Carton King Creativity Park (Taiwan – Taichung)

February 12, 2013

After our dinner at Quan Hotpot Restaurant (寬巷子) near Shilin MRT Station, we got onto Taiwan’s High Speed Rail 台灣高鐵 and made our way to Taichung. The distance from Taipei to Taichung by High Speed Rail is about 160km, but it took just an hour to get there!  I wish we had High Speed Rails in Singapore! It takes a bloody hour to get from Pasir Ris to Boonlay for god’s sake, and that’s only 36 km! Of course, the price is very different. The trip from Taipei to Taichung cost NT700 which is about SGD$33. But still, sometimes it would be nice to have a choice.

After our massive eating the last 2 days, Day 3 of our Whirlwind Trip to Taiwan courtesy of iSee Taiwan Foundation turned out to be a very hands-on day, of which I am quite thankful. I’m going to be blogging about Carton King Creativity Park first, which is where we had our lunch. Will blog about our coffee roasting and sampling experience in the upcoming post.

Carton King Creativity Park is a pretty little garden with adjoining restaurant, honey store and souvenir store. As the name suggests, cartons are the rule here. It’s actually quite unbelievable that most of the things you see here are really made of cardboard!

Carton King - (23)

Carton King has been in the paper industry for more than 20 years, engaged in the development and design of paper. They have more than 2000 products and over 100 patents. So it was only natural that they showcase some of their interesting and creative designs in their very own park.

Carton King - (27)

Check out the tables and chairs in Carton King’s restaurant. They are all made of cardboard. We tend to think of paper materials as being rather flimsy and easy to tear apart. However, if you pack them together into thick cardboard form, they hold their strength pretty well! I was just a tad apprehensive sitting down for the first time, but you soon forget that they are not ”real furniture”.

Carton King - Boston Herb Roasted Spring Chicken NT360 SGD17

Boston Herb Roasted Spring Chicken NT360 SGD17

More about the cardboardy stuff later. First up, LUNCH! Carton King’s restaurant serves up a pretty good variety of food. The set lunches are rather affordable, at about NT350 (SGD$15) so that’s what we all had. The set lunches come with mains, side dishes like rice, soup and dessert, and also a drink in a nifty little cardboard box. All the meats are from Taiwan Agricultural Livestock Industry.

Carton King - (1)

Milk tea was the order of the day as that seems to be a popular obsession with the Taiwanese. As I was saying, the drink is served in this cardboard container. After you are done with the drink, you can clean out the box and it becomes a coin bank. Too bad I had too many things to carry so I had to chuck this out.

Carton King - (26)

I like it that the Taiwanese love to have rice even with Western dishes, because I like rice too! Things just taste better when there’s some rice to accompany the heavy dishes, don’t you think?

Carton King (1)

The jelly dessert on the top left was surprisingly nice too. A sort of green tea jelly with red bean.

Carton King - Confit Lamb Chop with Orange Honey Sauce NT330 SGD15 (1)

 Confit Lamb Chop with Orange Honey Sauce  NT330 SGD15

I chose the lamb chops as my main course. They were a little bit tough, but I quite liked the orange honey sauce.

Carton King - Honey Liqueur Stew Beef Shank (2)

Honey Liqueur Stew Beef Shank NT330 SGD$15

Carton King - Pan Fried Chicken Leg in Provence Sauce (1)

 Pan Fried Chicken Leg in Provence Sauce

Carton King - (2)

Me, MissTamChiak and the iSee Taiwan Foundation staff who hosted us throughout our 5D4N sponsored trip to Taiwan.

Carton King - (7)

Carton King - (24)

Would you like to buy a paper bag??? Or a paper hat? These are all waterproof!

Carton King - (11)

The sales assistant showing his love for Taiwan. We were all quite smitten over the cardboard rocking horse! Cost about SGD$300 I think! Rocks just like a wooden horse. I tried it too but I’m not going to post a picture. Smile

Carton King - (21)

More cardboardy stuff. Fancy a cardboard sofa?

Carton King - (9)

Or your very own mini zoo?

Carton King - (17)

Carton King - (18)

Carton King - (34)

Me with my honeyed biscuits loot! That’s all folks!


Carton King Creativity Park

No. 1, Lane 281, Section 3, Xitún Rd, Xitun District

Telephone : (04) 2461-8553

Directions to Carton King Creativity Park


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