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Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas – Part 2

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~~~~~Moving on to THE ROOOOMS~~~~~

Voyager of the Seas Presidential Suite 1st stop, the Presidential Suite, also known as The Royal Suite. So luxurious that even the bed as to be a more unusual shape. When I am a millionaire, I’m going to get myself a rounded bed like this too!

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Voyager of the Seas

Last Saturday, I was privileged to be invited by Royal Caribbean International for a media tour of the biggest cruise ship in Asia, the Voyager of the Seas. It is the 1st cruise ship to be docked in our newly opened International Cruise Centre, that was specially built to cater to ships of a larger size, that Harbour front Cruise Terminal is no longer able to accommodate.

As with all “first time ever” occasions, there was a party of sorts, lion dance, freebies and free makan! We didn’t stay too long at the International Cruise Centre though. If you ask me, it looks pretty plain as compared to our award winning Changi Airport. We rightfully spent the bulk of our time on the vessel itself, of which I ended up taking well over 250 photos. I have to make a mental note to myself not to go wild on the photos again. I took 6 hours to sift through the photos and edit them for this post!

Voyager of the Seas (6) Lots of RoyalCaribbean staff were milling around to ensure that nobody got lost. But actually, there was only 1 ship docked at the International Cruise Centre on Saturday

Voyager of the Seas (7) Hee hee hee…It always feels just a little bit weird to be called Media, because we tend to associate that with the Newspaper and TV big boys, but really I am glad for Social Media and all the opportunities it has brought me.

On the Media Tour with me were Alvin from OMY, Walter from Cool Insights and HP from Hpility.

Voyager of the Seas (9) Tell me if you don’t think that the International Cruise Centre looks a bit ugly, or is it that I just don’t like the green roof?

Voyager of the Seas (11) Cheerleaders giving a resounding welcome to all the early birds.I was there at 11am for the Media Tour but guests were allowed to board at their own leisure until 9pm that night.

Voyager of the Seas (14) Oooo, the first glimpse of the Voyager. Did you know, I have never been on a cruise ship? How sad is that??? I’ve been on an oil tanker though, that is also of a similar size, how’s that heh. And I’ve also been on several ferries, like the ferry to Bintan or Kusu Island. But of course my most memorable ferry was the one from Dover to Calais ferry. Anyway ferries are totally different from cruise ships!

Voyager of the Seas (13) Do you know what this reminds me of? The Titanic…Good to know that the cruise conducts a safety drill for all passengers.

Voyager of the Seas 2Front view of the Voyager.

Voyager of the Seas (15) Getting nearer! Gotta walk through this damn long connecting bridge!

Voyager of the Seas (17) Our first glimpse of the inside of the Voyager. SO DAMN AMAZING. So posh looking! The 1st thought that went through my head was, I gotta get myself some tickets on this cruise!

Voyager of the Seas (18) Hey guess what, our first stop was to visit the Casino Royale! How did they know that Casinos are my favourite thing????

Voyager of the Seas (20)OMG. Do you know how hard it is to take a photo in a casino? Basically you’re banned from doing so anywhere in the world, due to security reasons. The only reason why I could do so is because when the ship is at port, the Casino is not in operation, so we were therefore allowed to take photos. Felt so lucky!

Voyager of the Seas (21)

Just had to have my photo taken. I mean when’s the next time I can do so in a casino? The slot machines are my favourite game. Actually it’s the only game I’ve ever played in the casino. To me it’s like playing computer games and I adore the flashing lights and ching ching ching sounds from the machine!

Look at my 2 tak glam plastic bags. One of them is Hpility’s. He passed his bag to me so that he could look better in his photo. Silly me should have asked him to hold the bags for my turn!

Voyager of the Seas (19) And so I spent the rest of the day in the Casino. That’s all folks. Okay just joking.

More photos coming up! Stay tuned!

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Chiso Zanmai

*Media Invite*

Another restaurant bites the dust. Remember Fisherman’s Market Seafood Buffet Restaurant? That no longer exists, but the good thing is, another restaurant that is EVEN BETTER, has taken its place. Actually Chiso Zanmai is owned by the same people. Guess they must have realised that the prices that Fisherman’s Market charged made it really uncompetitive. Chiso Zanmai doesn’t look any different from Fisherman’s Market. The decor is the same, and even the layout of the various food sections. However, the food is modelled after its Osaka counterparts.

The key point to note is that Chiso Zanmai is nearly HALF THE PRICE of the old restaurant. At SGD$24.90++ per adult for a Japanese Buffet, is that a steal or what? And let’s be frank here. A lot of people like to attack the sashimi counter when gorging at hotel buffets, as everyone knows that sashimi is expensive. Now here’s a buffet where you can do away with the other frills (ie the food items that people hardly touch but hotels find it necessary to include in their buffets in order to impress you with variety), and pay less!

Chiso Zanmai Menu

Chiso Zanmai’s Menu. Click on it for a larger version

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The Royal Mail

When it comes to dining with the Partner, I am usually the one who provides the suggestions. So for once, he surprised me and suggested we might like to try out The Royal Mail, a new restaurant and bar within the Ascott Serviced Apartments. It used to be a Julien Bompard restaurant, but I believe they moved out in 2010.

I know why the Partner might have suggested going to The Royal Mail. It serves British Roasts, one of his favourite things! Actually I love a good roast too, and it’s a treat if it comes with Yorkshire puddings! So I checked out their website last week and discovered that they were going to serve free Martinis from 6.30 – 7.30pm to promote their Martini Thursdays. I’m not really a fan of Martinis, but since there was nothing to lose (aka FREE), I said hey why not. I told a friend about it and he promptly rescheduled his gym session, and even managed to pull his wife and his gym buddy along.

The Royal Mail (9)

The bar area is quite small. We were kiasu so we arrived at 6.30pm on the dot. Turns out, we were the main customers. Guess the place is still new. Well if you have me on Facebook, you would have seen me hooting about the event. Better add me if you don’t want to lose out next time. 🙂

What is a Martini anyway? According to Wikipedia, the classic Martini is supposed to be made with gin and vermouth. However, the 3 Martinis they were offering, Cosmopolitan, Fuzzy Navel and Mojito Martini didn’t contain those elements. Vodka was used instead, which is apparently also acceptable.

The Royal Mail - Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan

The Royal Mail - Fuzzy Navel (Hairy Navel) Fuzzy Navel

I had this. The Royal Mail Version is made with Peach Schnapps, Vodka and orange juice. But according to Wikipedia, if a Fuzzy Navel has vodka in it, it becomes a Hairy Navel (obscene sounding leh!). I dislike Vodka very much so for my 2nd drink, I asked for a real Fuzzy Navel, ie without the vodka. The little black thing at the bottom of the glass is a shrivelled plum.

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Best Food Blog Finalist Interview

**Interview Questions from the Singapore Blog Awards

How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?


Food blogging can be quite a lonely affair. After all the eating is done, one goes back home to type up the blog post alone. Most people don’t leave a comment so I don’t know if what I have written appeals to anyone. I can only guess that people find my blog interesting, as my blog stats has been increasing. So, being selected as one of the Food Category finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards is an indication that I have been doing something right! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers out there for taking the time to read my blog.

When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?

I only started blogging about food 2 years ago. My father bought me a DSLR as a present and I found that the camera helped me to take nice photos of food. I’ve always loved writing so I thought why not share my thoughts on the food as well as the photos online.

Inspiration is easy to come by especially with Facebook and Twitter! My friends know I am a food blogger so they often feed me with suggestions on new places to try. Also, I love exploring the nooks and crannies of Singapore so I often chance upon hidden finds, which I have to make a mental note to return to try.

How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?

SCARY! I think the competition is stiff! I know a few of the finalists personally too and I know them to be very passionate and dedicated bloggers as well! But I think, with your help, I can make it to pole position! Just click here and vote for 365days2play! You know you want to!

Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?

Every food blogger has his or her own style. If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and viewing the food pictures, then it’s enough reason to vote for me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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