Overeasy Overcrowded!

July 3, 2010

I really am a night person. Despite sleeping only 6 hours yesterday, and pretty much that for the last 1 week, I still have the energy to stay up late. I even mopped the floor just 10 minutes ago! (It’s 2 am now btw) Waking up early is a huge problem for me, but sleeping late is no problem at all, which is so weird because you would think that if you’re tired in the morning, then you remain tired all day and want an early night. Or maybe it’s due to the exciting night I just had.

Was over at Overeasy at One Fullerton for the Brazil versus Netherlands match. We didn’t manage to reserve a table even though we tried calling all day today. As expected, it was packed to the gills and then some. There was a huge screen erected right in the middle of the Al Fresco area. The lucky ones had seats, but many more were standing along the walkway, even the non-customers.

We went inside, and an amazing thing happened! A portion of Overeasy was cordoned off for a private party. But we didn’t know that at first so we walked straight in. And right at the end there was another TV screen so we headed for that and plopped ourselves on some seats right smack in front of the TV. At this point I realised that we had barged into some company’s football function! It was an Indian company so it was so strange that here were 4 Chinese women plus 2 ang mohs sitting in the prime spot as if nothing weird was going on. One of the ang mohs with us is a Dutch and his patriotism must have given him the courage to lead the way.

Nobody said anything and I was privately giggling to myself the entire 1st half of the match. I felt like taking photos just to prove that this really happened but then I might be identified! While we were walking in, some of the people from this company even smiled at us! I think if we had ordered drinks, they would have been billed to the company!

At half time, we quietly left, and found a table in the public indoor section of Overeasy, but it was not easy to see the match. So after a while, we gravitated outside to the big screen again. It was very fun watching the match outside. Every time there was a target shot, everyone would be shouting along, even if you couldn’t see what was happening.

There’s only 1 more week of World Cup left. And probably every establishment will be crowded like hell during the match hours now that it’s nearing the finals. The best bet, if you want to get a good spot, is to go to a place where there are many pubs and restaurants with TV screens. Then if 1 pub is too crowded, you can move on to the next. Overeasy was nice, but it is the only establishment at One Fullerton showing the World Cup. I still say your best bet would be to go to Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay or Chijmes.

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