1872 Clipper Tea infused mooncakes

October 11, 2015

Two weeks ago, I was invited to partake in a tea infused moon cake making class. I was in two minds whether to attend because although I love baking, it has never occurred to me to try making moon cakes. I was kind of intrigued by the fact that the moon cakes would be infused with tea as well. Tea and cake, just the very idea puts me in a relaxed mood. And hey, I could have a fine time sipping tea from one of my favourite brands while the Partner does the baking instead.

Clipper Tea Earl Grey infused snow skin mooncakes (2)

Here’s a picture of the final product, the 1872 Clipper Tea Company infused snow-skin mooncakes with a cup of the award winning Timeless Earl Grey.

Making the snow skin mooncakes

The baking class was held at The Baking Loft at Soho2@Central. Btw Soho2@Central is a really cool place. It’s basically condo loft units that you can live in as well as conduct selected businesses. Spotted a pool from the window so this place must have all the usual condo facilities. Wouldn’t you love to wake up and be able to ”go to work” without leaving your house? Needless to say, The Baking Loft was the most cosy baking studio I have been to thus far.

Baking Ingredients for tea infused mooncakes

Chef demonstrated the techniques to making the snow skin mooncakes as all of us watched intently. Interestingly, aside from the tea liquor, the tea leaves are also used in the mooncakes! Must be sure to squeeze the leaves dry as excess liquid would affect the lotus paste or whatever it is that you want to incorporate the tea leaves in.

Making the mooncakes (1)

First time using chopsticks to stir batter! Apparently the trick is to do it slowly, which is why chopsticks are used, or else the dough will be overworked.

365days2play at The Baking Loft

Even though the Partner appears to be holding the baking implements, rest assured that I played my part as well… Doesn’t it feel like we are in someone’s home instead of a baking studio? I would love to live here, it is right next to Clarke Quay MRT station!

1872 Clipper Tea

A little shout out and congratulations to 1872 Clipper Tea Company for clinching the 2015 Great Taste Awards for their Cranberry Sunrise tea and Timeless Earl Grey blend. The Great Taste award is a signpost to a wonderful tasting product — hundred of judges have worked tirelessly to discover the very best, through hours of blind-tasting over 10,000 foods and drinks from around the world.

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