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A meaty Christmas with Morganfield’s!

If meat is the name of your game, do check out Morganfield’s this Christmas. Imagine our delight when we were greeted with this massive amount of food at last week’s Morganfield’s Christmas preview. Morganfield’s is fashioned after BBQ restaurants in New York, hence when it comes to ribs, aka Sticky Bones in Morganfield’s lang, they are quite the expert.

I really enjoyed all the ribs that were served, in particular the BBQ Beef Ribs which were so tender, you can simply just eat it with a fork! We had so much food, I tarpowed 2 and 3 and had them for dinner the next day. Still good!

Morganfield's Singapore (12)

Here’s what we tried. Scroll down for more pictures! Also a giveaway coming up!

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iBake, Prima’s 1st upmarket cafe bakery

*Media Invite*

We are all familiar with the bakery chain big boys. I think there isn’t a soul in Singapore who hasn’t heard of BreadTalk. And of course you have the others such as Four Leaves, DJ Bakery, Sun Moulin, etc. It’s interesting that with the proliferation of so many cafes in Singapore, none of these big boys bakery chains have ventured into a proper sit down cafe featuring their baked goods. I suppose BreadTalk’s Toastbox comes close, but I wouldn’t call it a “cafe” so to speak, because most people just go to ToastBox for kopi and toast.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Prima has just opened it’s 1st upmarket cafe destination bakery called iBake, at Star Vista in Buona Vista. It is the first home-grown full-service destination bakery that uses its own customised Prima flour for its unique offerings of breads. This is offered by no other bakery in Singapore. You may already know that Prima mills its own flour, hence the capability to offer this. I was told that iBake was developed to showcase this special Prima flour, that is used in the atas baked goods that hotels order from Prima. So you won’t be seeing tons of iBakes sprouting all over Singapore, although I would be quite happy if there was an iBake near where I live!

Having heard much about Prima’s flour during my 3 month intensive baking course at Prima’s Baking Industry Training Centre, I was quite keen to find out if the products would live up to the name. iBake offers a fine selection of European crusted breads combined with the light, airy textures of Japanese breads. I personally like European crusted breads as the crust is packed with flavour. When the breads are well made like they are in Europe, you won’t find it so chewy, like what most Singaporeans complain about.

Prima iBake

There is a large sit down area, or if you so choose, you may order the smaller bites for takeaway.

Prima iBake - Bread Basket (Petite French Stick with Milk Cream, Petite Gruyere Cheese, Petite Anchovy Croissant and Petite French Croissant)

Bread Basket (Petite French Stick with Milk Cream, Petite Gruyere Cheese, Petite Anchovy Croissant and Petite French Croissant)

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Bornga BBQ Restaurant at Star Vista

*Media Invite*

Recently I was invited to try out Bornga, a Korean BBQ Restaurant at Star Vista. I am no expert when it comes to Korean BBQ, having been to only one other a couple of years back at the Esplanade. Which was why I was quite happy to make the trek to Star Vista, even though I live on the opposite end of Singapore.

Established in 2002, Bornga is a BBQ chain restaurant in Korea, and is the brainchild of Jong Won Paik, one of Korea’s most renown celebrity chefs. The opening of Singapore’s restaurant marks the 1st in Singapore and the 13th outlet outside of Korea. You can now find Bornga in China, Indonesia and even one outlet in USA, as well as 33 others in Korea.

Be warned, I will be inundating you with numerous pictures of raw meat. I sure hope pictures of raw meat turns you on, because I sure am getting hungrier as we speak.

Bornga (4)

Okay let me first start with something less bloody…the side dishes. As you know, all Korean meals are accompanied with a variety of small side dishes. I am in awe of all Korean housewives, how they must slave over the stove having to prepare so many different things.

Bornga - Ggot Sal (unmarinated boneless beef; $38) (2)

 Ggot Sal (unmarinated boneless beef; $38)

First up, the Ggot Sal, which is boneless and tender prime beef cuts served non-marinated so that guests can enjoy its deep beef flavour. Now I often hear people saying “oh this meat is great, the beef flavour is not so strong!” and nothing irks me more than to hear those kinds of statements. I’m like, why did you bother to order the dish if you didn’t want to taste it? Notice the rich marbling, which I’m sure is a huge turn on for anyone who loves his meat.

Bornga - Woo Samgyup (thinly sliced beef with BORNGA's special sauce; $22)

Woo Samgyup (thinly sliced beef brisket with BORNGA’s special sauce; $22)

This is one of the favourite dishes in Bornga. Apparently the recipe is patented as the beef slices are seasoned in Bornga’s secret marinade. Unlike the typical Korean BBQ dish of bulgogi which usually appears dull after marinating for at least half a day in dark-coloured sauce, Bornga’s Woo Samgyup is served shortly after being doused in the dressing that retains the meat’s natural colour, while enhancing the traditional bulgogi taste.
While the meat tasted great, I think they can do away with the pumpkin slices as it just looks weird….don’t you think?

Bornga - Samgyup (thinly sliced beef with BORNGA's special sauce; $22) (2)

This is how the Woo Samgyup looked like after being BBQed. Loved the aroma and flavour of the BBQ meat for both the meat dishes I have featured so far. Certainly, keep your calorie counter at home when dining at a Korean BBQ restaurant but it’s well worth the calories! I’m afraid I was a little too busy wolfing the slices down to really pay attention to what Ivy from FoodNews was saying.

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