Landing Point at Fullerton Bay Hotel

November 21, 2010

After lunch at The Fullerton Hotel, we strolled along the One Fullerton area and finally found ourselves at the new Fullerton Bay Hotel. I have to say, it is such a pretty looking place! It has a old world charm to it, everyone knows about the history of Collyer Quay, yet it looks as posh as can be.

Because the Fullerton Bay Hotel looked so nice, we couldn’t leave just like that so we decided to enjoy the hotel by having a cuppa at The Landing Point. The Landing Point also serves afternoon tea just like its sister hotel Fullerton Hotel.

Flat White

Landing Point - Flat White (2)  Landing Point - Flat White

Landing Point - Flat White (4) Landing Point - Flat White (3)

The many things you can do with coffee before drinking it…The coffee cost 10 bucks. Pricey, but then again, no more expensive than most other hotels in Singapore.

Landing Point- Seating Area (2) Fullerton Bay Hotel (4) Landing Point- Seating Area The bellboys’ uniforms look reminiscent of times past.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (3)

Chairs like these are found all over the hotel. Seems like people love sitting in them and having a picture taken. No less than 5 couples did that during the time we were there.

Fullerton Bay Hotel - Elevators

If you want to, you can even find a seat in front of the elevators to scrutinise each and every guest. Or are those seats meant for overly pampered people who can’t stand while waiting?

Fullerton Bay Hotel- Concierge

Wonder if I should book a room for Christmas or New Year’s Eve?


The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
80 Collyer Quay  Singapore 049178
Telephone: (65) 6333 8388
Facsimile: (65) 6386 8388


  1. Check out Oyster bar the next time you are around the area. In the evening…for dinner. They have a great lobster pasta that is pretty good and not THAT pricey. The drinks are pricey though. Great view. Quaint little place.

    They do have an open concept kitchen, so there is a chance you will smell of the food when you walk out though.

    I will be posting pictures and review of the food later this week 🙂

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