Dean and Deluca

November 18, 2012

Dean & Deluca, I finally made it there last week, after the maddening crowd had died down. Only waited 5 minutes for my seat, and by the time i finished, at least 1/4 of the seats were empty. This was 3.30pm btw.

I love looking at their display case. So many pretty cakes and breads calling out to me. I tried to remain very focussed, and ordered my chocolate croissant and latte. I’ve been consuming far too many chocolate croissants in the last 2 months, all in the name of research! I’m trying to find out where the best croissant can be found in Singapore. Truth be told, a lot of those I tried are all good. They are all different in their own way, some are very flaky, some are very butter, some are more dense yet somehow still good!

Dean & Deluca - Croissants

Nice shapely croissants. Did you know that a lot of the pastries sold at Dean & Deluca are not made in-house but sourced from other purveyors like Maison Kayser and Baker & Cook? It’s interesting that they do so, because most brands want to create their own in-house goods. That they don’t have their own products can be both a good and bad thing. The benefit is that you get to order products from a few bakeries and sample them all in one location. The bad thing is, freshness can be an issue especially if the deliveries are not done everyday.

Dean & Deluca - Cheddar Scallion Scone

It’s not often you find a scone with savoury ingredients in it. I only saw this after I’d ordered my croissant or else I would have ordered the cheddar scallion scone!

Dean & Deluca - Flat White

The flat white was so so only. Definitely not the 3rd wave coffee standard. And look at the latte art, or the non-existence of it. The croissant was not bad. It didn’t taste freshly made, and was a little stiff, but nevertheless it was still nice, in part thanks to the chocolate inside it.Dean & Deluca - Honey Bears!

Dean & Deluca - Flat White and a Chocolate Croissant

Dean & Deluca (5)

Dean & Deluca (12)

Dean & Deluca (13)

This was the pear turnover I believe. Not too often you find a pear pastry.

Dean & Deluca (16)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dean & Deluca (15)

Love the multitude of spices!!! If I had a spice rack like this I would cook everyday!! Serious!

Dean & Deluca - Spices and all things nice

They really have a lot!

Dean & Deluca (10)

Olives in olive oil. I love olives, do you?

Dean & Deluca - Truffles!

I love truffles too!

Dean & Deluca (22)

Dean & Deluca (21)

Dean & Deluca - Sugared Almonds

Dean & Deluca (32)

Dean & Deluca (11)

Dean & Deluca

#04-23/24 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896

Tel : 6509 7708

Everyday : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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