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Harry Potter Exhibition at MBS ArtScience Museum

Harry Potter The Exhibition - Undesirable No 1I was so so lucky to be able to get a private tour (as a VIM : Very Important Muggle) of the Harry Potter Exhibition held at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum today, before the exhibition opens proper on 2 June 2012. It was just magical. Anyone who’d consider themself a fan of Harry Potter ought to take a look at the exhibition. It’s surreal!

Before the tour, we had a quick Question and Answer session with the creator of the Harry Potter Exhibition Mr Eddie Newquist,ArtScience Museum Executive Director Mr Nick Dixon and GEORGE AND FRED WEASLEY!!!! They look so different all grown up and in different hairdos! And actually, they don’t look as similar to each other as when in the movie!

Harry Potter The Exhibition - George and Fred Weasley (James and Oliver Phelps) with me!

So tall! Don’t you think that one of them looks like a younger version of George Clooney? I have no idea who is George and who is Fred (James and Oliver Phelps)

So what is the Harry Potter Exhibition all about? If you are a true blue Harry Potter fan, you would undoubtedly want to experience what life was like on the sets. Basically the exhibition will showcase the grand collection of items in wonderfully detailed settings inspired by the Harry Potter film sets. You will be able see props and costumes from all the Harry Potter films, including Harry’s iconic wand and eyeglasses, Professor Snape’s original costume, the Golden SnItch and the Gryffndor school uniforms. Other key items featured include Sybill Trelawney’s crystal ball and exotic wardrobe; costumes and props from Professors Lupin, Lockhart and Umbridge.: items from the Yule Ball including costumes from Harry, Ron, Hermione and Professor Dumbledore, and life-size creatures including centaurs, a caged dragon, Buckbeak the Hippogriff, and a giant Acromantula. You will even get a chance to try out the Sorting Hat! For the record, I was sorted into Griffindor!

Unfortunately, no photos are allowed in the Harry Potter : The Exhibition. If you take pictures and they stupefy you, don’t say I didn’t warn huh…

Official Photos of Harry Potter : The Exhibition Singapore

The following are some official photos provided by © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Photos are however allowed in the Gift Shop.

s_Hagrids  hut

Hagrid’s Hut. Yes you can walk right into it and have a seat on Hagrid’s chair. I did. In fact, there is a sign to say “Please Sit”. Obey it.

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Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands

ArtScience Museum tickets to Titanic!

Got 2 free tickets to the Titanic exhibition at the ArtScience Museum.

Pizzeria Mozza - (3)

So we took the opportunity to dine at Marina Bay Sands. We chose Pizzeria Mozza because I have already been to DB Moderne and I wanted something in a similar price range.

I’ve kinda been avoiding trying out Pizzeria Mozza or Osteria Mozza for that matter because last year, we had a most horrid time at Osteria Mozza. The music was blaring like nobody’s business and we happened to sit right under the speakers. The noise level in the restaurant was horrendous because everyone was trying to outtalk the speakers. I can’t imagine why people would want the music so loud, when most of the diners were middle aged people! Thank goodness Mozza has since turned off the racket so I was okay to dine at Pizzeria Mozza.

As you can see from the photo above, the place looks nice and relaxing. There’s an open kitchen for you to entertain yourself if your partner isn’t entertaining enough.

Pizzeria Mozza - Cheesy Dough Sticks

They served us complimentary cheesy dough sticks. I though they were pretty nice, being crispy and cheesy. The Partner thought that they were too salty and he stopped at one. YAY for me.

Pizzeria Mozza - Melons with Prawns, Chiles and Mint

We ordered this appetiser of melons with prawns in a kind of tangy chilli sauce $17. The first bite was really refreshing as the sweetness of the melons in the soury chilli sauce gave me a good wake up jolt. The prawns were fresh tasting and succulent. However, I found the dish to be way too spicy for my liking. It’s hard to imagine food in a Western Restaurant being spicy, but this one can beat any Thai restaurant! I had to let my taste buds rest after a while.

Pizzeria Mozza - Parma ham, Rucola and Mozzarella Pizza (3) 
We also ordered a Prosciutto di Parma with rucola, tomato and mozzarella pizza $31 to share. They were extremely generous with the Parma ham but too generous with the rucola. I personally don’t like rucola because I find it to be bitter. I guess I should have eaten the rucola with the parma, but it was hard to since it wasn’t sticking to anything and falling all over the place. On the whole the pizza was delicious. The crust was nice too even though it wasn’t my favourite type of crust. The pizza base at Mozza is kind of crispy at first bite, then chewy in the middle.

Pizzeria Mozza - Parma ham, Rucola and Mozzarella Pizza

Pizzeria Mozza - Italian Inventions

Love the placemats they gave. Very educational. I had no idea liposuction was invented by the Italians. And the parachute. And the scissors.

Pizzeria Mozza - (4)

A nice meal to fuel us for our visit to the Titanic Exhibition.

Marina Bay Sands

Couldn’t resist taking yet another picture of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I just find the mall so pretty and bright.

Pizzeria Mozza Singapore

B1-42-46 (Across from Theater),

Galleria level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Daily 12pm to 11pm (Last Reservation at 10:45pm)

Tel : +65 6688 8522

Email Pizzeria Mozza

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