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Pearl River Palace at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre – CLOSED

Update: With great sadness, I announce that Pearl River Palace will be closing down for good from 3 January 2011. (Closing down = Poof, no more there! It’s not moving somewhere else so don’t google for it!) Victoria Peak Restaurant is set to move in 18 January 2011. I only hope that Victoria Peak’s dim sum is as good as Pearl River Palace’s. If not, that’s 1 less place to have good dim sum in Singapore.

Where to find the best dim sum in Singapore? In my opinion, Pearl River Palace is one of the best places to have Dim Sum (also known as Yum Cha). The Dim Sum and service is hotel standard even though the prices are not. I always think that the mark of a good restaurant is seen in its Har Gow. Pearl River Palace’s Har Gow has humongous and succulent prawns in them, wrapped up in a deliciously thin and light dumpling skin. It’s making me salivate just thinking about it!!!

Each basket costs about $4, which is pretty much the same price as any other cheaper looking restaurant. Being located in the convention centre, their restaurant is humongous. You can almost always get a table on the weekends even if you don’t make a reservation.

Ask for a table by the windows and you can watch the world go by as you dine. PRP also has a buffet Dim Sum for about $35, which you should only go for if you are extremely hungry.


Siew Mai with roe


Xiao Long Bao – Minced Pork and soup in a little parcel


Crystal Dumpling with baby abalone


1 Raffles Boulevard

Level 3

Singapore 039593

Tel: 63329733

Regent Hotel Afternoon Tea

One of my favourite places to have English high tea is at the Lobby Lounge of Regent Hotel. The place is really quiet on weekdays and I managed to get a sofa seat  even though there were only 2 of us. Hardly anyone walks past this area because it’s not near the reception area, so it’s suitably secluded for a peaceful afternoon.

Afternoon Tea at Regent Hotel - View of the main seating area

For $36, they will serve you their standard afternoon tea items on a 3-tiered stand. Although you cannot choose what items go into the stand, I’ve been there twice and had no complaints. On our second visit (picture attached), the top tier consisted of the light items like salmon slice, egg sandwiches. The middle tier was my favourite because of all the savoury pastries like meat pie and cheese scones. Also included in the set is free flow of coffee, tea (various types) or iced-chocolate.

The items on the 3-tiered stand may not look like much especially when compared to a buffet afternoon tea, however we were extremely full after sharing 1 set plus an addition order of free-flow iced-chocolate for $12.

Oh, one thing very special about the Regent Hotel Lobby Lounge? As far as I know, it is one of the few places, if not only place in Singapore, that serves afternoon tea with CLOTTED CREAM! Imagine that!

Afternoon Tea at Regent Hotel - The 3 tier stand

The 3-tiered tea stand

SNC00207 - Copy

The desserts

SNC00211 - Copy

There are 2 types of seats to choose. If you choose the sofa seats, you have to contend with eating from a low table. This is not a problem if you plan to while the time away slowly, savouring every minute. There are also table seats, which facilitates eating. But of course this means you have no sofa to sink into after you have overloaded on the food. In my opinion, the best table seat there is is the one in the corner next to the bookshelves. From that vantage point, you are able to watch the world go by from a distance without being disturbed yourself. This angle was also where we took all our pictures.

Do make your reservation in advance, especially on the weekends or you might be relegated to the “Foyer tables”. Those are the tables literally along the corridors, beyond the carpeted area!

Apr 18, 2010 @ 23:46

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Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge – Part 2 (Savoury)

Regent Hotel Tea Lounge

Goodwood Park L’Espresso

Hotel Intercontinental Lobby Lounge

Fullerton Hotel The Courtyard

Regent Hotel Singapore Tea Lounge

Afternoon Tea: 12 noon-6:00pm (Mon-Fri)

High Tea Buffet: 1:30pm-5:30pm (Sat & Sun)

For reservations:
T. +65 6725 3245 / +65 6725 3245

Honey Oat Cookies

I’ve been baking a lot but I still get a lot of misses. Every time I bake cookies, I never know if I’m going to get something that I can present to guests. The final products are almost always edible, but I want store bought quality at the very least, if not better! Many times the cookies turn out so crumbly they disintegrate to pieces in my hands. Other times, the cookies need some loving so they do the group hug and merge into huge mass/mess. I would like to tweak the recipes, but although there are many food blogs out there baring all their recipes, hardly anyone actually knows the real chemistry behind the cooking. This means no one is able to advise me on how to make the cookies better and all I can do is to via trial and error.

Today was a good day. I tried baking a batch of honey oat cookies. I must say they look really good and smell heavenly. The texture is just right, and they taste even better than the store bought ones. I shall test them tomorrow on an unsuspecting victim, my insurance agent.

YY Kafei Dian

Right at the end of Purvis Street where it meets Beach Road, there is a somewhat old-style cze-char coffeeshop called YY Kafeidian. I’m not going to talk about the cze-char, because I haven’t tried it. Rather, it’s the breakfast and coffee I am going to talk about. Every morning, the place prepares a huge tureen of beehoon and mee. I always take the beehoon and it costs only $1 plain (with some shreds of vegetable in it). It’s light and tasty already just like this so on days when I don’t feel too hungry, I simply order this.

If that seems too spartan for you, ask for a fried egg. They only have 1 type of fried egg, which is the sunny-side up fried to a runny perfection. The best fried egg! This is the only way to eat fried egg and if you like your egg-yolk cooked to stone hard, go away.

Beehoon and fried egg suffices for me, but for those with heartier appetites, there is the usual luncheon meat, hot dogs, fish cakes and even tau kwa squares. If noodles are not your cup of tea, there are curry puffs and kaya toast. Ask for the fluffy toasted buns, which are quite substantial in size, almost like a burger shape. I would suggest the peanut butter toasted bun. They give you so much peanut butter, it is literally dripping off the toast. Make sure you have a piece of tissue to wipe your fingers or face, that’s how much peanut butter there is.

Finally, the best part. The coffee. Different people have different preferences in coffee. Suffice to say that we will drive there just for coffee even if we’ve had breakfast elsewhere. Oh another thing that’s sure to please drivers. Parking is free before 8.30am.

YY Kafei Dian

37 Beach Road



Went to this place today after work to celebrate a colleague’s last day at work. We were the 2nd group of people to arrive and already the earlier colleagues had chugged down their 1st mug. I ordered an Erdinger and was shocked to be presented a 0.5ml glass. I asked if they had smaller, they replied in the affirmative, so I asked them to switch. Later I discovered that the 0.3ml glass cost the same as the 0.5ml glass because there was a discount on the 0.5ml glass during happy hour. It would have been nice if the staff had said so, but no loss to me regardless since I wouldn’t have been able to finish a 0.3ml one anyway.

The place is slightly strange. It seems to want to be a restaurant as well as a pub. As a result, 2/3 of the restaurant has usual tables and chairs for proper dining and in a 2 seater formation. One would expect more patrons in groups of 3 or more, rather than lovey dovey couples. It seemed today that a lot of people wanted to drink, so numerous tables were occupied with bar patrons.

Drinks wise, I don’t think anyone had complaints. They did have a huge selection of mocktails and fruit coolers, which was well appreciated by the non-beer drinkers amongst us. Foodwise, I felt the calamari and fries we ordered were tasteless. The pizzas were very delicious though. We ordered several different flavours, but the one I thought was fantastic was the hawaiian pizza. It had substantial chunks of pineapples on it, and the largest cheese slices ever.  All the pizzas were hot, extremely crispy and thin and laden with toppings. No regrets there. For those with small appetites, 1 pizza is enough for 2.

Did not manage to try out the dinner menu today, but will do so in the near future. Have set my heart on the shrimp scampi pasta!

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