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Map of what to eat and do around City Hall


The Partner’s sister is in town and staying in the City Hall area. The last time they were here I was busy preparing for the wedding. So I was quite appalled to hear that they were eating breakfast daily at Spinelli! I’m like YOU SPENT $10 on a generic sandwich there when you could have gotten much better at the independent cafes and sandwich shops??! So I’m making sure that no such thing happens again, no way, not anyone remotely related to a food blogger!

So here’s a list of nice cafes and good eats around the City Hall / Raffles City area. I’ve only listed my personal favourites or places where I would recommend. This is a really good location to stay at if you’re looking for good hotels in Singapore as the red coloured building in the map is the City Hall MRT interchange station. The City Hall area is also known as the heritage/ museum district, with quite a number of museums within walking distance! The oldest church in Singapore, the Armenian Church is also 10 mins walk away!

When in Singapore, you must try out the local coffee and our favourite breakfast, snack and supper all rolled into one, the ubiquitous KAYA TOAST. Apart from being available at all coffee shops and food courts, my favourites are from Yakun Kaya Toast and ToastBox.

~~~Good Eats in City Hall~~~
  1. Soho Coffee – good coffee here and western dishes.
  2. Funan Digital Mall
    • Yakun Kaya Toast (1st Floor) – My favourite local coffee, soft boiled eggs, and kaya toast
    • Paradise Inn (2nd Floor) – Good and pretty affordable Chinese restaurant.
  3. The Adelphi
    • Stall selling cheap fruit juice. 1st floor down the back end
  4. Raffles City Shopping Centre
    • Tiong Bahru Bakery (Basement) – Good coffee, croissants, pastry, squid ink sandwich
    • Cedele (Basement) – Healthy sandwiches, organic coffee, bread loaves
    • Canele (Basement) – Decadent and pretty cakes
    • Yakun Kaya Toast (Basement)– My favourite local coffee, soft boiled eggs, and kaya toast
    • ToastBox (Basement) – Good Local coffee and cheap tea cakes for $1.40
    • BreadTalk (Basement) – Bread buns with various fillings
    • Din Tai Fung (Basement) – Really good steamed pork dumplings known as Xiao Long Bao, from Taiwan
    • McDonalds (1st floor) – Self explanatory
    • Food court on 3rd floor – worth a visit
  5. Raffles Hotel
    • Royal China (3rd Floor) – One of my favorite places to have Yum Cha / Dim Sum
  6. Chijmes – Lots of restaurants here
    • Chinese, Italian, Western, Pubs, all available here. Budget $25 and above for mains usually.
    • Lei Garden (ground floor) – One of my favorite places for Yum Cha and Double Boiled Soup!
~~~What to do near City Hall~~~

Museums within walking distance of City Hall MRT Station

    • National Museum of Singapore
    • Singapore Art Museum
    • Peranakan Museum
    • Philatelic Museum
    • Fire Station Museum

Good Buys

    • Cameras – John 3:16 at Funan Mall (2)
    • Children’s Clothes – Robinsons or speciality children stores at Raffles City (4)
    • Really cheap bakeware – Sunlik Trading at Purvis Street which is 2 or 3 streets behind Raffles hotel, not in this map.

If you want to look for cheap food around City Hall, you can check out this article I wrote 3 years ago. It should still be fairly accurate.

Museo High Tea Buffet

Hope you enjoyed my first post on Museo Restaurant, focussed on the decadent desserts. This post is dedicated to the savouries! This isn’t a very big restaurant, and you shouldn’t expect a buffet line the size of those in Singapore’s Hotel restaurants. What I can say is, most of the dishes served at Museo were really good.

Which is why I had to split my posts into 2, all the food looked so good! When you go to Museo, you’re paying for the lovely ambience and the great views as well. Oh, did I mention that Museo serves unlimited servings of signature teas? You can have as many changes of teas as you want. Most hotel afternoon tea buffets limit you to 2 changes of teas.

Museo Quayside Isle - (66)

Snuck a shot of the bloggers sitting opposite us. Us older folks sat at the tables with proper chairs and left the sofa seats to the youngsters.

Museo Quayside Isle - (72)

Everything is so artistically presented, which I guess is no surprise given that Arteastiq owns Museo.

Museo Quayside Isle - Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki

Museo Quayside Isle - Mango Prawn Salad

Mango Prawn Salad

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Museo at Quayside Isle Sentosa

I feel like I need to split this post in half, there are just way toooooo many delicious pictures to post! I have been raving about how lovely Quayside Isle was just a few posts ago, and guess what, I got invited to try out the newly opened Museo Restaurant located there!

I have to admit, getting to Museo, or Quayside Isle for that matter is a pain in the neck. You have to take the Sentosa Express in (the train thing), then you have to wait for Shuttle C (it only comes every half hour), and finally when you reach the stop that is for Quayside Isle, you still have a 3 minute trek across a large field with no shade! The Sentosa Express befuddles me, it costs $3.50 per person. The cost for entry by car on a weekend is $7. Does that mean that as long as I have 2 or more people, I should just drive in?

BUTTTT, having said that, it’s definitely worth a trip to go experience Quayside Isle. There’s nothing quite like it on mainland Singapore. If you like the feel of Robertson Quay, you’ll definitely like Quayside Isle. And if you’re like me, someone who adores Afternoon Tea, you must check out Museo.

I was there for the High Tea Buffet, which costs $48++, or $68++ for free flow of beer. The High Tea Buffet includes free flow of signature teas, which already cost about $10 a pot if you order ala carte! This is one of the few posts where I think I should type less and just let the pictures do the talking.

Museo Quayside Isle - (84)

First, a lovely picture of the yachts on the water.

Museo Quayside Isle - (45)

There are quite a number of seating arrangements, ranging from cross your legs kind of sofa seats that face the seafront, to 2 and 4 seater type tables. Scroll down to see more of those pictures lower in the post.

Museo Quayside Isle - Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki

Museo Quayside Isle - (6)

I’m putting a picture of the desserts up front to lure you in first. This post will be about the desserts while the next post will be of the savouries and teas.

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Bornga BBQ Restaurant at Star Vista

*Media Invite*

Recently I was invited to try out Bornga, a Korean BBQ Restaurant at Star Vista. I am no expert when it comes to Korean BBQ, having been to only one other a couple of years back at the Esplanade. Which was why I was quite happy to make the trek to Star Vista, even though I live on the opposite end of Singapore.

Established in 2002, Bornga is a BBQ chain restaurant in Korea, and is the brainchild of Jong Won Paik, one of Korea’s most renown celebrity chefs. The opening of Singapore’s restaurant marks the 1st in Singapore and the 13th outlet outside of Korea. You can now find Bornga in China, Indonesia and even one outlet in USA, as well as 33 others in Korea.

Be warned, I will be inundating you with numerous pictures of raw meat. I sure hope pictures of raw meat turns you on, because I sure am getting hungrier as we speak.

Bornga (4)

Okay let me first start with something less bloody…the side dishes. As you know, all Korean meals are accompanied with a variety of small side dishes. I am in awe of all Korean housewives, how they must slave over the stove having to prepare so many different things.

Bornga - Ggot Sal (unmarinated boneless beef; $38) (2)

 Ggot Sal (unmarinated boneless beef; $38)

First up, the Ggot Sal, which is boneless and tender prime beef cuts served non-marinated so that guests can enjoy its deep beef flavour. Now I often hear people saying “oh this meat is great, the beef flavour is not so strong!” and nothing irks me more than to hear those kinds of statements. I’m like, why did you bother to order the dish if you didn’t want to taste it? Notice the rich marbling, which I’m sure is a huge turn on for anyone who loves his meat.

Bornga - Woo Samgyup (thinly sliced beef with BORNGA's special sauce; $22)

Woo Samgyup (thinly sliced beef brisket with BORNGA’s special sauce; $22)

This is one of the favourite dishes in Bornga. Apparently the recipe is patented as the beef slices are seasoned in Bornga’s secret marinade. Unlike the typical Korean BBQ dish of bulgogi which usually appears dull after marinating for at least half a day in dark-coloured sauce, Bornga’s Woo Samgyup is served shortly after being doused in the dressing that retains the meat’s natural colour, while enhancing the traditional bulgogi taste.
While the meat tasted great, I think they can do away with the pumpkin slices as it just looks weird….don’t you think?

Bornga - Samgyup (thinly sliced beef with BORNGA's special sauce; $22) (2)

This is how the Woo Samgyup looked like after being BBQed. Loved the aroma and flavour of the BBQ meat for both the meat dishes I have featured so far. Certainly, keep your calorie counter at home when dining at a Korean BBQ restaurant but it’s well worth the calories! I’m afraid I was a little too busy wolfing the slices down to really pay attention to what Ivy from FoodNews was saying.

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FREE Egg McMuffin giveaway on 18th March!

McDonalds Free Breakfast - Copy

It’s National Breakfast Day!!

National Breakfast Day will be held on March 18, 2013 (Monday). 1000 Egg McMuffin™ will be given out, per participating store, while stock lasts.

For more details, scroll down.

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