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Oktoberfest Asia at Keppel Bay

*Media Release*

The inaugural Oktoberfest Asia premieres 16 October 2013 with a four day celebration of authentic Bavarian eating, drinking and revelling at the Keppel Island Plaza, at the Marina at Keppel Bay. Sprawled over the dates of 16 – 19 October 2013, revellers and beer enthusiasts will be treated to exclusive German beer and liquor, traditional gourmet grub and authentic Bavarian entertainment from the comforts of an air-conditioned marquee.


Organised by Dreamfields – the company behind an exclusive network of premium European beers and spirits – and Matt Bennett of Beerfest Asia, the four-day festival boasts support from some of Bavaria’s finest breweries: Paulaner Brauhaus, Schneider Weisse and Spaten. German spirit, Jägermeister, will also be showing its support with a secret party held in the middle of the festivities.

Pork Knuckles

Traditional German cuisine such as Schweinshaxe (pork knuckles), Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut (German sausages), meatloaf and goulash will be available while an assortment of beers and liquors will be sold at the Bavarian themed bars. I sent my 2 beer loving editors to cover the opening launch party held at Paulaner Brauhaus.

Paulaners beer

Servers in dirndls (traditional Bavarian dresses) will walk the halls of the marquee serving beer and pretzels as well.

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Where to get New Zealand products in Singapore

When the Partner heard that I had to produce an article relating to New Zealand food in Singapore, he actually volunteered to pen the post, for the 1st time in the entire life of this blog! Well I don’t see why he shouldn’t, being that he’s a Kiwi himself! Alas, the enthusiasm lasted but 2 and a half paragraphs. Still, it’s a good start nonetheless. I’ll try to rope him in more often in future!!


New Zealand Fair collage

Want great New Zealand food but can’t afford to fly there? Or perhaps you’ve been there and miss the scrumptious kiwi Potato Chips and thirst quenching refreshing NZ beer? Well the great news is that from now until 12 May 2013, all 47 Cold Storage outlets have stocked over 80 products from Aotearoa, (Maori name for New Zealand and loosely translated as the Land of the Long White Cloud). In fact, we’ve just returned from our honeymoon in Europe and will be rushing down to Cold Storage tomorrow to stock up on NZ goodies which we would otherwise only be able to lay our hands on when we visit New Zealand once a year.

New Zealand is blessed with rich agricultural land and pristine waters, which in turn produces a wide selection of tasty and natural produce. Seasonal fruits are a highlight with the likes of fresh blueberries which are high in antioxidants, and sugar pears that are naturally sweet and often used in baking and desserts. Don’t miss the avocado dips that are made from fresh avocado, and can be spread on toast or serve in salads and wraps.

Cold Storage New Zealand Fair (11)

Wine lovers should take the opportunity to try the affordable varietals from the Tiki Estate range, Single Vineyard range, and Tiki Koro Central Otago Pinot Noir


Matson’s beers are 100% natural brewed

Kiwis are  passionate about their food just like Singaporeans and they take pride in producing world class tasty food with a proven reputation for freshness and quality. Some may know that NZ has a well earned reputation for wine but their beers are just as good and new to Singapore is Matson’s beers. Made by natural brewing with all locally sourced raw materials the beers come in 3 varieties: Lager, Pilsner and Classic Draught. Having tried these myself I would say that the beers are crisp and clean but with a refreshing unique taste. So if you’re tired of drinking the same old beers served here in Singapore then head on down and get a “Pick & Mix”, where you can select an assortment of varieties.

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Heineken event at The Exchange

*Media Invite*

Food and drink is something that is dear to our hearts. Aside from the fact that we eat and drink for a very primal purpose, we often partake in the activity without much thought. When we taste something nice, we merely luxuriate in the enjoyment. Hardly do we go “ah well the Chef sautéed this dish for 2 minutes and not 3 minutes and that’s why the meat is still tender”. It’s the same case for drinks.

Recently I was invited by Heineken and Iris Nation to learn about the importance of the foam head that comes with the beer. The event was held at The Exchange in Shenton Way, and no it’s not the Stock Exchange. I’ll be the 1st to admit that prior to this event, I knew nuts about it.

The foam is so important in a beer that Heineken has appointed draught masters who have undergone intensive training sessions all the way in Amsterdam. They will be like “ambassadors” and only 8 were selected from all over the world to participate in the programme. Singapore has one such Draught Master Frank Yu, who kindly taught us how to obtain the perfect pour.

Heineken Beer Event (4)

Frank Yu demonstrating how to obtain the perfect brew

Why is the beer head/foam so important?

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Beer Market at Clarke Quay

You may have heard of the stock market, but have you ever heard of a beer market? You heard me right man. I recently discovered this lovely hangout place in Clarke Quay called Beer Market. It is run by 3 beer loving best friends who used to study together at SJI. They say many a friendship is ruined when friends become colleagues. Guess this rule doesn’t apply to the trio as Beer Market has been going strong for the last 3 years!

Beer Market, as the name suggests, really works like a stock exchange.There is no shouting of course, anyway it’s all automated nowadays, except for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange I believe. Incidentally, I was working at the Singapore Exchange when they closed the floors, but I digress.Beer Market Trading Screens (5)

Screens like these are located all over the restaurant pub. It’s not too difficult to grasp. All you have to do is keep watch of the prices, which is the price you’d pay if you ordered a beer at that instant. The prices change every 30 minutes, so there’s no need to be on your toes the entire time. If you like the price, you buy. If you don’t, you wait, or you choose a different beer. Easy peasy right? For detailed instructions, click here.

If you love sampling new types of beer, Beer Market is the perfect place. There is less risk in trying out beers with low buying volume as those beers are at a cheaper price! Wow I love this concept!

Beer Market - Primator

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Very Short International Film Festival 14th Edition


Public voting is still ongoing till 22 May 2012. Cast your votes here and you may win an IPAD!


*Media Invite*

Wow this must be the fastest post I have written. I just came back from the Very Short International Film Festival VSIFF Launch Party held at Avalon.  If you don’t know what VSIFF is, actually it’s a competition for films of less than 3 minutes. Most of the participants hail from Europe, and this is only the 3rd time that Singapore is participating in VSIFF. I didn’t know that such a thing existed until the VSIFF people contacted me. This is the perfect movie for people with short attention span! From start to end in 3 minutes!

The screening for the public is on 12 and 13 May 2012, hence this ultra quick post. The screenings will be held at the Alliance Francaise Theatre at 1 Sarkies Road, which is a 5 minute walk from Newton MRT Station. Each ticket costs $10, and you get to watch over 20 International submission movies and over 10 Singapore submission movies. Best to check out the VSIFF website for more details, but remember, you have to act fast since it’s only on on Saturday and Sunday!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the launch party today, my 1st time at Avalon, MBS! Love the sponsors for VSIFF, free flow of alcohol, and one of my favourite beers to boot, Steinlager!

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (4) We were early …

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (6) Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (7)

Nibbles thoughtfully put together and sponsored by ZoMedia/ZoCard. I thought they had gotten a catering company, but no, they did it themselves! Love the Mediterranean inspired selection. So much better than bee hoon and chicken nuggets don’t you think? Pasta with olives, cheese, hummus, grapes. Nothing fried. Later they told me they sourced a number of items from Very interesting. Shall visit that website to see if there are things I can buy for my own party.

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (10)

Don’t think I’ve ever tried Hooch in my entire life…

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (19)Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (18)


Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (11) Eric Khoo, one of the Jury for VSIFF, giving a few words

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (14) The Young NTUC “You are Only Young Once” Award being won by Ray Pang

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (16) Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (15)

The Social Development Network “Give Love a Chance” Award being won by Huang Jun Xiang. Check out the heels worn by Stephanny, I want…

Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (21) Avalon VSIFF Awards Presentation and Launch Party (20)

Of the 3 films that were shown tonight, I liked “Timeline” by Alvin Lee the most. First of all, I managed to pay attention to the entire film (as opposed to being distracted with the beer or food with the 1st 2 films hee hee) and I thought it was quite meaningful. Go watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

Okay folks, if you haven’t made plans for the weekend, or if you were going to go catch yet another generic movie, maybe you should consider going for the VSIFF screenings. It’s only on this weekend so you gotta hurry! The public also gets to vote for their favourite films and the winner gets $800. These are low budget filmmakers like students (I think I even saw a Dunman High School student submit an entry) so give them all the support you can give!

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