Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas – Part 2

May 31, 2012

Read Part 1 Here

~~~~~Moving on to THE ROOOOMS~~~~~

Voyager of the Seas Presidential Suite 1st stop, the Presidential Suite, also known as The Royal Suite. So luxurious that even the bed as to be a more unusual shape. When I am a millionaire, I’m going to get myself a rounded bed like this too!

Voyager of the Seas Presidential Suite (2)I mean the room even has its own grand piano! I really wouldn’t mind staying in the Presidential Suite. Yes I’ll have this room, thanks.

Voyager of the Seas (26)

One of the newspaper photographers, Ace Kindred, could not resist and started testing out the piano. And he started to play Chariots of Fire which is one of my favourite instrumentals! Amazing that he only picked up playing the piano 2 years ago and played this by ear!

If there’s one thing that’s very romantic, it’s a guy playing romantic songs on the piano just for you. My ex-boyfriend used to do that and always had me weak at the knees.

Voyager of the Seas (27) A huge-as sitting room, bar counter, your very own private jacuzzi with a view. This is the life. Who needs the public jacuzzi somewhere in the gigantic ship when you’ve got your very own jacuzzi.

Voyager of the Seas Owners Suite The Owners’ Suite is not too shabby either. This suite is 1 step lower than the Presidential Suite and there are 10 of such rooms in total. Royal Caribbean will even provide you with a baby cot should it be required.

Voyager of the Seas (29) Can’t tell the difference from what you would get in a 5 star hotel.

Voyager of the Seas (31) Okay we plod along the narrow corridors. Meanwhile my heels were killing me…should have been sane enough to realise not to wear heels for this event…

Voyager of the Seas (32)As we plodded along, we caught glimpses of the cheapest rooms in the Voyager. I’m kind of standing where the door is already… It’s sad to know that these rooms share the same corridor as the suite rooms. A world of difference!

Voyager of the Seas (36) This room reminds me of my hotel room in one of my Norway hotels. The Norwegians/Scandinavians are notorious for ultra small yet ultra expensive hotel rooms.

Voyager of the Seas (35) This is one of the Oceanview Rooms with Balcony. About SGD$250 more ex per pax than the smallest rooms, for the 3 night voyage to KL and back. Worth upgrading I think.

Voyager of the Seas (34) I was here!

~~~~~~~~~~Moving on to The Facilities~~~~~~~~~~

Voyager of the Seas (56) Swimming Pool 1 Voyager of the Seas (41)Running Track and Swimming PoolMoving on to the facilities. These were all at the open deck area. It was around 12 noon when were were there and it was HOT LIKE HELL. Quite terrible to be looking at the lovely water and not being able to take a dip! The swimming pool is not as nice looking as I was expecting, but this is a 10 year old ship after all. The deck chairs will come in useful in the early mornings or evenings in Asia when it is less hot. The lady told us that in Europe, understandably more people use the open deck area thanks to the cooler temperatures. 

Rockwall and Basketball Court (2) Voyager of the Seas (46) Voyager of the Seas (45)Voyager of the Seas (3) Voyager of the Seas (2) Basketball court, mini golf, 19th hole bar, disco thingy…

Voyager of the Seas (49) They even have their very own skating rink! Ice skating performances are held here too, free of charge but on a first come first served basis.

Voyager of the Seas (53) Voyager of the Seas (54) The Promenade, where you can get your duty free goods, at 20-30% cheaper than from Orchard Road. More restaurants here too, and a Ben & Jerry’s.

Voyager of the Seas (43) Arcade, for the young at heart. Skee ball, my favourite thing! I have the game on my iPhone!

Voyager of the Seas (58) And the most ”interesting” thing of all, the Voyager even has its very own chapel! Don’t ask me what I am doing there…. Many people like to renew their vows here, but they have to get their own Priest/Pastor or whoever it is that is required. Did you know that if you get married on board a ship while it is sailing on International waters, your marriage certificate is not valid once you are back on land? It is only valid out at sea! So don’t get swept off your feet and don’t believe the guy who says he will marry you, if he plans on doing so while at sea!

Voyager of the Seas (24) This is the ”First Family”. No they’re not related to the President or the Prime Minister. They just happened to be the 1st family to register for boarding. The Captain is on the right, and the CEO of the Royal Caribbean International Adam Goldstein is on the left just outside of the picture. And there’s Shrek attempting to squash some people’s heads. Be careful, he likes to scratch his butt too, especially when you’re watching. He resides on the ship so passengers will get to see him again.

Read about Part One of my tour around Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas 

Stay tuned for PART THREE, which is all about the FOOOOOD.

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    • OMG you are sharp!!! I should have worn those for the walkabout, and the shoes for the luncheon instead, but I thought I could last.

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