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Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ramen. It seems that most people fall into 2 distinct categories. They either love Marutama Ramen, or they hate it. The people who hate it, invariably call it expensive maggi mee. I happen to be in the category of people who LOVE Marutama Ramen. I think it tastes way better than maggi mee (even though I love maggi mee very much). The broth is flavourful, robust and packs a spicy punch if you ask for the chilli version. The noodles are really springy and light, rather than the plasticky chewy square types you get elsewhere. Don’t forget to order the Japanese egg, which is a MUST.

Sadly, most of my colleagues don’t think much of Marutama Ramen, which was why I haven’t been indulging in it for more than a year. Last week, I met up with some JC friends who all belonged to the same category as me. I’m glad to say that everything still tastes the same. And the long queue of hungry diners that drape along the corridor, yep the queue has not diminished in length. I believe we waited 45 minutes before we managed to get in through the door. They won’t let you in either if all of your party have not arrived.

I know of a trick to somewhat circumvent that. Say you have a party of 4 and only 3 have arrived. Just tell them you want a table for 3. Obviously, they still have to give you a table for 4 because there’s no such thing as a table for 3. Employ this trick at your own conscience. In any case, Marutama Ramen isn’t a place to sit and chat. Once the wait staff see that you have finished, they have no qualms asking you to settle the bill and leave.

Marutama Ramen (2)Marutama Ramen Dumplings




Marutama Ramen

The Central @ Clarke Quay

3 Eu Tong Sen Street


Tel: +65 6534 8090 (if you can read Japanese)

Imperial Treasures La Mian Xiao Long Bao

I just realised, I haven’t been to Crystal Jade in a very long while. Imperial Treasures is not a bad substitute either. I like the mushrooms we ordered. The fried rice was very nice too, but I think Crystal Jade is just a notch better. The sliced lamb with scallions was a nice change from beef with scallions. Don’t think Crystal Jade has that, which was why we probably ordered it


ImperialTreasures Seating AreaImperialTreasures Fried RiceImperialTreasures Mushroom fried in oyster sauce ImperialTreasures sliced lamb with scallions

Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao – Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-138J Marina Square Center Stage
Singapore 039594
Phone: 63382212

Toast Box banana cake

Toast Box Banana Cake

Nothing like a slice of banana cake and a steaming hot cup of tea to chase the grey clouds away. The Toast Box banana cake certainly is cheap, and for the price, it’s tolerable. I don’t think I’ve ever had really good store bought banana cake before. Does anyone know of any good places to have some? But as with Kaya, the best banana cake is a home made banana cake.

Make your own homemade kaya

365days2play's Kaya

After all that round island kaya sampling I did this month, I decided to make my own just to see if I could stand up to the big boys. Because you know they always say nothing beats home-made.

Despite many people labelling kaya making as laborious and difficult, I actually found it surprisingly easy. All I did was to whisk 5 eggs, 1 packet of coconut milk and 200gm of sugar in 1 bowl. That took less than 5 minutes. The next step was to transfer the liquid into a pot and gently simmer on the stove while stirring non-stop. I also added a few strips of pandan leaves for aroma and colour. The Kaya is ready when it has reached your desired consistency. Some like watery kaya while others like theirs thick.  The kaya you see in the picture above (I put it into my empty peanut butter jar so don’t be confused) was the result of 45 minutes of simmering and stirring.


OK easy enough, but laborious admittedly. Still, if you manage to get your fire really low, or if you have a double boiler, you only need to stir periodically. Kaya burns easily due to the sugar content. Also, the constant stirring is to prevent the mixture from getting so hot that the eggs turn into hard boiled bits.

The recipe definitely needs some fine tuning though. It was just a little too sweet for me, so I would reduce on the sugar the next time. My mother said it lacked the eggy aftertaste, so perhaps 2 more eggs? And maybe coconut cream instead of coconut milk, for a richer kaya. But still, it was wonderful, and definitely better than any cheapo kaya you can procure at the supermarket. I put a big blob of the kaya onto some cream crackers and they were superb.

Try it everybody! Make your own kaya at home! Surprise your friends with your very own kaya (cheaper than store bought presents!)

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