Honey Oat Cookies

April 18, 2010

I’ve been baking a lot but I still get a lot of misses. Every time I bake cookies, I never know if I’m going to get something that I can present to guests. The final products are almost always edible, but I want store bought quality at the very least, if not better! Many times the cookies turn out so crumbly they disintegrate to pieces in my hands. Other times, the cookies need some loving so they do the group hug and merge into huge mass/mess. I would like to tweak the recipes, but although there are many food blogs out there baring all their recipes, hardly anyone actually knows the real chemistry behind the cooking. This means no one is able to advise me on how to make the cookies better and all I can do is to via trial and error.

Today was a good day. I tried baking a batch of honey oat cookies. I must say they look really good and smell heavenly. The texture is just right, and they taste even better than the store bought ones. I shall test them tomorrow on an unsuspecting victim, my insurance agent.

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