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SAVOUR Wines 2016

The second part of SAVOUR 2016 is back from 9 – 11 Sept 2016 (read about the first part here), and this time, the focus is on wines! There will be a Wine Market which will house over 400 labels of wines from all over the world, such as from south America, California, Australia, Spain and Argentina. Entry to the Wine Market is via pre-purchased Wine Tasting Cards at $15 for 10 wine tastings or $20 for 20 wine tastings.

SAVOUR Wines 2016 (10)

Each pre-purchased card comes with a free limited edition SAVOUR Wines wine glass, which can also be bought separately for $10. Wow so that means you’re paying only $5 for 10 wine tastings if you go for the $15 card! That’s like 50 cents per glass! Sounds like a good deal to me. Smile

SAVOUR Wines 2016 (4)

Even if you don’t want to pay for the wine tastings, you should still make a visit to SAVOUR Wines because there are also free masterclasses on wine pairings, glassware, tasting notes etc. Each class fits a maximum of 20 people. And the maximum number of people allowed at every session of SAVOUR Wines is 700 peeps.

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Burghound in Asia wine tasting at St Regis

A colleague of mine gave me some tickets to attend the Burghound in Asia wine tasting session last month held at the St Regis Hotel. I was supremely elated at the opportunity because St Regis is a really nice hotel, and also because of the wine of course!

St Regis Hotel - Li Chen's Dragon Riding Bodhisattva

Li Chen’s Dragon Riding Bodhisattva in front of the St Regis Hotel. I don’t think I’ll ever appreciate these black statues. They look like monstrosities if you ask me. However I do know of people who when they see these statues, it’s like love at first sight. My ex-boss being one such person, he has 1 in his house.

Burghound in Asia Wine Tasting (3)

We tried 7 wines in total. To be frank, I can’t really tell the difference between very similarly tasting wines, although I can still differentiate between the very distinct ones. I took only a few sips of each as I have this problem of getting red very easily. Once, during an office party, the boss brought an expensive bottle of wine to share. I took 2 sips and became red soon after and everyone thought I’d chugged down half a bottle!

Burghound in Asia Wine Tasting (4) Burghound in Asia Wine Tasting (5)

My hand model demonstrating how to swirl the wine in the glass.

Burghound in Asia Wine Tasting (2)

The 3 experts dishing out expert comments

Burghound in Asia Wine Tasting

 St Regis Hotel - Tea break area

Tea, coffee and some refreshments were provided

Cup of tea with 2 sugar squares

Had to have a cup of tea to dilute the alcohol in me. Love those square sugars with a hole in the centre, so unique! I placed them nicely in this manner for the photo. The Partner did not realise this and thought they were cookies and ate 1!!!

St Regis Hotel - Lovely centrepiece

Love this centrepiece flower arrangement. Brightens the whole place and it looks so welcoming.

St Regis Hotel - Entrance of Brasserie Les Saveurs

St Regis Hotel - The Drawing Room

When I grow up, I’m going to have a Drawing Room in my house as well.

St Regis Hotel - Rest and Relax area 

St Regis Hotel - The Ladies!

St Regis Hotel - The Drive-In

Naked lady statue staring at you as you wait for your Rolls Royce. Tsk, Jeeves is late again.

St Regis Hotel - Stones in the fountain

Just couldn’t capture a sharper image of this fountain pool with little rocks in them.

Burghound in Asia

St Regis Singapore

29 Tanglin Road Singapore,  247911


Phone: (65) 6506 6888

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