August 2010 - Page 5

Let the Games begin!

You know, I was under the impression that very few Singaporeans are interested in the Inaugural Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore. The comments I hear from the average Singaporean has been pretty much negative.  It certainly didn’t help when the horrendous
August 8, 2010

Where to find time?

Today, someone asked me if I feel pressurised to constantly find new places to sample. I didn’t have to think at all before I gave him a resounding ”no, not at all”. The fact is, there are so many wonderful restaurants and
August 2, 2010


After knowing of Privé’s existence for more than 1 year, we finally found the opportunity to pay it a visit. The whole trip was like a mini excursion out of Singapore. In fact, we literally had to leave mainland Singapore and hop
August 1, 2010
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