[Christmas 2014] Supermarket shopping for Christmas!

November 30, 2014

It’s the time of the year again when all the tinsel and festive baubles adorn every shop and building in Singapore. It’s also the time of the year where once again, I wish I could be in some wintry climate, experiencing a white Christmas. I quite like that it rains a lot in Singapore during December, the gloomy weather seems more Christmassy than fine sunshine. Although speaking of which, I will be in New Zealand next week, where the weather couldn’t be less Christmassy, and the sun sets only after 9….

I’ll have to get my fill of the Christmas mood from the Orchard Road malls while I still can. One place I never fail to visit to get into the festive mood is Cold Storage. I really LOVE looking at all the festive goodies, chocolates and candies of all manner wrapped up in golden ribbons, log cakes, hams, roast turkey…. the list goes on! I could spend an hour or two just walking through the aisles, imagining the sumptuous Christmas dinner I’m going to prepare.


When all else fails, Christmas chocolates still make for convenient Christmas gifts. I still think that Ferrero Rocher is the best chocolate to get for Christmas because they look so festive in gold! Cadbury seems to have come up with some gold foiled chocolates too.

Festive Drinks

Alcohol also never fails to bring on the smiles, no matter what season it is.

Festive Platters

Save yourself the hassle by ordering pre-prepared platters of finger food like cheese platters, seafood platters and cold cuts to spice up your party.

Asian Style Wraps Platter

In case you didn’t know, you can order canapes and finger food from Cold Storage as well.

Christmas Baked Hams

Turkey is associated with Christmas, but it can get a bit fiddly to cut up if you’re not used to it. Get the Christmas hams and slice them up yourself, they are also very festive but no less delicious. It’s also very easy to use up the leftovers in fried rice or stir fried with some vegetables. That was what I did with the ham that I got from Cold Storage a few weeks ago!

Log Cakes

And of course, what’s Christmas without log cake?

~~ Happy shopping everyone! And Merry Christmas! ~~

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