Fullerton Bay Hotel

November 27, 2010

Fullerton Bay Hotel (3)

View of the main doors

Fullerton Bay Hotel (7)

View from the main doors

Fullerton Bay Hotel (8)

One of the numerous areas to relax and chill out in Fullerton Bay Hotel

Fullerton Bay Hotel (9)

Another picture of The Landing Point, a really cool place to have afternoon tea I’m sure.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (14)

Landing Point Alfresco Area

Fullerton Bay Hotel

Suitcases from an era past

Fullerton Bay Hotel (6)

Bodyguards to make sure even the most boisterous of kids go hush.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (13)

If you have a room on the top floors on this side of the Fullerton Bay hotel, I think you would be able to get a good view of the fireworks come New Year’s Eve. Or you could go to the roof top, although you would most probably have to pay to enter.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (11)

Get rooms on different floors and have fun shouting to each other.

Fullerton Bay Hotel (10)

Stairs to nowhere… Wonder what they were for previously. The photo is hazy because of condensation. Cap your camera when moving outdoors from an air-conditioned place and try not to use it for a while.


  1. The stairs and much of the infrastructure is what remains of the Clifford Pier. This was where you could catch bum boats and ferries. The stairs you are asking about would have been used to get people on and off boats.

    • I remember going there to eat chicken rice. Yes I thought they weren’t allowed to change the structural components. If the stairs go to nowhere, it must mean they widened the platform, which doesn’t seem to make sense, because the whole place is pretty huge and cavernous already.

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