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Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

For those of you who love the cuisine at Majestic Restaurant and Jing, you will be glad to know that Chef Yong Bing Ngen has opened yet another restaurant, the Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant at Gardens By the Bay. Located below the Flower Dome, the 110-seater restaurant offers a spacious layout apt for family and group dining. Diners can enjoy the impressive waterfront view of Marina Bay, while huge water tanks holding fish and other seafood greet you at the entrance. Majestic Bay - 冠华咖啡焗肉蟹 Live crabs, Bay’s signature “Kopi” sauce (Market price $56 per kg on 8th Nov 2012) (2)

Apart from Majestic Bay’s signature “Kopi” Crab dish, which I will elaborate on later, other highlights include the quintessential Chilli Crab, Leopard Garoupa, Bird’s Nest, Abalone and Seafood Treasures. Lighter bites featuring dim sum are offered for lunchtime, in part to cater to the walk-in crowd who may not want heavy seafood dishes so early in the day.

Majestic Bay - (8)

Majestic Bay - (3)

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Boxing Crab Restaurant

Last month, I had the opportunity to try out a wonderful seafood restaurant. It’s a new seafood restaurant located in Sentosa itself, situated behind the Underwater World and next to the Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort . Imagine dining amidst the evening glow and lapping of the waters, it’s not an everyday occurrence I can tell you that.

Boxing Crab Seafood Restaurant - (31)

Try to come before night fall to enjoy the scenery while there’s still some light. Another reason also is that at approximately 630pm, a humongous cruise liner will sail past to dock at HarbourFront. It’s quite an interesting experience, and the people on the cruise liner actually waved at me as the ship sailed past!

Boxing Crab Seafood Restaurant - Kir Royale (champagne with creme de cassis)

Kir Royale (champagne with creme de cassis)

A welcome drink to start the evening off! Sweet and refreshing!

Boxing Crab Seafood Restaurant - Otah cigar with mango salsa canape

Otah cigar with mango salsa canape

Seldom get canapes with asian fillings. These were unique and delicious.

Boxing Crab Seafood Restaurant - Crispy Peppered White Bait

Crispy Peppered White Bait

Wow I couldn’t keep my hands off the crispy white bait the whole evening! I had the plate strategically placed near me so ever so often I would sneak some into my mouth. Extremely crispy yet not oily tasting. Good to order and share amongst the table!

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Irvin’s Live Seafood House

Some of you may be familiar with Irvin’s Seafood Cze Char located along the stretch of shophouses at the junction of Zion Road and River Valley Road. Recall a humongous crab signage? Yep that’s the one. Well Irvin’s moved to No 4, Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road, and are now known as Irvin’s Live Seafood House. Bigger and hopefully better, they now boast live aquariums to accommodate the crabs and fish. There are even 2 VIP Rooms for those who prefer to have a cosy area to themselves.

Thanks to the invite from Hazel of AiMakan, I and a few other bloggers got to sample the selection available at Irvin’s courtesy of resident chef, Chef Yap Kim Fatt, who was personally involved in the creation of many new dishes.

Irvins - (3)

You won’t miss Irvin’s Live Seafood House if you are driving along Upper Thomson Road.

Irvins - Salted Egg Yam Chips - $9.80

Salted Egg Yam Chips – $9.80

This is one of the most interesting starters I have ever had in a Chinese restaurant. Instead of just normal chips, these yam chips are laced with generous amounts of salted egg sauce. Come on, who doesn’t love salted egg sauce, you’re missing out on life! The chips were but a vehicle to convey salted egg sauce into the mouth. Super delicious. Irvin’s used to serve this dish using several different type of chips. However, it was discovered that only the yam chips retained their texture for a long time despite being soaked in a sauce. Seriously, its hard to stop at 1 and you run the risk of polishing off the entire plate and feeling full before the main courses arrive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And these chips are so good, lots of people actually order this for takeaways as well!

Irvins - KungPow Fried Salmon Skin - $12.80 (S) $18.80 (L)

KungPow Fried Salmon Skin – $12.80 (S) $18.80 (L)

Crispy Salmon Skin. Some people tell me it’s good because of the collagen? Whatever the case, these are worth a try, with the addition of the Kung Pow sauce to give it extra oomph.

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Palm Beach @ One Fullerton

It was a nigh of feasting yesterday. Even the prospect of rainy weather could not quell the inner greed in us. It was CRABS night and CRABS we were going to get never mind the crabby weather!

A colleague displayed her charm, and got us a table in the restaurant at 7pm even though our reservation was for 8pm. I relinquished the task of ordering to the experts and diligently waited for the food to arrive.

PalmBeach Fried Crunchy Octopi

The first dish that arrived looked like a cross between fried worms and sticky tentacles. I bet the look of this dish would even scare off Andrew Zimmern. But I knew what it was so I gladly chomped down on the fried baby octopus. The sticky sweet sauce paired very well with the crunchiness of the baby octopus.

PalmBeach Dough Fritter stuffed with seafood pasteNext, we had fried youtiao (dough fritters) stuffed with seafood paste.

PalmBeach prawns in herbal soup

Fresh prawns cooked in herbal soup

PalmBeach salted egg yolk crab

Then the highlight of the evening arrived. Salted Egg Crab!!! All those bits of yellow things piled on the crab are the salted egg. Crab itself is already delicious, but together with salted egg? It just brings you a few steps closer to heaven. I hate to say this, and all cardiologists better turn away, but I wish there was more salted egg yolk and more salt in the egg yolk!!! I can imagine just feasting on this entire crab all by myself, but I had to be polite and share. Oh dear lord this is why it brings you a few steps closer to heaven.

PalmBeach crab claw I had a nice pincer to myself, but I think if you are not afraid of a heart attack, the bestest part is the shell, which is filled with all the crab roe.

Palm Beach crab in bee hoon soup

Then we had another crab dish, crab bee hoon. They served us each a bowl of bee hoon in delicious crab broth, with the crabs placed on another platter. We didn’t manage to order the Chilli crab with fried mantou, which is another of my favourite. The best part is of course tearing a part the fried mantou and using that to scoop up all the spicy chilli eggy sauce. SLURP!!!

PalmBeach Kang Kong To make sure the sin was lessened (ya right!), we ordered some fried kang kong vegetables, delicious in its own right as well.

Red Ruby with Pomelo dessert

And finally dessert. I chose some cold pomelo dessert with red rubies and green jewels. They have hot deserts too.

Pickles and Fried Fish

The pickles and fried fish while you wait for everybody to arrive

PalmBeach Bib with cute crab logoOh ask for a bib so you don’t splatter all over yourself.

Which is your favourite seafood restaurant?

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

1 Fullerton Road
#01-09 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Tel: +65 6336 8118
Fax: +65 6338 6278

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