Christmas at Goodwood Park Hotel

December 27, 2008

December 08 (064)

Changi Airport wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

We had our Christmas lunch at Goodwood Park Hotel. Gordon Grill and L’Espresso had a joint buffet lunch affair. It was really wonderful and festive. I want to go back again next year!

December 08 (084)

Yoghurt glasses

December 08 (077)

Dessert Station

December 08 (076)

Shucks, I forgot to eat the oysters!

December 08 (074)

Fruit station

December 08 (072)

Omelette station. The best omelette I have eaten is at the Movenpick Resort in Phuket

December 08 (071)

Salad station. Note the big cheese ring on the left for you to toss your salad.

December 08 (085)

Mmmm…Roast Beef and Peking Duck Neighbour

December 08 (080)

Closer look of the delicious roast beef

December 08 (079)

Mmmmmm….Peking Duck!!

December 08 (091)

I love Scones and Jam….so British! Hehehe…every good buffet should have scones and jam.

—> *See my latest visit to L’Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel in February 2011!*


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