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Curry Favor at Stamford House

Curry Favor is no more at Stamford House. Watch Curry Favor’s Facebook space for updates on their next location.

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures I took during the various lunches I had there. Eating there during lunch is more affordable than during dinner because they have/had this set lunch menu for about $12.90 or $13.90. You get the full main course, which at $12.90-$13.90 is already cheaper than the ala-carte price. In addition, you get a soup/salad, drink and dessert. On their last day, they served us ice-cream instead of the usual 2 slices of watermelon.

I’ve always liked the food at Curry Favor, although I found it expensive to dine there at night. According to their Facebook, Curry Favor is the 1st restaurant in Singapore specializing in Japanese Curry. Their curries are carefully created by their Japanese Chef in a process that spans more than five hours daily. I wonder if there are any other Japanese places specialising in this type of food?

Stuffed Mushrooms

Curry Favor - Fish and Chicken Fry

Chicken Katsu and Fish Fry Combo

Curry Favor - Stewed Curry

Chicken Stewed Curry – The curry from the stewed curry dishes is more flavourful than the fried items curry dishes. So you have to decide between whether you want a more flavourful curry and less meat, or more meat and a more “normal” curry. The “normal” curry is still nice nonetheless, just that the stewed curry has extra kick.

Curry Favor Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Curry Favor - Seating Area

Curry Favor at Stamford House…..goodbye!

Goodbye Stamford House shops!

Stamford House as we now know it is no more. By today, all of the shops should have moved out of Stamford House as well as Capitol Building. The buildings will not be demolished, because they are heritage buildings. But I fear the refurbishment may turn them into just shells of their former self. Probably in 5 to 10 years we would have forgotten about it, embraced the new malls and a swankier City Hall, but for now, I feel sad to have to say goodbye to the current Stamford House.

Seeing the shops close down one after another was a tad melancholic. It’s like living in a community and having to see your neighbours move out one by one, with no one else moving in. As the days pass, the loneliness grows. Even though you know everyone will move out eventually, each time yet another shop shutters for the last time, it’s another resounding acknowledgement that the end is drawing near. It reminds me of the time when I was the last to leave my Uni hostel.

Some put up signs to say when their last day will be, and their new location, so you can kind of comfort yourself that it’s not really goodbye. But some don’t even say goodbye. The day before, BreadTalk and Magic Wok were business as usual, and the next day, the movers have already boarded up the place with paper. And some don’t even know where the next stop will be. We had lunch at Curry Favor on its last day at Stamford House. One staff told us he had no idea whether Curry Favor would continue its operations elsewhere. Another staff told us to watch for news on their Facebook page. It was weird eating there wondering if it would be our last meal at Curry Favor. Certainly it was our last meal at Curry Favor at the “old” Stamford House.

In my time working in the City Hall area, I have twice now had to say goodbye to buildings I hold dear. The first was when the building opposite the Peranakan Museum closed in 2007. We lost our old school coffee shop with the famous char kuay teow. Back then the building also housed a gay spa on the ground floor and had residential living quarters on the floors above. It was funny looking out of my office window to see clothes hanging from makeshift clothes lines just a tiny lane away. Sometimes you would see shirtless men standing by the windows smoking or chatting. Bet you didn’t think modern City Hall had something like this up until 2007.

Alas, change is always around us. And now I announce that I too will be leaving the City Hall area soon.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

Fullerton Bay Hotel (3)

View of the main doors

Fullerton Bay Hotel (7)

View from the main doors

Fullerton Bay Hotel (8)

One of the numerous areas to relax and chill out in Fullerton Bay Hotel

Fullerton Bay Hotel (9)

Another picture of The Landing Point, a really cool place to have afternoon tea I’m sure.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (14)

Landing Point Alfresco Area

Fullerton Bay Hotel

Suitcases from an era past

Fullerton Bay Hotel (6)

Bodyguards to make sure even the most boisterous of kids go hush.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (13)

If you have a room on the top floors on this side of the Fullerton Bay hotel, I think you would be able to get a good view of the fireworks come New Year’s Eve. Or you could go to the roof top, although you would most probably have to pay to enter.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (11)

Get rooms on different floors and have fun shouting to each other.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (10)

Stairs to nowhere… Wonder what they were for previously. The photo is hazy because of condensation. Cap your camera when moving outdoors from an air-conditioned place and try not to use it for a while.

Marks & Spencers Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds

As much as the Partner thinks I love chocolate, and I do buy truckloads of chocolate back home to Singapore when I am overseas, chocolate doesn’t always hit the spot for me. I think I’m a carbo kind of person. When the cravings strike, it’s maggi mee and potato chips that I think of. Sometimes, I do feel like I need to eat a piece of chocolate, but I still feel as if I need/want something more.

Lately, I discovered a way to solve this problem. I was at Marks & Spencers and I saw they had this Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds. It’s shortbread cookies covered in extremely thick and chocolatey milk chocolate. And when I say extremely thick, I do mean that. Don’t think I’ve come across any other brand in the supermarket that sells something like this. They even have a dark chocolate version. I had one earlier today and it tastes damn good. My mood was lifted instantly.

But I think the most ultimate snack for me would be the chocolate covered potato chips. I’ve only ever tried those at Royce once. They were damn good too, but not cheap. Now I regret even bringing up this topic because now I will most likely go buy some tomorrow at Raffles City.

I think I once read somewhere that men crave for salty snacks whereas women crave for sweet snacks. What sort of snacks do you crave?

By the way, try to avoid chocolate that doesn’t melt in your hand. Chocolate naturally melts at body temperature. If it doesn’t, it means that additives have been added to prevent it from doing so. Notice the chocolates you buy from Europe melt into a gooey mess if you leave it out in the open? Chocolates originating from tropical asia tend to have these additives so I avoid those chocolates whenever possible.

Landing Point at Fullerton Bay Hotel

After lunch at The Fullerton Hotel, we strolled along the One Fullerton area and finally found ourselves at the new Fullerton Bay Hotel. I have to say, it is such a pretty looking place! It has a old world charm to it, everyone knows about the history of Collyer Quay, yet it looks as posh as can be.

Because the Fullerton Bay Hotel looked so nice, we couldn’t leave just like that so we decided to enjoy the hotel by having a cuppa at The Landing Point. The Landing Point also serves afternoon tea just like its sister hotel Fullerton Hotel.

Flat White

Landing Point - Flat White (2)  Landing Point - Flat White

Landing Point - Flat White (4) Landing Point - Flat White (3)

The many things you can do with coffee before drinking it…The coffee cost 10 bucks. Pricey, but then again, no more expensive than most other hotels in Singapore.

Landing Point- Seating Area (2) Fullerton Bay Hotel (4) Landing Point- Seating Area The bellboys’ uniforms look reminiscent of times past.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (3)

Chairs like these are found all over the hotel. Seems like people love sitting in them and having a picture taken. No less than 5 couples did that during the time we were there.

Fullerton Bay Hotel - Elevators

If you want to, you can even find a seat in front of the elevators to scrutinise each and every guest. Or are those seats meant for overly pampered people who can’t stand while waiting?

Fullerton Bay Hotel- Concierge

Wonder if I should book a room for Christmas or New Year’s Eve?


The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
80 Collyer Quay  Singapore 049178
Telephone: (65) 6333 8388
Facsimile: (65) 6386 8388

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