda makes you feel as if you dining in a garden in the sky.

Zafferano - Carpaccio of wagyu beef, portobello mushroom salad, parmesan cheese and mustard dressing (1)

Carpaccio of wagyu beef, portobello mushroom salad, parmesan cheese and mustard dressing

Chose this for my appetiser. Raw meat is such a turn on for me, if you have never tried steak tartare or carpaccio, I highly recommend that you do. There’s nothing bloody about it and it doesn’t have a raw and uncooked taste. Instead, you will delight in the delicate texture and richness of flavour. Absolutely enjoyed this dish and the interplay of salty and savoury flavours from the other ingredients.

Zafferano - Leek and Potato veloute, rosemary bread croutons (1)

 Leek and Potato veloute, rosemary bread croutons

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Restaurant Week March 2013

Restaurant Week is BACK!!!

Organised by and presented by American Express, this bi-annual gastronomic affair has attracted a strong following among Singapore’s gourmands since its debut here in 2010. For this sixth edition of SINGAPORE RESTAURANT WEEK, the organisers have unveiled a new and exciting element – ‘The Grand Tour of Taste’. Most of the restaurants will craft a unique ‘grand tasting platter’ for one of the courses within its three-course set menu offering, where diners will be able to relish tasting portions of signature dishes that the establishment is renowned for.

To add more excitement to SINGAPORE RESTAURANT WEEK’s March 2013 edition, is launching a new mobile app “BUCKET – Scratch & Win” (available on IOS / iPhone*). This mobile app allows every patron of Restaurant Week to play the ‘Scratch & Win’ on their phones (*only applicable for IOS/ iPhone). Each patron gets TWO chances to win amazing DAILY prizes during 18 to 24 March 2013, which include two return tickets to Bali courtesy of KLM airline, a 1-night stay at the Capella Hotel, a $500 Garibaldi Wine & Dine experience, one year subscription to Time Out magazine, a bottle of Constellation Rouge AOC Magnum by Wine Universe, a bottle of Belvedere vodka by The GIG, and many more. All patrons will also stand a chance to win the top prize in the Grand Draw – two return tickets on KLM airline to experience AMSTERDAM RESTAURANT WEEK! The more times they dine out during Restaurant Week, the higher their chances to win the Grand Draw prize.

*All patrons can go to the App Store and download the free mobile app “BUCKET – Scratch & Win” from 18 March 2013.


During SINGAPORE RESTAURANT WEEK, all participating restaurants will offer exclusive three-course menus for lunch and for dinner priced at S$25*+++ and S$35*+++ respectively.

*Please note that DiningCity Star-Awarded restaurants charge a supplement of S$15 for lunch and S$20 for dinner.

All bookings can be made online at, a dedicated website with unique technology for online and real-time reservations.


This list features the restaurants I patronised previously during Restaurant Week itself.

Brasserie Les Saveurs at St Regis Hotel

Boathouse and [prelude] Singapore

Buyan Restaurant

La Maison Fatien

Praelum Wine Bistro

Salt Grill & Sky Bar

This list features the participating restaurants for Restaurant Week, which I patronised during normal occasions.

Absinthe Restaurant Francais

Au Jardin by Les Amis

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Il Lido at Sentosa

Il Lido Revisited


OChre Italian Restaurant & Bar

One Rochester

Oso Ristorante

Salta Argentine Parrilla + Grocer

Salta Argentine Parrila + Grocer Christmas Lunch

The Exchange

The Knolls at Capella

The Prime Society

The Rose Verandah

You can read all about my Restaurant Week escapades here!

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Salt Grill & Sky Bar

After the wonderful pictures that my friend took at the last Restaurant Week back in March at Salt Grill, I’ve been keeping a mental note about this place. I really love the look of the place, so much that earlier this year, I seriously considered holding my wedding here. The views are fantastic, if you are lucky enough to come on a blue sky day.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar - (4)

Anyway, finally got the opportunity to dine at Salt Grill & Sky Bar during the October 2012 Restaurant Week season. We got a seat next to the window, and the 2 chairs were already placed in such a way that we were facing the views. I guess that’s definitely a huge reason why people pay top dollar to come to Salt Grill & Sky Bar huh.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar - (3)

The restaurant was having a promotion so we got ourselves 2 glasses of wine to accompany the meal.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar - Salmon Gravlax, Crispy Capers, Radish, Fennel, Orange, Onion Rings, Lemon Olive Oil (1)

Salmon Gravlax, Crispy Capers, Radish, Fennel, Orange, Onion Rings, Lemon Olive Oil

This salmon gravlax was the perfect starter. There’s just something about fresh and bright colours that whets the appetite. Salmon Gravlax is a Nordic dish comprising of raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill. The texture is very similar to smoked salmon, but in this case, the textures were jazzed up from just plain and slippery to having a bit more bite from the crispy slivers of onion rings. I don’t think I’ve ever had salmon together with orange but it all went very well together!

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