Sofitel Singapore City Centre 1864 lobby bar – Elegant afternoon tea with Croiffles!

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What is a croiffle did you say? Croiffle or Croffle is a croissant waffle hybrid, and I say whoever created this match made in heaven is a genius. It’s not commonly found in Singapore and indeed, the revamped afternoon tea at Sofitel Singapore City Centre’s 1864 lobby bar was where I tasted this wonderful creation. Think buttery croissant but in the shape of a waffle, so it’s a little bit denser with more bite. And that’s not all, Sofitel 1864’s creation comes topped with Truffle Camembert. The addition of this buttery cheese elevates the croiffle into sheer decadence.

And you can sample this croissant waffle at Sofitel 1864’s revamped afternoon tea. The set comprises the following items:

  • Baked Scone with Rum and Dried Fruits
  • Classic Scone with Clotted Cream and Bonne Maman Marmalade
  • Matcha Azuki Genoise
  • Topinambour and Jivara Chocolate Tart Verrine
  • Mini Croissant Waffle with Truffled Camembert
  • Kueh Pie Tee with Crab Meat and Caviar Creme
  • Baked Frittata with Octopus and Smoked Cayenne Aioli
  • Atlantic Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Fennel Pesto
  • Assorted Praline and Macaron

    and a cup of grand cru coffee (choose from 13 blends) by Nespresso or Tea blends from TWG Tea. Guests may also opt for a beverage upgrade to handcrafted cocktails or Duval-Leroy champagne for $20++ or $36++ respectively. Each afternoon tea set is priced at $88++ (for 2 pax) and is available daily from 3pm – 5.30pm.

    The afternoon tea set is not refillable, which makes it a tad more expensive than other refillable afternoon teas out there. However, for the price you do get food that is a bit more exquisite and the usage of more expensive ingredients. For example truffled camembert for the croiffle, rum in the baked scone, Jivara chocolate in the chocolate tart and crab meat in the kueh pie tee. And since they don’t sell the croiffle on its own, getting the afternoon set’s the only way to sample it.

    Scroll down for more photos.

    The legendary Mini Croissant Waffle with Truffled Camembert in the foreground.

    Kueh Pie Tee with Crab Meat and Caviar Creme

    The two scones with the Atlantic Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Fennel Pesto. I must say the scones are very good too, even without putting any cream or jam on it.

    Topinambour and Jivara Chocolate Tart Verrine in the background.


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    Sofitel Singapore City Centre | 1864

    9 Wallich Street, 078885 Singapore (Enter via Peck Seah Street)
    6428 5000
    Fax: 6428 5000
    Online Reservations:

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