Robertson Quay

September 25, 2011

Was in the Robertson Quay area just 3 hours ago after having dinner at Pontini nearby. I love being in Robertson Quay. The place is so versatile! In the day-time, it’s a laid back chill out place. I like coming here to have brunch on the weekends. At night, it comes to life with the various bars, restaurants and cafes. There’s no other place in Singapore quite like it. And the centrepiece of it all? The Singapore River flowing alongside. Just being here and indulging in the nice view makes me feel relaxed already. Today, we could hear the F1 cars going vroom vroom in the distance. It wasn’t loud so I thought it was background noise at first. You can barely spot the Singapore Flyer in the distance, that’s how far those cars were.

One day, I’m going to get an apartment around here.

Robertson Quay (2)

Robertson Quay

Romantic stroll along the banks of the Singapore River?

Robertson Quay (4) Robertson Quay (7)

Some pictures I took of Robertson Quay in the day time 1 year ago. J.K Rowling finished her Harry Potter masterpiece in a cafe in England. If I were a writer living in Singapore, this would be the place I would go to to get inspired.

Robertson Quay (5) Robertson Quay (6)

How to get to Robertson Quay


  1. Gorgeous shots of the night scene 🙂 Love the lights reflected off the water.

    Glad also to see you on twitter. Came to this post from your tweet 😉

  2. Thanks!! Hahaha you are enticing me to get on twitter more often! Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, how to handle it all?????

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