Percolate Coffee – The croissant sandwiches look good!

March 25, 2019

Did you know that Percolate Coffee is 5 years old? Percolate Coffee’s probably the cafe that I have visited the most since my cafe hopping journey, thanks to its location in the East. And in this fickle F&B industry where customers continually search for new places to Instagram rather than to keep patronising the same place, 5 years is indeed a laudable milestone.

Percolate Coffee (7)

What happens when the toddler wants something different from what you want? Who wins?

The coffee is good (and so is their iced chocolate which is what I always order), somewhat more affordable than town prices, and always friendly faces here. I thought I should cobble together the photos I have taken in my numerous visits here. They also have a broader food menu now as compared to when they first opened. Some of the interesting sounding things they have include prawn curry mash, unagi soba, cheese croissant + curry dip and a number of croissant sandwiches with various fillings. So far, savoury food-wise, I’ve only tried the curry egg mayo a couple of times and loved it.

Scroll down to see more pictures of coffee and cakes, plus a couple of food photos taken by other people, credits below. And also, more pictures of Edward.

Percolate Coffee (2)

Percolate Coffee (1)

Percolate Coffee (10)

Percolate Coffee (5)

As you can see, we almost always order the same cakes because they are tried and tested good! Love the chocolate cake with a cheese swirl in it, although in the last visit a few days ago it was slightly greasy. The orange poppy seed cake as the name suggests has a light orange fragrance and the poppy seeds make for an interesting texture. Both go well with the drinks as they are not too heavy.

The bottled iced white is also very good because its milky and not too strong. Very suitable for people who think they do not like coffee. Oh and a shout out to the Iced Chocolate which I always order without fail. Chocolaty and not overly rich or sweet. I noticed that in my last visit they have since changed to metal straws. I suppose that’s a good move. I know there is a war on plastic straws right now, but my beef is why not something bigger? Everyone should reduce buying more plastic crap, and that would have far more significant results. You know the amount of things people buy from Daiso and similar shops….. but that is a double standards story for another day.

Percolate Coffee (6)

Percolate Coffee (8)

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-20 at 12.02.14 AM

I like it that the cakes are not too expensive too because sometimes you just want a little something to go with your coffee and not another over the top cake, which will make you feel like you have sinned.

Percolate Coffee Food 2

Picture Source

Percolate Coffee Food 1

Picture Source

The above are a number of the savoury food options at Percolate Coffee. The croissant sandwiches look really good, and as I mentioned above, the curry egg mayo croissant was really good when I tried it a couple of years back. This roast beef croissant costs $12, but most are under $10. Looks like I need to return again soon during daylight hours to check out their savoury food options.

Edward at Percolate Coffee (2)

Here’s Edward, who couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Look at the number of crumbs on his arm! And you would think that the cake would be evenly divided amongst the people sharing, perhaps a bigger portion going to the adults, but no he almost always gets half a cake and everyone else has to share the remnants.

Edward at Percolate Coffee (1)

Here’s Edward wondering if he’ll be getting cake

Edward at Percolate Coffee (3)

And here’s Edward searching for something.

Edward at Percolate Coffee (3)

Here’s Edward looking like life is really tough. This picture was taken back in November after our trip to the Bird Park. He’d just woken up from a nap in the car. But hey, why would anyone feel grumpy after a nap when there’s cake on the table?!

Edward at Percolate Coffee (1)

Okay so he did find out about the cake after all

Edward at Percolate Coffee (2)

Man the natural lighting at Percolate Coffee is great. I love this picture!

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Percolate Coffee

136 Bedok North Ave 3 #01-152 Singapore 460136

Operating Hours
WEEKDAYS – 10.30am – 09.30pm
WEEKENDS – 09.00am – 09.30pm

Phone: (+65) 8259 0316

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