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Kiasu Espresso

Check out this new joint Kiasu Espresso by the people behind Forty Hands. It’s located at the new 100AM mall right next to Amara Hotel along Tanjong Pagar Road. They serve coffees and light bites mainly. Most importantly, they are the 2nd establishment that I know of that sells Kouign Aman! I love Kouign Amans, think of it as a croissant pumped up with extra sugar and then doused with even more caramelised sugar on the outside! It’s one of the cheapest pastries at Tiong Bahru Bakery, and is one of their best sellers! Despite the somewhat Middle Eastern sounding name, it is apparently a British pastry!

Kiasu Expresso (16)

Kiasu Espresso – The Earliest Bird

Kiasu Expresso Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte $5

But first, a picture of the coffee we had. My philosophy is that a good coffee maketh a good cafe. Now that there are so many cafe joints to choose from, I’ve upped my criteria of what makes an enjoyable coffee. The cafe latte we had was quite nice. I thought it was on the strong side, and slightly bitter, but the Partner said it was just fine. If you’re into sharing, you should get the large size one for $7 to make it more economical!

Kiasu Expresso Chocolate Tart

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Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar

A couple of weeks ago, after visiting my once favourite Epicurious for brunch, I decided to hop over to another place for coffee. We are so privileged now aren’t we? There are so many cafes to choose from these days that it is now possible to go cafe hopping, sometimes even along the same stretch of shops!

Robertson Quay’s definitely changed somewhat since I was last there over a year ago. A number of prominent players have left or joined the scene. Eg Brasserie Wolf is no longer there, and in its place is now Haxenhaus, a German restaurant with quite affordable pricing. The Partner did not manage to satisfy his schnitzel craving while in Alsace / Germany, so I think we’ll be visiting Haxenhaus or some German restaurant soon. Even La Maison Fatien has opened a second outlet in Robertson Quay too. And of course, a few more cafes have joined in the action.

We decided to have our cuppa at Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar. Although they’ve only been around for one year plus I think, they aren’t considered the new kid on the block anymore! It was quite a cosy little cafe, with the bulk of the seating actually outside the cafe, but still sheltered as it is in the concourse area of The Quayside building.

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar (13)

We got the raised seats inside, facing the coffee making area, so that was quite nice.

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar (4)

All we had was just cafe latte, costing $5. It was the Thumper Expresso Blend and it was rather strong and slightly acidic, so we had to add an entire packet of sugar. For coffee beans that have a less acidic and bitter tone, I sometimes do not need sugar at all.

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Penny University

I’m so happy that we finally have our very own Speciality coffee cafe in the Eastern part of Singapore!! I do hope that this is a signal of good things to come and that the Katong / Marine Parade area will be come as happening as the Tiong Bahru and Duxton Hill area! (Remember you heard it here first!)

It’s Penny University that I would like to talk about today. The reason for the quirky name stems from 18th century coffeehouses in London, England. For the price of a penny, one had access to coffee, the company of people from all levels of society, discussions, bulletins, newspapers and the latest gossip.

Penny University (3)

Not surprisingly, Penny University was full yesterday, it being Vesak Day. I am surprised though at the size of the cafe. Rental must still be affordable at this point in time. In any case, I do think they could try to revamp their seating area. The booth seats on the left were occupied by single couples when they could have accommodated at least 4 people. The communal bench table on the right is wider than it should be, taking up precious space. It could also have been pushed closer towards the right wall, allowing for a few more tables to be placed in the rather large passageway.

Penny University - Black Sesame Chiffon Cake (1)

Black sesame chiffon cake $5.50

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Group Therapy Cafe

Even though my philosophy when it comes to food is to try and visit as many new places as possible, sometimes it is comforting to revisit old favourites. Back in 2011, I visited Group Therapy Coffee a total of 3 times. That was during the time when Duxton Road was still partly associated with KTVs and Nightclub, but how things have changed.

Group Therapy Cafe - (1)

Recently Group Therapy Coffee came on my radar screen again and guess what, I visited it twice in the span of 1 week! The 1st occasion was a group lunch with the rest of my colleagues. I opted for the very safe ham and cheese Panini sandwich, while the 2 colleagues next to me ordered the eggs benedict (written as poached eggs in the menu). The eggs benedict looked like this.

Group Therapy Cafe - Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon (3)

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon $16

Suffice to say that I didn’t sleep well for several nights after that. This beautiful dish kept hounding my mind. By the weekend, I just had to drag my parents to visit Group Therapy Cafe.

Group Therapy Cafe - Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon (5)

The truth be told, I’m actually not that huge a fan of eggs benedict. I definitely do love the idea of bursting open a luscious looking egg yolk, encased in a thin and ever so vulnerable egg white membrane. But I prefer to do that to a sunny side up instead.

This eggs benedict is a decadent dish. Come hungry or you won’t have space to eat it all up. The hollandaise sauce is very generous, and so is the smoked salmon.

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The Orange Thimble

The Orange Thimble - (22)

Over the Chinese New Year period, my parents, the Partner and I decided to stop off at a cafe to have a cuppa. We aren’t coffee addicts, but somehow, the idea of having a cuppa just puts a smile on our faces. The only thing is, where on earth to find a cafe that’s open during Chinese New Year? I was stubbornly hopeful and drove past the Everton and Tanjong Pagar/Bukit Pasoh area hoping to spy some welcoming light from the otherwise darkened shophouses. No such luck.

Of course I wasn’t so stupid as to drive around aimlessly, because I already knew that The Orange Thimble in Tiong Bahru was open on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. It’s just that I couldn’t believe that The Orange Thimble would be the ONLY 3rd Wave cafe that would prove to be open on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. After also scouring Tiong Bahru, we finally settled for The Orange Thimble. Don’t get me wrong though, the only reason why I didn’t head straight for it is because I’ve already tried The Orange Thimble once, on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year 2012 in fact! Now I’m beginning to wonder if Orange has anything to do with it…

The Orange Thimble - Hot Chocolate

Although I always set off thinking that I will have a coffee, very often, I suddenly switch to hot chocolate instead. I’m not a coffee addict, but I AM a hot chocolate/ice chocolate addict. It’s what I really want to drink, even if I think a hot chocolate is easily replicatable at home. Complicating huh.

The hot chocolate from The Orange Thimble is FANTASTIC! It’s one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had in a very long time! The hot chocolate is extremely rich, thick and yet not overly sweet. There a bit of a fluffy texture, like little chocolate clouds floating in the drink. I really love this hot chocolate. If anything, it’s a bit on the pricey side at $7.

The Orange Thimble - Chocolate Dacquoise (4)

I don’t think I’ve ever had a chocolate dacquoise before. It looks like a huge wad of chocolate sandwiched between two thin slices of biscuit. A dacquoise is traditionally a cake with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue but in this case, the dacquoise refers to the baked crispy nut meringue that now looks like a biscuit.

Obviously, the chocolate just drew me to this cake. But I was a little disappointed that it didn’t taste as nice as I expected. I suppose I was expecting a sort of Nutella flavour, but it wasn’t Nutella-like at all. And it isn’t as chocolately as it looks either, although it is rather chocolatey. I mean it’s definitely not like eating chocolate out of a jar. Interestingly, my mother liked it very much. As it was not so sweet, my mother enjoyed it a lot. I do wonder if a more bready or cakey base and top would have been a better match. There was just too little biscuit to go with the huge amount of chocolate.

The Orange Thimble - Kaya Butter Toast (3)

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